A diagnosis of an illness is all that you need to lose your mental sanity- Would I get the best care? Would I be able to afford it? Such kind of thoughts pesters you all the time. Now you have no reasons to worry.

TMI Medical Tourism, a subsidiary of Tour My India Pvt. Ltd., is a global platform to help you discover the best healthcare centres in India that can provide the highest quality of care for your healthcare issues. We provide all possible information required by you to help them take an informed decision about your doctor and your hospital. We also take care of your transit, stay and other facilities in your chosen healthcare destination.

If you have any health problems, get in touch with us. We assure you that you would be provided the most affordable and highest quality treatment, which would help you bounce back to health within no time.


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Medical tourism platform

TMI Medical Tourism is a platform exclusively for your medical tourism needs. We take good care of you- from the time you contact us for finding your doctor, to getting the best treatment at your chosen healthcare destination, to returning safely to your home country. You just have to get in touch with us, rest, we will look after.


Second medical opinion

When we have a diagnosis in hand, we get anxious. There is this need to talk to another doctor- to get our doubts cleared, to get reassured. At TMI Medical Tourism, we guide you to ger in touch with the right doctors who will provide with a full review of your diagnosis and treatment plan to help you take the right medical decisions.


Ambulance Transportation Services

Getting on time to your chosen hospital to get your treatment done is extremely important. We provide hassle free, efficient transportation services and ensure that you reach your doctor safely and on time.


Patient Support Services

We provide comprehensive patient support services and ensure that your healthcare experience is the best. We provide programs and support services which help you prepare for your treatment in India. We also help you overcome financial and administrative hurdles related to your healthcare. We take full responsibility of your travel, your stay and the facilities you need during your stay.


Accommodation Services

We take all steps to ensure that you have a comfortable stay in India. We provide you with local guidebooks, local SIM cards, assist you with selecting the right hotels. We also provide you with local translators who would help you to communicate effectively with the hospital and the local folks.


Inbound Tourism

India is not just an attractive healthcare destination but a fascinating travel destination as well. So, if you are visiting India, even for getting yourself treated, we would not let you miss the lucrative opportunity of exploring the amazing local areas. We would provide you all the information and amenities you need to explore the best in our land during your visit.

Value Proposition

Ensuring complete satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We provide all the resources needed for you to make your stay comfortable and your treatment successful. We take care of everything- your visas, flight tickets, transfers, hotels, treatment and if you want, post treatment vacationing too. We Indians are well known in the world for our hospitality, whether its you or your family- we make sure that your trip is a memorable one.

Our team of healthcare experts have got your back