50 Worth Visiting Places in South India with Breathtaking Views

50 Worth Visiting Places in South India with Breathtaking Views
Last Updated: February 7, 2020

South India connects me with the exquisitely architectured ancient temples and the beautiful setting where the South Indian women are seen in traditional silk sarees draped elegantly and men wearing a white sarong like garment (Lungi or Mundu in Kerala) with white shirts are laid-back and welcoming towards each other and the tourists. The palm-fringed canals, spirituality, and pristine beaches are some of the reasons that make the discerning travelers a chance to wander to the unfailing and unbeatable tranquility of the gorgeous places in South India. So here is the list of top 50 tourist destinations that you can choose to plan an interesting South India tour.

Note: The list has not been placed in any proper order. The blog is a sole discretion of the writer, where the places are randomly picked and suggested to be visited.


1. Coorg: Gorgeous Hill Station Bestowed with Miraculous Beauty of Nature


If you are a nature lover and looking for a place filled with stunning scenic beauty then Coorg is where you need to plan your trip. Nestled amidst the imposing mountains the place is a popular coffee production hill station in the western ghats with the view of beautiful green hills and streams cutting through them. Ever tried waterfall rappelling? If not, now is the time where you can relish an exciting challenge by rappelling through the waterfalls and cascading from a height to get a lifetime experience at Chelavara. Also if you happen to visit Coorg with family then visit the Golden Temple, Talakaveri Temple and watch sunrise and sunset at the Raja’s Seat.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Coorg is right after the monsoon season i.e., between October and March which is the best time for adventurous activities, especially waterfall rappelling.

Where to Stay in Coorg?

Chingaara Estate Guest House, 4th Mile Inn Homestay, The Silver Oaks and Treebo Vrindavan Coorg are some of the budget-friendly homestays in Coorg.

For luxury retreats in Coorg, you can book your stay at Vivanta by Taj Resort, Amanvana Spa Resort, Orange Country Resort, Porcupine Resort, The Windflower Resort and Spa and The Tamara Resort.

2. Bandipur National Park: A Must Visit Destination for Wildlife Enthusiasts

Bandipur National Park

Considered as the most beautiful and one of the better managed National Parks in India, Bandipur National Park (part of the enormous Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve) was established in the year 1974 as a tiger reserve under the Tiger Project and is located on the Mysore-Ooty highway. Once you get there, you’ll see a wide range of flora and fauna while you pass through pleasing and soothing forests with some really cool indigenous animals. Bandipur National Park has a sizeable number of tigers, along with other animals like Sambar, Four Horned Antelopes. Sighting gaurs (Indian bison), elephants and deer are very common in this national park in Karnataka. So if you have been looking for a wildlife holiday destination in South India, then I hope your search ends here.

Best Time to Visit

You can plan your trip to visit Bandipur National Park between October and May as during these months you’ll get to see a lot of migratory birds.

Where to Stay When Visiting Bandipur National Park?

MC resort, Nijaguna Park, Bandipur wildlife resort in Chamarajanagar; Jungle Home in Bangalore, Hotel Misty rock in Gundlupet, VanaVihar in Mysore, Deer Valley Resort in Mangala village road and The country Club in Mangala village Road.

3. Mysore: The Royal Heritage City of Karnataka


If you are a history buff then I am sure you are going to love your trip to Mysore which is one of the most enchanting cities of South India. Famed for its glittering royal heritage and magnificent monuments, the place is also rich in tradition with a deep atmospheric bazaar of spices and sandalwood. I would say it is one of the perfect places to visit if you are planning for a family vacation. Also, don’t leave Mysore without trying delicious ghee based sweet ‘Mysore Pak’ (something that I can’t just get enough of) and a visit to the splendid Mysore Palace which is India’s most spectacular royal buildings.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Mysore is between October and February as the weather remains cool and pleasant during the winter season.

Where to Stay in Mysore?

Being one of the popular tourist destinations in India, Mysore has a good range of accommodation from which you can choose to stay at The Green Hotel, The Pai Vista, MB International, Hotel Parklane and for a fancy and royal experience, book your stay at Hotel Royal Orchid Metropole and Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel.

4. Hampi: Lose Yourself Amid the Stones and Sculptures


Being a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the pilgrimage destinations in India, Hampi lies within the ruins of the ancient temple complexes of the Vijayanagara Empire. The moment you enter this ancient place you would feel an incredible energy within yourself. Other than this, there are several other monuments which are a part of this heritage site and are popular as ‘Group of Monuments at Hampi.’’ You can even visit the Krishna temple complex, Lotus Mahal complex, Achyutaraya temple complex, Vitthala Temple Complex, and more.

Best Time to Visit

Between October and March, it is considered to be the best time to visit Hampi. You can even visit during the monsoon season i.e., between Mid July and September.

Where to Stay in Hampi?

For a rustic riverside stay Leo Woods Resort would be best. Visiting with Family? Then book your stay at Heritage Resort Hampi. If you are visiting Hampi with friends or planning to go solo then Shanti Guest House would be the best place to chill out amid lush tranquil surroundings. Evolve Back Kamalpura Palace would be the best if you are looking for a luxurious stay in Hampi.

5. Bengaluru: A Vibrant City Blessed with Benevolent Climate


Being the second fastest growing metropolis in India, Bengaluru formerly known as Bangalore is blessed with a benevolent climate all throughout the year and have a booming drinking, dining and shopping scene. Visiting Bengaluru you’ll find lovely parks and striking Victorian Era architecture. Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple, LalBagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore Fort, Bangalore Palace, Cubbon Park are the best family friendly attractions which you can prioritize when visiting Bengaluru.

Best Time to Visit

You can plan your trip to Bengaluru any time of the year. But the months between September and February witness highest tourist inflow in Bengaluru as the weather becomes more pleasant as it approaches the winter season.

Where to Stay in Bengaluru?

Shreyas Retreat, Taj West End, Shangri-La-Hotel, Hotel Solitaire are some of the best hotels where you can book your stay.

