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Hills in Manipur

The hills in Manipur add to the surreal beauty of the state. Existing in the form of parallel ranges, they extend from the Naga Hills in the north to the Chin and Mizo Hills in the south. Many of the peaks in Manipur are climbable, offering adventure lovers something to look forward to. The Eastern Hills in the state run along the boundary between Manipur and Myanmar. Amongst these, the most important ranges are the Chingai, the Mapithel, and the Mulian. Kayangbubg (2,833m), Shirui (2,568m) and Kachaobung (2,498m) are the most popular peaks of this hill range. The world famous Shirui Lily grows on the Shirui Hills in Ukhrul.

The Western Hills run along the boundary between Assam and Manipur. Amongst the prime ranges in the Western Hills are the Yangpujilong, the Daimikhong, the Koubru, and the Kalanaga. Mount Iso (2,994m), is not only the popular peak in this hill range but has a title of the highest peak in Manipur to itself. At the foot of the mountain lies the mesmerizing Dzukou Valley. Other peaks of the Western Hills include Leikot (2,831m), Tampaba (2,564m), and Koubru (2,562m). The Imphal Valley divides the hills into Eastern Hills and Western Hills.

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