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Shopping in Manipur

Manipur’s handicraft and handloom boast dexterous work of the hand, something that will win your heart in an instance. The locals are seen enjoying creating products that are of help in a household and also add to the look of a home. With skills that have been passing from generation to generation, Manipur can offer you a place ideal for shopping and be spoilt for choice. This Northeast Indian state is rich in the craft of textile weaving also known as Laichamphi. Products like mats made of Kauna (water reed) are also popular in Manipur. The locals are quite skilled with stone and wood carving, which indeed make for some great souvenirs to buy from the state. Stone-carved bowls, grinders, plates, and candle stands are absolutely the things to buy in Manipur.

Wooden items like a spoon, try, bowl, buckets, and mugs can also make some nice shopping items which will also be quite useful in your household. Pottery is another trait, people of Manipur are extremely skilled at. Clay-blackware, greyware and redware pottery is most commonly found in the state and indeed make for nice gifts to take back from Manipur. Hand-embroidered napkins, shawls, bedcovers, and table mats seem other best things to buy in the state. A must buy for women in Manipur is Phanek, which is hand woven Manipuri sarong (attire) by Manipuri women.

Imphal, the capital city is the best place to buy souvenirs in Manipur. Easily accessible, Imphal has a handful of markets that will offer you with the finest of the state’s handloom and handicraft. The Paona Bazaar in Imphal offers to visitors hand-woven shawls, silk saris, bamboo and ivory items, and papier mache products along with Lanshingphee blanket, bamboo artifacts, colorful mats, Tangkhul scarf, and scarf. The Khwairamband Bazaar or the Nupi Keithel or Ema Bazaar, which by the way is the most famous market of Imphal since it is only run by women, is hub of several items ranging from food items such as vegetables and fresh fruits, fish, meat and dried fish to local herbs to traditional costumes and woollens and clothes. Bamboo and metal items are also found in the shops. The Nagampal Market, Tera Bazaar, and GM Hall are other important markets in Imphal.

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