6. Maravanthe: A Peaceful and Picturesque Beach Destination


The village is situated near Kundapura in Karnataka and is most visited because of the Maravanthe Beach. The quest for peace, tranquility and the mesmerising view of sunset make Maravanthe a must visit destination for the ones looking for a relaxing holiday. So if you are looking for best places to travel in Karnataka, then Maravanthe is one of them where you can plan your trip. Even though there are places where you can stay on the highway but I would suggest you to book your stay in Kundapura.

Best Time to Visit?

Plan your trip during winter season i.e., between October and March. Also, avoid going during the monsoon season as the beach gets pretty dangerous during high tide.

Where to Stay?

UVA Meridian Bay Resort & Spa, Sahana Orchid Hotel and Sai Vishram Beach Resort are best options where you can book your stay to make the most of your trip to Maravanthe.

7. Udupi: A Coastal Town to Try Out a Variety of South Indian Delicacies


Yet another coastal town to visit that offers carefully carved temples, splendid buildings, less explored forests and pristine beaches, Udupi is a well-known travel destination amongst the Indians as the city of best South Indian Restaurants. Other than this, the city is also known as the pilgrim centre in Karnataka, featuring beautifully styled temples showcasing different types of architecture. The beauty of the city has made it a tourist hotspot. Also, it is the allure of the serene and laid back beaches that holds the attention of the tourist and instigate them to capture a number of beautiful pictures.

Best Time to Visit

Plan your trip to Udupi during the winter season i.e., between October and March when the weather is cool and pleasant.

Where to Stay in Udupi?

Paradise Lagoon, Samanvay Boutique Hotel, Paradise Isle Beach Resort, Aryan Resort & Residency and Hotel Udupi Residency are the best options to book your stay in Udupi.

8. Madikeri: A Delightful Monsoon Getaway for Peaceful Breaks Amid the Breathtaking Hills


Madikeri is a quaint hill station in Karnataka that is often covered by people when travelling to Coorg. The place offers a breathtaking view of lush greenery, gigantic hills and a vast land of coffee plantation. So if you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway then a trip to Madikeri would give you a picturesque and relaxing holiday with awe-inspiring sceneries, splendid views of the verdant vegetation all across the town. While visiting the place, make sure you go and check out the most famous Raja’s Seat from where one could easily sight the beauty of Madikeri in just one go. Also, a visit to the Madikeri fort and various waterfalls will give you a great experience.

Best Time to Visit?

Considered as a perfect monsoon getaway, you can plan your trip to Madikeri between July and September. Winters are usually cold in Madikeri, but if you have plans to travel to Madikeri during the winters then I suggest you to go in the months between December and February when the weather is at its best.

Where to Stay in Madikeri?

The Ibnii, Meriyanda Nature Lodge, Ibbani Cadu Estate Homestay, Club Mahindra Madikeri, Serene Woods and Ibbani Cadu Estate Homestay are the best options to spend a comfortable stay in Madikeri.

9. Murudeshwar: A Religious Site and Home to Tallest Statue of Lord Shiva


Located in a town of Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada District in Karnataka, Murudeshwar is a well-known pilgrimage and beach destination, that houses the tallest statue of Lord Shiva, a major tourist attraction of the place. Murudeshwar is a picturesque place bounded by the shimmering Arabian Sea and magnificent Western Ghat which is the most famous tourist places to visit in Karnataka, for it’s pilgrimage importance apart from being a popular beach resort. Also, the place is one of the favourite picnic spots for the people of Karnataka and Kerala. Other than this, the Netrani Island is also a must visit tourist destination that offers excellent snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities.

Best Time to Visit

The months between October and May are ideal to visit Murudeshwar. But if you are planning your trip to Murudeshwar especially for scuba diving, then the months between November and January will be perfect, however you must enquire in advance if scuba diving would be operational or not.

Where to Stay in Murudeshwar?

Naveen Beach Resort, The Royal Oak, RNS Guest House and Mavalli Beach Heritage Home are the best options where you can book your stay.

10. Bijapur: Epitome of Deccan’s Islamic Era and A Garden of Mosques and Mausoleums


If you want to relive the royal era, then head towards Bijapur. The city is one of the most important heritage tourist centres in South India famous for Gol Gumbaz (Circle Dome) and other monuments of the historical age depicting unique form of Islamic architecture. Built around 10th-11th century Bijapur was known as Vijayapura in those times. When visiting the place, don’t miss out on Ibrahim Rauza and Jumma Masjid, which is built by Ali Adil Shah I, and is another important tourist attraction of Bijapur.

Best Time to Visit

The months between October and February are the best time to plan your trip to Bijapur.

Where to Stay in Bijapur?

Sabala Heritage Home, Hotel Madhuvan, Shashinag Residency Hotel and Hotel Kanishka International are the options to book your stay in Bijapur.

11. Badami: Blessed and Adorned with Exquisite Temples and Monuments


Badami is one such destination in Karnataka that can steal your heart in just fraction of seconds. The heart melting landscape accompanied by beautifully done rock-cut cave temples and a fort have successfully drawn the attention of the travellers from different parts of the world. If you are planning a visit to Badami, then don’t forget to take the breathtaking view of the sunset from the Bhootnath Temple. The last rays of the sun falling turns everything golden and the view is just indescribable. The place offers the best and romantic sunsets in India that could be shared with your loved ones or be experienced alone. Also, the place is the best destination in South India for the photographers. The beauty of the place is such that, pictures taken from any angle looks simply outstanding. Last but not the least, if you are looking for solace where you can discover yourself better, then head towards Badami.

Best Time to Visit

Badami has minimum fluctuation all throughout the year. So planning your visit to the place between October and March would be the ideal season.

Where to Stay in Badami?

Hotel Badami Court, The Heritage Resort, Hotel Mayura Chalukya and Kanthi Resorts are the best accomodation in Badami.

12. Nagarhole: Gateway to Wilderness for Witnessing a Variety of Flora And Fauna


Nagarhole which is named after the Cobra River in the local language Kannada, is a National Park situated between two districts of Mysore and Kodagu with rich flora and fauna and is celebrated as one of the best wildlife parks. The national park is dominated by nature that offers the tourists an amazing wildlife experience. You can even witness the sparkling waterfalls that I bet you would take away your breath. So if plan to visit Mysore or Kodagu, don’t forget to visit Nagarhole.

