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William Fraser's Bungalow Delhi

Sculpted in the year 1803 is the William Fraser’s Bungalow that is a gem in Indian history. Also known by the name ‘white Mughal’ in the words of the famous author William Dalrymple, this tourist spot is named after William Fraser and belonged to him who was the Commissioner of the Delhi Territory during the rule of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar and a civil servant during the British ruled India. The bungalow stroked with lemon yellow colour and given the famous domed shape is set up behind St.James Church and close to Kashmiri Gate. At present, the bungalow serves as the Railway Office and a historically rich tourist spot in Delhi.

History of the Attraction

This bungalow represents the time of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, and the British rule as it belongs to the civil servant who served both, William Fraser. He was one of those people who was attached to the Mughal culture and the art that represented the era. His bungalow was built in the year 1803 on a Tykhana (dungeon) which had three secret tunnels connecting to Yamuna River, Red Fort and the last one to the huge campus of the bungalow. The main reason for the tunnels was to make to and fro easy for sepoys and prisoners. The bungalow is divided into two blocks and was built in the Indo-Saracenic style. But as time passed by and the revolt of 1857 took place, the spot was damaged and restored. A few changes to the architecture were made and in the year 1998, the Bungalow won the Heritage Award for its good condition.

Entry Fees

No entry fees

Visiting Timings

10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Closed on Sunday.

Best Time to Visit

This tourist attraction can be visited anytime throughout the year except on Sunday. However, prior permission is required for a sightseeing tour.

Top things to do and places to visit nearby

St.James Church which is carved just opposite the bungalow can also be explored.

Travellers can visit Chandni Chowk which is one of the oldest markets of Delhi and is located some 3.2km away.

Jama Masjid is another great tourist attraction that can be visited as it is situated at a distance of 2.8km.

How to Reach?

The Bungalow which serves as the Railway office now is settled just 1.8km away from the Kashmere Gate metro station. The metro station falls on the Red Line of the Delhi Metro which also connects Yellow Line and Violet Line.

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