Best Time to Visit Zanskar

The best time to visit Zanskar, located in the Union Territory of Ladakh, is from the month of mid-June to September. The weather during this time is quite pleasant & just perfect for having a wonderful time. Zanskar does not receive any monsoon however, because it is located at such a high altitude. Monsoons are almost non-existent here.

When to Visit Zanskar for Holidays?

For sightseeing and exploration, the monsoon season, or the months from July to September are the best. The temperature is not too cold and comfortable. If you want to enjoy the Chadar Trek on the frozen Zanskar River, then visit it during winters, from January to February.

Climate in Zanskar


Summer Season (March till June, Temperature -2°C to 30°C)

Even though this is the summer season, most of the roads are closed in Zanskar during this time. The roads are closed & inaccessible, so are the guesthouses. It is only in June that the snow starts to clear & Zanskar starts receiving tourists.


Monsoon Season (July to September, Temperature 10°C to 25°C)

Even though this is called the monsoon season, Zanskar receives very little rains because of its high altitude & because of the rain shadow effect. The snow more or less melts away during this time, offering lovely sightseeing opportunities in places like Suru Valley.


Winter Season (October to February, Temperature -2°C to -25°C)

From November to December, and also late October, Zanskar is cut off from the rest of the country. It is not advisable to plan a trip to Zanskar during this time. The Kargil-Padum route also remains closed during winters.