Best Time to Visit

Having a tropical climate all around the year, a visit to Nagarhole can be planned at any time of the year. But the months between October and May is considered to be the best to make the most out of your trip to Nagarhole.

Where to Stay in Nagarhole?

The Serai Resorts Kabini, Waterwoods Lodge Kabini, and Kaav Safari Lodge Kabini  are the best hotel and resort options to book your stay while visiting Nagarhole.

13. Gokarna: A Hub for Beach Lovers and Pilgrims


Located on the coast of Kanwar, Gokarna is a small Hindu Pilgrim town in Karnataka which is famous for two things, pristine beaches and temples. The destination has everything that makes it the best tourist place for people of all age groups. Whether you are looking for sanctity and salvation or simply a relaxed holiday, you are going to find it all at Gokarna. Witness a curious contrast life of a beach to the life inside the town. In short, full of coconut and palm trees shades, the ocean and the clean soothing sand, Gokarna is one of the place where you can find solace by all means. Make sure you visit the Kudle Beach when visiting Gokarna.

Best Time to Visit

Winters are best to visit Gokarna i.e., between October and March.

Where to Stay in Gokarna?

Kudle Beach View Resort & Spa, Zostel Gokarna, Shastri Guest House, Sanskruti Quality Resort and Kudle Ocean Front & Resort provides the best accomodation facility in Gokarna.


14. Alappuzha (Alleppey): A Home to Vast and Scenic Network of Waterways

Alappuzha (Alleppey)

Imagine yourself wandering around a city in a small boat and passing through the modest canals, watching the surroundings that are very soothing and pleasant. If you wish to experience floating on the backwaters and gaze upon the paddy fields and village life along the banks, then head towards Alappuzha or Alleppey, which is a beautiful city famous for backwaters and known for its beaches, temples, traditional boat races and the tropical village life that makes Alleppey worth a visit. Not just this but the popular holiday destinations in South India also has some well-reputed places for ayurvedic holidays and wellness centres.

Best Time to Visit

Winters are the best time to visit Alappuzha i.e., between November and February as the weather is mild and pleasant and perfect time to go on a houseboat ride and explore the backwaters of Alappuzha. For getting the ayurveda treatment, Alappuzha is the best destination to visit during monsoon i.e., between July and September.

Where to Stay in Alappuzha?

El Oceano Beach Villa, Lake Palace Resort, Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere and Erandia Marari Ayurveda Beach Resort are the best options to book your stay in Alappuzha

15. Varkala: Offering Scrumptious Food on a Cliff by the Pristine Beach


Popular for its natural fisheries and springs, Varkala is a coastal town in Kerala which is a preferred tourist location because of the pristine beaches, hills, lakes, forts and lighthouses. Other than this, the place is even famous for seafood. In my opinion, the food you taste even gets better when all the other senses of the body are treated to the fresh sea wind and sight of the ocean. It’s a beautiful experience in itself. Would you like to experience the same? Then why wait! Pack your bags and travel to the hidden treasure of Kerala.

Best Time to Visit

Varkala has a tropical climate which means it gets humid and hot in the summers. So the best time to plan your trip to Varkala is during the winter season i.e., between October and March.

Where to Stay in Varkala?

Vedanta Wake Up, The Mango House, Heavenly Breeze Beach Resort, Royal Pine Huts, Krishnatheeram Beach Resort, Clafouti Beach Resort and The Hill View Resort are the best resorts and guest houses where you can book your stay.

16. Munnar: Go Cycling Amid Tea Gardens, Lakes and Pretty Little Hill Station


If you are looking for the best monsoon getaway where you can be yourself and chill amid the exotic lush greenery and craggy peaks, then Munnar, an idyllic hill station, is calling you. Being one of the biggest tea plantations of South India, the place is situated on the banks of three rivers, Mattupetty, Nallathanni and Periavaru. So if you are somebody who loves adventure then visiting Munnar during the monsoon season would give you an opportunity to enjoy cycling amid the tea gardens and beautiful lakes. Also, don’t miss out on visiting The Eravikulam National Park, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary which are the major tourist attractions of Munnar.

Best Time to Visit

Monsoon in Munnar has a charm of its own, so plan your trip between June and September to make the most out of your monsoon holidays.

Where to Stay in Munnar?

Windermere Estate, Green Magic Home, Olive Brook, Swiss Country, Rose Garden Homestay are the best hotels and homestays in Munnar.

17. Kovalam: An Idyllic Village for Ayurveda Retreat and Shopping


Kovalam is an internationally renowned beach with three adjacent pristine beaches i.e., the Lighthouse Beach, Samudra Beach, Hawah Beach which together make a massive rocky promontory. If you haven’t added Kovalam on your travel bucket list then it’s now time to do it as it has a lot of leisure options to offer at the beach that include surfing, motorboat riding, swimming, herbal body toning massage and sunbathing. This makes Kovalam an ideal destination for the ones who are looking forward for an escape from the daily life. The little town is filled with palm trees which is again a treat to eyes. Kovalam also includes a string of convention facilities, shopping zones, yoga and ayurvedic massage centres.

Best Time to Visit

If you are visiting Kovalam for sightseeing and beach hopping then plan your trip during the winter season i.e., between October and February. But if you are planning for ayurveda retreat then, travel to Kovalam during the monsoon season i.e., between July and September when the body pores open up properly.

Where to Stay in Kovalam?

Niraamaya Retreats-Surya Samudra, Green Cove Resort by Taj Vivanta, Turtle On The Beach, Hotel Uday Samudra Leisure, Estuary Island Resort, Jasmine Palace Hotel, God’s Own Country Resort and Somatheeram Health Resort are the best place to stay in Kovalam that ensures a comfortable and memorable stay.

18. Kochi: A Place That Speaks Of Old World Charm and Leisure


Located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Kochi or Cochin in Kerala is spread over a series of islands and crisscrossed by the sea and backwaters. What I like most about the place is its old-world charm and a complete leisure. Kochi is a culturally and historically rich port city and a perfect getaway for tourists from different parts of the globe. Right from its spice markets to Jewish Synagogues, 17th Century Portuguese Palaces to Dutch Homes. Kochi has always been the most sought-after tourist destination in South India.

