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Monsoon Weather Manipur

If you ever wish to experience the beauty of monsoon season, the mountains are the place to be. The cold misty wind blowing as it rains outside, monsoon feels all the more romantic in mountains. Manipur surely knows how to make good use of the rain showers. Although Manipur is a throughout the year destination, monsoon in Manipur is pure magic. The monsoon season starts around the month of July and lasts till September. The rainfall in Manipur is a bit unpredictable with irregular shower spells covering the entire state. The monsoon season is usually accompanied by strong winds and the temperature gets a bit colder. Manipur experiences around 150 cm of rainfall in the monsoon season. The temperature throughout the monsoon season ranges around 23-30 degree Celsius. If you are one who seeks solace in nature’s comfort, Manipur in monsoon is the time for you. The cold monsoon breeze brings in a sense of tranquillity and serenity. Manipur offers various hiking and trekking trails all across the state and you can have the best of natural experiences during the monsoon season. Other places you can visit during monsoon season is the capital city Imphal, Andro, Kakching, Khangkhui, Khonghampat and many more places. Monsoon in Manipur is a romance with nature and you can either just sit back and enjoy the magic of nature or explore the beautiful state.

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