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Kamla Nehru Ridge North Delhi

North Delhi is one of the rarest tourist spots in the whole city. This part is blessed with more greenery than any part of Delhi would be, the presence of Kamla Nehru Ridge being one of the reasons. This place even though wasn’t popular back then but has gained the love of many college students and people who love being close to nature or walking and jogging. And these are not the only reasons that this Kamla Nehru Ridge rose to the level of a popular tourist place in Delhi. The existence of historical places like Chauburja Mosque, Flagstaff Tower and Khooni Khan Jheel, is what made Kamla Nehru Ridge known amongst the existing crowd and travellers. The place is perfect for bird lovers, history buffs and the ones who just want to sit back and breathe in the fresh air.

History of the Attraction

Talking about the ridge, it is an important extension of the Aravalli range which is often known as the green lungs for the city. The ridge has also been one of the reasons that Delhi is called the second most bird-rich capital city in the world. Moreover, the historical attractions that the ridge is blessed with namely the Flagstaff Tower, is one of the best places to get a great view of the surroundings. It was built by the British somewhere around 1828 as a signal tower where sepoys were deployed to keep an eye on the northern expanse. Khooni Khan Jheel on the other was the battleground of sepoys and invaders and also where hiding the bodies was very easy and hence the name. At present, the Jheel is covered with verdant greenery and a green thick layer on the water where you see ducks swimming. Last is the Chauburja Mosque, a 14th-century mosque which along with a guard house, are the marvels built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq that stands in ruins in the present time.

Entry Fees

No entry fees

Best Time to Visit

Kamla Nehru Ridge can be visited throughout the year.

Top things to do and places to visit nearby

  • Khooni Jheel, Flagstaff Tower, Bonta Park are some of the must visit places that travellers shouldn’t miss when here.
  • Mutiny memorial is another great attraction to be visited and is located 2.6km away from the ridge.
  • How to Reach?

    Travelling via Delhi metro is the best option to reach Kamla Nehru Ridge. Civil Lines located at a distance of 2.8km station is the nearest metro station which falls on the Yellow Line of Delhi Metro.

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