Best Time to Visit

The months between October and March are best to plan your trip to Kochi with your friends and family.

Where to Stay in Kochi?

Vedanta Wake Up, Hotel Maple Regency, Hotel Park Avenue and Hotel North Grande, The Killians Boutique Hotel, The Old Harbour Hotel, Koder House, Les 3 Elephants Cherai Beach, Brunton Boatyard, Neemrana’s Le Colonial and Malabar House are the best option that you can set according to your budget.

19. Wayanad: A Picturesque Highland Nestled in The Hills of The Western Ghats


Nestled in the hills of Western Ghats, Wayanad is one of the prettiest attractions in Kerala. Being a part of the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve, the popular town is famous for spice plantations, exotic wildlife along with the historical caves, enchanting waterfalls, comfortable resorts and homestays making Wayanad a must visit place for the one who is looking for peace and explore the untouched beauty of Kerala.

Best Time to Visit

If you want to experience sightseeing, trekking, wildlife tours and exciting outdoor activities then visit Wayanad during the winter months between October and March.

Where to Stay in Wayanad?

Vythiri Resort, Banasura Hill Resort, Windflower Resort & Spa, Seagot Banasura Resort, Blue Ginger Spa Resort, Silver Wood Resort, Rippon Mount Resorts, Wayanad Cybele Hill Resort and Lakkidi Village Resort are the best options to stay in Wayanad.

20. Thrissur: A Cultural Hub Where Different Festivals are Celebrated With Great Pomp and Show


For some cultural retreat in Kerala, travelling to Thrissur will introduce you to the classical Keralan performing arts, religious sites and the renowned Onam festival, Thrissur Pooram festival and Vadakkumnathan Temple. The city is sure to cast a spell on the tourists with its colourful chants ringing with a rich Keralan culture. If you happen to visit Thrissur, you would come across major tourist attractions and I would suggest you not to leave the city without witnessing them. The popular ones are Archaeology Museum, the Vadakkumnathan Kshetram Temple, Athirapally Falls, Tomb of Shakthan Thampuran, Heritage Garden and many more.

Best Time to Visit

Thrissur is winters i.e. between October and March are the ideal season to visit. However, you can plan to go between April and May when the famous Thrissur Pooram festival is celebrated with great pomp and show.

Where to Stay in Thrissur?

Meiveda Ayurveda Beach Resort, Neelambari Resort, Lulu International Convention Centre & Garden Hotels, Dass Continental, Casino Hotels Limited, Deepanjali Wellness & Retreat and The Garuda Hotel are the hotels and resorts where you can book your stay in Thrissur.

21. Kollam: Land Of Cashew and Home to the Ashtamudi Backwaters


Entangled with unique culture, steeped with rich past and accredited by the divine nature, Kollam is blessed with a long coastline and is actually a leader of cashew trade and processing industry in India. The Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and French all had their hands tried on the spices and the production of cashew from Kollam. Thankfully it is the largest producer and export of the cashew that has led Kollam to retain its commercial importance. Other than this, Kollam is a perfect place to get relax in the calmness of the Ashtamudi Lake and get a feel for the backwaters fringed with the coconut trees without any crowd.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Kollam would be the months between August and March as the days and nights become more pleasant for enjoying a peaceful trip.

Where to Stay in Kollam?

Ashtamudi Villas, Fragrant Nature Resort, Quilon Beach, The Raviz Hotel and Spa, Dona Castle Hotel, Aadithyaa Resorts Lakeside and Hotel Zodiac Regency are the best options to stay in Kollam.

22. Thiruvananthapuram: Where Spirituality and Nature Join Hands


Being Kerala’s capital, the city is still referred by its colonial name Trivandrum. Having a blend of strongly rooted heritage and cultural legacy, the city has some exceptional and energetic vibe. Thiruvananthapuram is a quaint urban charm that offers plenty of scenic places to visit while retaining its age-old cultural charm. Some of them include incredible museums, sacred temples, beautifully designed palaces and mesmerizing beaches, making the city one yet another best tourist spots in South India. If you happen to visit Thiruvananthapuram this holiday season, then make sure you don’t miss out on visiting the awe-inspiring Padmanabhaswamy temple also known as Anantha Padmanabhaswamy temple, which is located in the heart of the city and dedicated to Lord Vishnu. You’ll get to witness a striking mix of Keralan and Dravidian style architecture. Other famous temples in Thiruvananthapuram are the Aazhimala Siva Temple, the Attukal Bhagavathy Temple, the Karikkakom Chamundi Devi Temple and the Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple.

Best Time to Visit

The months between October and March would be the ideal time to visit. Though the weather doesn’t turn out to be chilly in Thiruvananthapuram but it appears to be more enjoyable and is considered to be the peak time for sightseeing and enjoy other activities.

Where to Stay in Thiruvananthapuram?

Over The Hill, Hycinth by Sparsa, Apollo Dimora Hotel, Vasudevam – Premium Suites, Uday Suites, Ginger Hotel and Bio Veda Hill Resort are the best hotel where you can book your stay.

23. Kumarakom: An Enchanting Backwater Destination and Home to Renowned Bird Sanctuary


Located on the banks of the Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is a cluster of many small man-made islands. The village is also home to a renowned bird sanctuary called Vembanad Bird Sanctuary, which is spread over an area of 14 acres inviting a number of migratory birds; it is indeed an ornithologist’s paradise that fascinate. For those who love boating and fishing you’ll get to experience it at the Taj Garden Retreat, a sprawling old bungalow-turned-resort.

Best Time to Visit

Plan your trip to Kumarakom during the winters i.e., between October and March when you can witness plenty of migratory birds in the sanctuary while enjoying the natural ambience.

Where to Stay in Kumarakom?

Kumarakom Lake Resort, Vivanta by Taj Kumarakom, Coconut Lagoon, The Zuri Resort & Spa, Aveda Resort & Spa, Karma Grove and Backwater Retreat Theme House are the best options to stay in Kumarakom.

