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Dal Madol Bishnupur

Another historical attraction in Bishnupur which was built by the Malla Kings is Dal Madol. Dal Madol is basically a cannon which was constructed by the kings to fight the Maratha invasion. At present, the cannon in the vicinity of Chinnamasta temple as is one of the popular attraction in the region. This historical cannon is 3.8 m long and also has a barrel of 28.5 cms. Dal Madol traces its origin from 1742. It was Raja Gopal Singh who built this massive cannon to protect his kingdom, Bishnupur from Marathas. One of the most fascinating facts about this cannon is that it is purely made up of iron materials and yet it does not catch any rust even though it has been kept in an open space under a sunlight where the cannon has seen countless rainfalls from its inception. Indeed, this makes Dal Mado a must-visit tourist attraction in Bishnupur.

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