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Radha Shyam Temple Bishnupur

Traces its history from 1758, Radha Shyam Temple in Bishnupur was constructed by the King Chaitanya Singha. Devoted to Lord Krishna, the temple is located near another historical shrine Jorbangla Temple. Radha Shyam Temple is dome-shaped and it lies within an enclosure which is surrounded by the boundary wall. Along with its high sacred significance, the temple is known for its aesthetic architecture which makes a popular tourist attraction in Bishnupur. Because of its historical significance and heritage value, the temple is well preserved by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Enshrining the images of Lord Krishna and Radha in the sanctum, the Radha Shyam Temple is esteemed as the living shrine in the region. Along with the Radha and Shyam (Lord Krishna), the sanctum also includes the images of Nityananda and Chaitanya. In the temple vicinity, there is another shrine which houses the idols of Lord Jagannath of Puri and also Nityananda and Chaitanya. Throughout the year, this beautiful temple in Bishnupur is visited by numerous visitors; some come to offer their homage, while, others visit the temple just to adore exquisite grandeur.


The south facing Radha Shyam Temple in Bishnupur is square on plan and boasts a stunning architectural design. The temple is esteemed as ‘Ek-Ratna’, which means a single spire temple. The square base of the temple has a measurement of 11.m and 9.2 m in height. However, the spire of the temple is cylindrical in shape and has a semi-spherical dome. According to some writers, the concept of installing a spire on the top of a temple came from the Muslim architecture. The most compelling thing about this temple’s architecture is elaborated motif work on the walls which include ancient scenes and floral patterns. The entire temple of Radha Shyam is enclosed by large boundaries. Besides, the entrances to sanctum have three arches; these arches have most of its motif works.

Visiting Timings

All days from sunset to sunrise.

Best Time to Visit

The months from October to March are considered the best to visit Radha Shyam Temple in Bishnupur. However, the temple remains open throughout the year, and thus, you can visit at any time. But, during the winter season (October to March), the weather remains pleasantly good to explore the region.

Entry Fee

  • For Indian visitor: 25 INR
  • For Foreigner: 300 INR

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