24. Idukki: An Incredible Offbeat Place to Enjoy Diverse Tourist Attractions


Looking for offbeat destinations in South India? Then Idukki is where you should travel to get a totally different experience. Visiting Idukki you would witness see beaches and green salt water that will give you an experience. Not just this, but you would even come across tea plantation and chilly breeze that would make you feel rejuvenated. If you happen to visit Kochi (117 km away) or Munnar (36 km), then ensure to extend your trip to Idukki where you can you can enjoy several diverse attractions and activities for a memorable vacation. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Thommankuthu Waterfalls, Meesapulimala, Idukki Arch Dam, Ramakkalmedu, Nedumkandam Hills are some of the popular tourist attraction in Idukki.

Best Time to Visit

Consider visiting Idukki in the winter season i.e., between October and February and avoid going during the monsoon season when the place experiences heavy rainfall.

Where to Stay in Idukki?

Goshen Hotel and Resort, Kuttikkanam Castle, Meghamala Resorts, Best Mist Homestay are the best options to book your stay in Idukki.

25. Devikulam: A Perfect Weekend Getaway and Paradise for Honeymoon Seekers


Located 11 km away from Munnar, Devikulam is a wonderful picnic spot as well as honeymoon destination. The gorgeous hill station symbolizes nature in its pristine glory, with the velvet lawns and vast range of exotic flora and fauna. This has made the beautiful hill station a must visit spot for the tourists. Other attractions in the hill station are Eravikulam National Park, Mangalam Devi Temple, Kurinjimala Sanctuary, Sita Devi Lake, which is the most visited place by tourists. Also, if you love fishing, you’ll get an opportunity to enjoy trout fishing.

Best Time to Visit

The climate of Devikulam is pleasant all throughout the year to enjoy the cool and crisp mountain air.

Where to Stay in Devikulam?

Pine Tree Munnar, The Tall Trees Munnar, Chandys Windy Woods, Oak Fields, the Great Escape Resorts and T&U Leisure Hotel are the best hotels and resorts to stay in Devikulam.


26. Ooty: Tinged with Beautiful Hues of Green and Sparkling Waterfalls


Known as the ‘Queen of Hills’, Ooty is the best place for those who are a mountain lover. Ooty exudes simplicity, and anyone visiting the place never gets disappointed as one can feel connected with the local culture. While travelling to Ooty, you would come across the magnificent sight of awe-inspiring Nilgiri Hills, tea gardens and the waterfalls. So if you are looking for a respite from stressful city life, then Ooty is the place where you can escape to experience the blissful nature. Also, the place is well-known as another honeymoon destination in India preferred by couples. Take a trip in the Toy Train that would give you panoramic views of the beautiful hill station.

Best Time to Visit

Although Ooty is a year-round destination but the ideal time to visit would be the months between April and June in summers and between September and November.

Where to Stay in Ooty?

Gem Park Resort, Fern Hill Resort, Fortune Resort Sullivan Court, Elk Hill Resort, Hill Country Holiday Resort Lovedale and Kluney Manor Resort are the best options to stay in Ooty.

27. Kanyakumari: The Sea and the Temple City of Tamil Nadu


Situated at the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula, Kanyakumari is surrounded by mountains and bordered by vibrant sea shores. If Kanyakumari is your next travel destination to uncheck then let me tell you, once you reach there you would see paddy fields and coconut trees all around the city. Other than this, the place has always been a major centre of religion, art and culture and this has made it a popular tourist destination. Not just this, but Kanyakumari is famous among tourists because of its pristine beaches as well as its temples and churches. If you are looking for a holiday where you can simply lie on a less-crowded beach under the warmth of sun on the white sand and sipping a cool drink, then book your tickets to Kanyakumari.

Best Time to Visit

Between October and March would be the ideal time to visit the place

Where to Stay in Kanyakumari?

Hotel Ocean Heritage, Stella Maris B&B, Santhi Residency, Hotel Balaji, Hotel Singaar International, Sparsa Resort Kanyakumari, Hotel Sivamurugan, New Cape Hotel, Hotel Sun Rock and Hotel Skyark are the options where you can choose to stay.

28. Kodaikanal: Admire the Scenic Panoramas of this Natural Wonderland


Have you ever dreamed of getting lost in the mesmerising beauty of the rolling hills and dense forest? If this is in your to-do list, then head towards Kodaikanal, as it will offer you all that have thought of. Thanks to the abundance of natural beauty that has let Kodaikanal rank on the list of the beautiful hill stations in the country. Whether it be lakes, the lush greenery or the magnificent views of the Palani Hills, trust me you are going to love everything about Kodaikanal. You can trek to the Green Valley View or the Dolphin’s Nose to get yourself immersed in the serenity of the Berjarim and Kodai Lake. Kodaikanal ranks high on the list of hill stations in India thanks to the abundance of natural beauty. Also, if you are a chocolate lover, then you are going to find some wholesale markets of chocolates where you can buy a variety of flavours at reasonable prices.

Best Time to Visit

Plan your visit in months between September and May when the weather is at its best. Going during the monsoon season could be tricky due to heavy rainfall, so it is best to avoid planning a trip then.

Where to Stay in Kodaikanal

Kodai Resort and Valley View Resort are the best options to book your stay in Kodaikanal.

29. Madurai: Travel To The Culture and Heritage City


Being one of the oldest cities of India, Madurai is considered to be the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu. If Madurai is your next travel destination, then prepare yourself as you are going to experience a great cultural heritage of the city. The reason why Madurai has become the most visited place is because of the Meenakshi Amman Temple. Other than this the city is known for its lively and bustling markets that make shopping fun and affordable for the tourists. Don’t miss out to try the amazing street food that include soft idlis at the Madurai Idli Shop, non-vegetarian delicacies at the Amma Mess, Kari Dosa at Konar Mess and Halwa at Pres Villas.

Best Time to Visit

Visit Madurai between October and March to enjoy visiting temple and other sightseeing places.

Where to Stay in Madurai?

Poppys Hotel, MMR Gardens, Regency Madurai by GRT Hotels, and Hotel The Nook are some of the options to book your stay in Madurai.

