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Jorebangla Temple Bishnupur

Another ancient temple in Bishnupur, Manipur is Jorebangla Temple. It was Malla King, Raghunath Singha Dev who built this beautiful Hindu temple in the year 1655. The temple is also known as Yorubangala and boasts a magnificent architectural design. However, the structure of the temple is seated on a high platform using Laterite bricks. Although the temple is not much into the spotlight in the outer world, but, it is very much popular in the region. Throughout the year, this popular tourist attraction in Bishnupur is explored by numerous travellers who know about this place. One of the highlights of this 17th-century temple is the intricate carvings that are put up on both outer and inner walls of the temple. On a trip to Bishnupur, Jorebangla Temple is an important attraction to visit.


The architecture of Jorebangla Temple includes two skeuomorphic construction that depicts the conventional thatched huts of the region; both the huts are connected together and are surmounted by a single tower. In the local language, such huts are known as the porch. With the help of Laterite bricks, the entire temple is erected on a high-elevated platform which is 1 metre in height. Moreover, the roofs of the temple boast a classical Chala architecture along with the terracotta works that are uniquely enthralling. These terracotta works add a unique charm to the beauty of the temple that depicts various aspects of human life, gods & goddesses, floral & geometrical designs, culture, animals.

Visiting Timings

All Days from sunrise to sunset.

Best Time to Visit

Jorebangla Temple in Bishnupur can be visited any time during the year. Yet, the months from October to March are considered as the best time to visit the temple because of the pleasant weather condition of the region.

Entry Fee

  • For Indian visitor: 25 INR
  • For Foreigner: 300 INR

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