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Mentoplasty / Chin Augmentation

The face is the most difficult part of the body to tone, especially the chin. Interestingly, the shape of the chin and the apparent size of the nose are related. Small chin makes a nose look longer and noticeable, and vice versa.  Mentoplasty or chin augmentation gives a balanced look to the face by fixing the weak chin. 


Mentoplasty, commonly known as chin surgery, is performed to reshape or enhance the size of the chin. This can be performed by placing an implant or by moving or reshaping the chin bones. Sometimes, chin augmentation is performed along with neck lift or facelift for a more youthful look. 

Mentoplasty is performed for the following conditions:

  • Malformed chin due to developmental abnormalities
  • Asymmetrical chin
  • Absence or abnormal development of jaw bone


Any individual who is physically fit and has realistic expectations with surgery are considered to be good candidates for chin augmentation. However, suitable candidates for mentoplasty are the individuals who have:

  • Elongated chin
  • Receding chin
  • Sagging skin on the neck
  • Misaligned jaw


After reviewing the medical history of the patient, the surgeon will do a chin examination. In this examination, the surgeon will understand the profile of an existing chin. Face and chin X-rays are also taken to determine the part of the chin that needs to be corrected. 

You are also advised to follow these instructions to obtain the desired result:

  • Quit smoking or use of tobacco at least 4 to 6 weeks before the surgery 
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol 
  • Blood thinners, such as aspirin may cause bleeding during and after the surgery. So, avoid them at least 14 days before the surgery.
  • Tell the doctor about the use of any medications, vitamins or mineral supplements 
  • If mentoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure, then ask someone to accompany you on the day of surgery
  • Tell the doctor if you are allergic to any medicine or material.
  • Ask your surgeon if there areany food restriction for the night before the surgery 


Sliding genioplasty: In this type of chin surgery, the surgeon will make an incision inside the mouth at the lower gum region to access the chin bone. Now, the surgeon uses a bone saw to make a cut through the jaw bone and slide it forward to the location where the chin is abnormal. Once the jaw-bone is slid to the correct location, it is fixed with titanium screws or metal plates.

Chin implant surgery: In this type of chin surgery, a small space is created by making an incision either underneath the chin or in the mouth. Then, the surgeon will implant a plastic material inside the space and fix it to the chin bone. 

Finally, the incisions are closed with sutures and are covered with a bandage. 


The surgeon will administer general anesthesia. Once you become unconscious, the surgeon will make an incision and perform any one chin surgeries:

  • Sliding genioplasty
  • Chin implant surgery


Pain, discomfort, swelling, and soreness are common for a few days. You may also experience numbness in the chin for up to three months. The doctor will prescribe certain medicines to manage pain and inflammation. For two to three day, you need to have a liquid diet. Within a week, the bandage will be removed, and you need to wear a chin brace while sleeping.


Follow the below-given instruction for quicker recovery:

  • Take the prescribed medicines
  • Follow-up the doctor regularly to access the outcome
  • Avoid participating in a contact sport for at least six to eight weeks after the surgery 
  • Contact your doctor on noticing any unusual symptoms, such as fever, bleeding from the incision site


In India, the cost of chin surgery is very low when compared with the USA.


The duration of chin implant surgery is less than one hour, whereas the duration of the sliding genioplasty is about one to three hours.

The person will have difficultyin eating for few days after chin surgery. So initially, the person will be on a liquid diet. Based on the recovery, they will be able to have a have normal diet after a few days.

Stretching sensation around the chin is common for at least one week with both the type of chin surgeries. However, consult your doctor if the symptom lasts longer.

Depending on the condition and recovery, you need to wear a brace for at least four to six weeks.

In most of the cases, a person can resume to his/her normal activities from the next day of the surgery.


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