30. Rameshwaram: A City filled with Serenity and Spirituality


If you have plans to travel with your family to South India, then you can pick Rameshwaram which is yet another holiest place in India located on a beautiful island. According to the Hindu mythology, it is believed that Rameshwaram is the place where Lord Rama created a bridge to cross the sea to Sri Lanka. The place is renowned for its magnificent and massive sculptured pillars that are there on either side of the island. If there are elderly people who have been looking for an escape to place filled with spirituality and holiness, then I would suggest you to travel to Rameshwaram without giving any second thought. Don’t miss out on Ramanathaswamy Temple and the five-faced Hanuman Temple which holds the floating stone that was used to construct the bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

Best Time to Visit

Consider going to Rameshwaram is between the months of October and March.

Where to Stay in Rameshwaram?

Hotel Pearl Residency, Blue Coral Cottage, Daiwik Hotels Rameshwaram, Jiwan Residency, Hotel Sri Saravana, Hotel Royal Park and Hotel SS Grand are the best options to stay in Rameshwaram.

31. Thanjavur: A Place That Has a Dizzying Historical Legacy


Also known as Tanjore, Thanjavur holds a lot of cultural value and is widely known for the famous Tanjore paintings, antiques and handicrafts, textiles, and yes, of course the temples. Being of religious importance, Thanjavur is a must for all pilgrims and there are many other religious places all around the city. Make sure you visit the Saraswati Mahal Library, Shiva Ganga Garden, Sangeetha Mahal which are the top tourist attractions of Thanjavur. So get ready to witness the magnificent and dynamic cultures of the past and present giving the city a glorious identity.

Best Time to Visit

Visit Thanjavur in the months between October and March as the temperature remains comfortable and apt for sightseeing.

Where to Stay in Thanjavur?

PLA Residency Annex, Svatma, Yagappa Hotel, Hotel Balaji Inn, Hotel KRA, Hotel Oriental Towers, Hotel Star Residency, Hotel Valli and Hotel Green Palace are the best option which can choose from.

32. Mahabalipuram: Soak Up The Deep Culture And Complex History of The Coastal Town of Tamil Nadu


Situated on the Coromandel Coast along the Bay of Bengal, Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram is a place which is another well-loved tourist place in South India famous for its intricately carved temples and rock-cut caves. The peaceful and alluring atmosphere, the serenity, the soothing white sandy beaches shaded with the casuarina trees are some of the reasons that make Mahabalipuram a wonderful town and must visit destination in South India. So if you happen to visit Mahabalipuram, then make a visit to the UNESCO world heritage site and Group of Monuments that include the Five Rathas, The Crocodile Bank (home to alligators and exquisite species of crocodiles), The Shore Temple.

Best Time to Visit

Between November and February is the best time to visit the place as the weather becomes very pleasant and the minimum temperature is generally above 16°C which is perfect for sightseeing, outings and other adventure sports. Also, if you happen to visit in the months between January and February, you would enjoy the Mahabalipuram Dance Festival.

Where to Stay in Mahabalipuram?

Hotel Mahabas, Anora Beach Resort, Chariot Beach Resort, Hotel Sea Breeze, Hotel Mamalla Heritage, Nirvana Boutique Hotel and Blue Bay Beach Resort are the best accommodation in Mahabalipuram.

33. Kanchipuram: A Culture and Philosophical Hub that is Home to Thousands of Temples


So whenever I hear about the place Kanchipuram, the image of beautiful Kanchipuram Sarees conjures in my mind. Not just this but the place is famous for its thousands of temples and that’s the reason why it is also referred as the Golden City of Tamil Nadu making it a popular tourist destination that attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. So if you take delight in learning about Hinduism or just want to enjoy the marvel of South Indian architecture and grandeur, then plan your trip to Kanchipuram and quench your thirst for knowledge. The city is a home to the famous Kailasanathar Temple, popular for its beautiful architecture, and Kanchi Kamakshi Temple.

Best Time to Visit

Although there is no harm in planning your trip all year round, but the best season is between the months of October and March when the weather turns cool and breezy. Also, if you happen to visit in the months of February or March you can enjoy Maha Shivratri which is celebrated in the Kanchipuram with great pomp and show.

Where to Stay in Kanchipuram?

Pine Tree Lodge, Heritage Inn, SSK Inn, Regency Kanchipuram by GRT Hotels, Green Coconut Resort, Anora Beach Resort and Hotel Milestonnez are the best hotels where you can book your stay.

34. Chennai: Home To The Second Largest Beach In The World


Chennai has a rich cultural history and it balances its heritage and modern lifestyle. Although Chennai is famous for its towering skyscrapers which offers a scenic vista along the coast, but the heart of Chennai still remains in the multitude of old temples and churches. So if you are planning to visit Chennai, I am sure you’re going to love the city as it has a plethora of dimensions that one can explore. Also, Marina Beach makes Chennai a home to the second largest beach in the world. No matter at what time you visit the place, you would find Marina Beach filled with people, both locals and tourists. Ah, don’t miss out the local eateries for a quick snack and off course some souvenir shopping.

Best Time to Visit

The months between November and February are considered as the best time to visit the city when the temperature hovers between 20° and 25°C.

Where to Stay in Chennai?

Hotel Chandra Park, The Park Chennai, The Residency Towers, The Raintree Hotel, YWCA Guest House, Crystal Guest House and Paradise Guest House are the options to book your stay in Chennai.

35. Yercaud: Gawk At The Magnificent Greenery And Take A Walk In The Coffee Estates


Yercaud, another popular hill station in South India is famous for the beautiful forest and marvellous lakes. If you are a nature lover, then trust me the charming place is surely going to please you. A visit to the divine Emerald Lake and Kiliyur Falls is worth the trip. Get a magnificent view from Pagoda point that amplifies the serenity of this awe-full region. Also, if you are looking for honeymoon destinations in India, then Yercaud could give you an opportunity to collect amazing memories amid the scenic beauty dotted with greenery all over. Apart from this, there are plenty of coffee estates, silk farms and caves for you to visit.

Best Time to Visit

Plan your trip to Yercaud between May and June i.e., summer season when the temperature ranges from 16 °C-30 °C. This would give you a chance to take a pleasant walk in the hill station.

Best Travel Tip:

Don’t forget to carry a pair of light woollens which is pretty much handy while you travel around in Yercaud.

