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Bishnupur Travel Guide

Popularly known as the land of the dancing deers, Bishnupur lies on a foothill and is most commonly known as the cultural and religious capital of Manipur. The reason why it is named as Bishnupur is such that it is believed to be the land where Lord Vishnu resides. Visiting the place tourists can witness the beautifully dotted dome-shaped terracotta temples. Located at a distance of 29 km away from Imphal, Bishnupur was previously known as Lumlangdong. Also, there is a river named Thangjarok that flows through the town of Bishnupur which is a place to visit for sightseeing tour when in Bishnupur.

An Insight into Bishnupur Tourism

Once the capital kingdom of Manipur, Bishnupur has now become the temple town of Manipur and is attracting tourists from across the globe. Tourists visiting Manipur come across many attractions in the city that are worth visiting. Coming in contact with the locals here is one of the best ways to get to know about the beautiful town of Manipur. Tourists can witness how a mixture of unique culture prevails in the town and which could be seen in one of the prominent ethnic group of Manipur named Meiteis who follow Hinduism and are Vaishnavites.

Travelling to Bishnupur one could witness how agriculture is the main source of livelihood for the locals. Also, one can be a part of the festivals that are being celebrated around the year. Out of many the most popular is the Lai Haraoba festival which is dedicated to Lord Thangjing who was an ancient pre-Hindu deity. So tourists visiting in the month of May can make the most out of their visit to Bishnupur by getting indulged in the much-celebrated festival. Also, planning to visit in the month of April would give an opportunity to be a part of the Cheiraoba festival when the houses in the town are well-lighted. What increases the importance of the festival is that the Cheiraoba festival coincides with the Meitei New Year. Other than this, as Bishnupur is popularly known as the temple town, a visit to the Ibudhou Thangjing Temple dedicated to Lord Thangjing would be worth a visit.

Other than this, tourists can even visit Konung Lairembi Temple and Ibudhou Pakhangba Khubam that is sure to feel one’s heart with sanctity. Travelling to the home of the dancing deer, tourists can witness the rare breed of deer that is probably not possible to find in any other part of the world. Out of many the most important is the Sangai which is found in the southern parts of the Loktak Lake which is the largest freshwater lake in the eastern India. Tourists can take the view of the floating marshes on the lake which is locally called phumdi.

These marshes which appear to be green in color makes the lake look beautiful and a fest to the eyes. On being there, one could even notice how the villages around the Loktak Lake live a life besides this floating vegetation. Furthermore, if tourists are willing to get an eye on the sangai, then heading to the Keibul Lamjao National Park would be an ideal destination where sangai is protected. Other than this, one would even get the opportunity to spot other animals including the hog deer, waterfowl, otters and more. The Keibul Lamjao National Park offers a spectacular view for the tourists which is truly an experience in itself.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Bishnupur

Popular as the temple town of Manipur, the town has a lot to proffer to the tourists coming from different parts of the world. Right from temples to historical sites and national parks, Bishnupur is sure to help you make the most out of your visit to this small yet interesting town of North East India. The Bishnu Temple, Keibul Lamjao National Park, Loktak Lake and Sendra Island, Phubala, Ecological Park and more are the worth visiting tourist attractions in Bishnupur.

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