Tourist Attractions in Roing

Abundant in natural panoramas dotted with captivating trails and pathways, trekking and hiking makes for some of the best things to do in Roing. The quaint hill town hides in its store, a great wealth of Himalayan wildlife too that provides for a fascinating time to all the wildlife enthusiasts; ‘Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary’, serves as home to a number of animal and bird species and makes for a must visit place in case one is up to witness the blissful wilderness of the region. The sanctuary also has some of the most beautiful lakes; ‘Mehao Lake’ is the most popular tourist attraction and undoubtedly, a photographer’s delight providing an enchanting visual spectacle cradling amidst dense greenery sprinkled with vibrant hues of a variety of blossoming flowers.

In case one is looking to have a lovely picnic with friends and family during his trip to Roing, must choose from ‘Nijomaghat’, ‘Nehru Van Udyan’ or ‘Iphi-Pani Ghat’, counted amongst the best picnic spots in the region. For travellers who are intrigued with a bit of history, the ancient ‘Bhismaknagar Fort’ and ‘Chimiri Fort’ located just few kilometres off Roing, make for best tourism places and provide for a deeper insight into the region’s rich past. A sightseeing tour in Roing remains absolutely incomplete without visiting the age-old ‘Cave Temple at Kapunli’. Besides blessing every visitor with an eternal well-being and prosperity, the surroundings of the temple abounding in stunning landscapes work therapeutically leaving every distressed soul completely invigorated and reenergized.

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