Where to Stay in Yercaud?

Grange Resort, Greenberry Resort, Golden Nest Resort, Clifton Inn Resort, Willington Hill Resort and The Regent Hill Side Resort are best to book your stay in Yercaud.

36. Coimbatore: Take a Tour to Seek Blessings at The Most Famous Temples Situated at The Hilltop


Being one of the largest cities in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore is a major hub for textiles, industries, manufacturing and also an amazing getaway for tourists from all over the globe. Right from ancient temples to classy new buildings, from drooling delicacies to pleasant weather, from breathtaking mountains to sparkling waterfall, Coimbatore has everything to offer that would give you a perfect holiday experience. The temples in Coimbatore are beautifully architectured that depicts the historical significance and religious beliefs attached to them. So if you visit Coimbatore, make sure you seek blessings at the most famous temples that are, the Maruthamalai Murugan Temple, the Sree Ayyappan Temple, Eachanari Vinayagar Temple, and the Thirumoorthy Malai Temple out of which most are situated on hilltops that helps you get a clear view of the landscape from the top.

Best Time to Visit

Winter Season is considered to the best time to visit the place i.e., between October and March.

Where to Stay In Coimbatore?

Aloft Coimbatore Singanallur, The Residency, Vivanta By Taj, Le Méridien, Poppy’s Hotel, Zibe Coimbatore by GRT Hotels, Hotel Le Grand, Hotel Alankar Grande and Plaza Inn are some of the best options to stay in Coimbatore.

37. Coonoor: Perfect Hill Station for Writers, Poets and For Those Finding Solace


Being the second largest hill station in the wonderful Nilgiri Hills, Coonoor is a delightful location where solace could enjoy a panoramic view of the Nilgiri Hills and Catherine Falls. The interesting thing about the place is it offers amazing thoughts to the writers and poets, and thus Coonoor stands like a dream come true for such people due to its manicured hills, rich greenery, colonial culture which will leave you relaxed and inspired. Believe me, visiting Coonoor you’ll completely lose yourself to nature and its eternal beauty. Also, visit the famous tourist attractions such as the Dolphin’s Nose, Droog Fort, Hidden Valley and Ketty etc.

Best Time to Visit

For greenery, tea plantation and clear sky, make sure you plan your trip during the winter season i.e., October and March, when the weather appears to be magical for the travellers.

Where to Stay in Coonoor?

Bliss Homestay, Kurumba Village Resort, The Gateway Hotel Church Road, O’Land Plantation Stay and Adderley Guest House are the options to stay in Coonoor.


38. Tirupati: Get the Best Travel Experience in the Holy Town of Andhra Pradesh


Being one of the largest pilgrimage destinations in the world, Tirupati invokes strong spiritual feeling within the travellers. Other than temples, Tirupati is home to many heritage sites and education institutes. Other than this, Srikalahasti temple, Sri Govindarajaswami Temple, the Kodandarama Temple, the Parashurameshvara Temple and the Sri Venkateswara Temple which is most commonly referred as the Temple of Seven Hills are the primary attraction of Tirupati which make the city worth worth visiting when you are looking for religious tourism in South India.

Best Time to Visit

Plan your trip to Tirupati between November and February when the weather is cool and pleasant for temple tours in Tirupati. Avoid going in the summer season as the temperature exceeds up to 42°C.

Where to Stay in Tirupati?

While there are many hotels in Tirupati, I would recommend you to book your stay at Kalyana Mandapam guesthouse and budget hotels like Fortune Select Grand Ridge, Sri Sai Residency, Bhimas Deluxe Hotel and Ginger Tirupati.

39. Araku Valley: Beautiful and Untouched Hill Station for Peaceful Breaks

Araku Valley

A beautiful hill station which is yet another weekend getaway, Araku Valley is enjoyed by the locals. The mesmerising serene valley comprising pompous orchards, hills, undulating meadows are some of the reasons why the place is perfect for honeymoon tour as well as for planning for solo trip in search for exclusivity and tranquility. Other than this, the place is even a good picnic spot. Also, the place is a home for number of tribes so for buying old silver from tribals would give you an unforgettable memory of the place.

Best Time to Visit

The months between October and March would be an ideal time to visit Araku Valley when the weather would become pleasant with temperature 25°C and nights getting colder and crispier.

Where to Stay?

Ananthagiri Haritha Hill Resort, Haritha Mayuri Resort, Holiday Inn Vihar- Main Road and Tyda Jungle Bells Haritha Resort to experience a jungle resort stay in Araku Valley.

40. Vijayawada: A Home to Buddhist Heritage


Also known as Bezawada, Vijayawada holds the credit of being the largest railway station junction in South India and third largest city in Andhra Pradesh. The Kondapalli Fort, Mogalarajapuram Caves, Gandhi Stupa and Undavalli Caves are the top tourist places to visit in Vijayawada which showcase a blend of history and nature unimaginable. Other than this, Vijayawada is a good place for visiting some fascinating old Buddhist sites in the lush green surrounding areas.

Best Time to Visit

Plan your visit to Vijayawada between October and March.

Where to Stay in Vijayawada?

Fortune Murali Park, Hotel Vybrant, Treebo N Square, Treebo Empire, Hotel Alankar Inn and Quality Hotel DV Manor are some of the best options where you can book you stay.

41. Visakhapatnam: Home to the Oldest Shipyard in India


Also known as Vizag, Visakhapatnam is the one of the oldest port cities in India is famous for its rich cultural past, picturesque beaches and serene landscape, which makes it an ideal spot for a fantastic coastal vacation. Visiting Vizag you just cannot miss out the beaches, out of which the most famous is Yarada Beach which has proved to be an amazing place for sightseeing tour where you can sit on the golden sand and witness marvellous sunrise and sunset with the clear view of majestic hills surrounded on the three sides and Bay of Bengal on the other side. Also, The Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) makes Visakhapatnam a home to the oldest shipyard in India. Other than this, visiting the Submarine Museum, eating in Dharani, seeking blessings in the Simhachalam Temple are the top best things to do in Visakhapatnam.

Best Time to Visit

The months between October and March would be an ideal time to visit Visakhapatnam. If you happen to visit during December and February i.e., the holiday season, you would be able to experience a leisure tour with positive vibe all around the city and enjoy the camel rides and don’t miss out the Visakha Utsav which is an annual festival that is celebrated in January.

Where to Stay in Visakhapatnam?

Novotel Visakhapatnam Varun Beach, Dolphin Hotel, Homey Suites – Vizag Beach, The Perch, Fabhotel Madhura Inn are the best option to book your stay.

42. Belum Caves: Travel to The Second Longest and Mysterious Caves in India

Belum Caves

Located in the Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, Belum Caves is the second largest and longest caves in India. Once you visit the place, you would be awestruck over the sheer will of the nature. It is believed that the cave was formed by the action of heavy water flowing on limestone deposits over millions of years, forming stalactites, sinkholes, and water galleries. So head to the Belum Caves to experience the beautiful statue of Buddha at Belum, cavernous corridors, breathtaking natural creations (especially the Simhadwaram (an arch-like formation in which the stalactites appear to be like lion’s head), surreal rock formation, the mystique of patalganga, the den of meditation and so much more.

Best Time to Visit

Belum Caves can be visited at any time of the year but make sure you plan your trip when the weather is pleasant and less hot. Belum Caves opens at 10 AM and closes at 5 PM.

Where to Stay When Visiting Belum Caves?

You can stay at Punnami Hotel operated by Andhra Pradesh Tourism. You can even book your stay at hotels in the nearby towns of Belum Caves i.e., Tadipatri (30 km) and Banaganapalli (34 km), Kurnool (112 km) and Anantapur (86 km).

43. Papikondalu: The Breathtaking Experience of River Godavari Getting Narrower


Papikondalu which is located at Rajahmundry is yet another place to visit in South India. The scenic beauty of the place offers sheer fest to the eyes of the tourists. As you get closer to the hills, you would witness the width of the River Godavari getting narrower which is breathtaking visual experience. Also, the mesmerising beauty of the place is compared to Kashmir as the area around the hill ranges is bountiful with nature which is in pleasing to eyes.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the place is between October and January with November and December being the peak season.

Where to Stay in Papikondalu?

Fabhotel Limestone AURA, OakWood Residence Kapil Hyderabad. For further enquiry on booking hotels you can get in touch with Tour My India experts.

44. Gandikota: Trek Downhill Through Canyon to the Riverbed


Situated on the right bank of the river Pennar, Gandikota is a place in Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh. Once you’re inside the place, there are no means of transportation. But there is nothing to worry as Gandikota has a lot to offer and one could easily spend time enjoying their Gandikota tour. There is a great downhill trek through the canyon leading to the riverbed which makes the place one of the best tourist places in South India.

Best Time to Visit

The months between September and February would be the ideal time to visit Gandikota.

Where to Stay in Gandikota?

Book your stay at APTDC Complex that has 12 cottages and enough play space area that makes Gandikota also a kid- friendly destination.

45. Horsley Hills: A Mesmerising Hamlet for Nature and Adventure Lovers

Horsley Hills

How about a scenic drive to this mesmerizing hamlet situated in the Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh? Yes, Horsley Hills or Horsley konda is extremely panoramic and scenic beauty with thick vegetation of trees lining on both sides of the road. If you are a nature lover, I am sure you are going to love this place. Horsley Hills has a major draw for the travellers i.e., the relaxing weather which ranges from 20°C to 32°C even in the summers. The place is also considered as the best weekend getaway for people of Andhra Pradesh. So, plan your trip to Horsley Hills to witness a wide variety of trees like Gulmohar, Allamanda, Reetha, Amla, Beedi leaves, Blue Gum, Eucalyptus and Sandalwood. Other than this, if you are looking for some adventure, then Horsley Hill can even offer you activities including trekking, hiking, rappelling and zorbing while your stay at the hills.

Best Time to Visit

You can plan your trip to the mesmerising Horsley Hills during any time of the year as the climate remains cool and pleasant during summers (May to June) and cold in winters (October to March). Avoid going during the monsoon season as the beautiful hills experience substantial amount of rain which might interrupt your sightseeing tour in Horsley Hills.

Where to Stay in Horsley Hills?

Haritha Hill Resort is one such option where you can book your stay.


46. Hyderabad: Luxury Holidays in The Dazzling City of Nizams


Known as the city of Nizams or Nawabs, Hyderabad exudes and old charm of its own and at the same time growing rapidly in harmony with the commercialization. When visiting Hyderabad, one can explore the lanes of the city by encountering the chai shops and spice merchants. Apart from this, you would also love the Islamic India’s architecture and yes don’t miss out the iconic landmark and oldest mosque in Hyderabad i.e., Charminar and the Golconda Fort from where you can get a bird’s eye view of the other magnificent buildings of the city. Other than these, the city of Nizams is also famous for food and the must try popular dishes are the Hyderabadi Biryani and Haleem.

Best Time to Visit

Since Hyderabad has warmer weather, the best time to visit the city would be during the winter season i.e., between October and March.

Where to Stay in Hyderabad?

Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hotel Deccan Heritage, Quality Inn Fidalgo, Hampshire Plaza, the Central Court, are some of the places where you can book your stay when visiting Hyderabad with family including babies or toddlers.

47. Warangal: A City Reflecting Natural Beauty with Magnificent Man-Made Structures


Looking for heritage tourist destination in South India? Then Warangal is the answer! The city takes you back in the era of kings and queens with amazing historical places to visit and the natural beauty of the Pakhal Lake is the amazing place for day sightseeing. Apart from this, the wildlife sanctuaries are definitely worth checking out. The city has become a hub for students as it houses National Institute of Technology (NIT). Don’t miss out visiting the Warangal Fort, which is the biggest tourist attraction of the city. While exploring the fort you’ll come across a temple which is dedicated to the Mother Earth, Swayambhu Devi.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the city is between October and March. Also, you would enjoy the festivals like Dussehra and Diwali which are celebrated here on larger scale.

Where to Stay in Warangal?

Hotel Crystal and Hotel Ashoka are the options where you can book your stay in Warangal.


48. Pondicherry: A Distinct French Flavour and a Delightful Break


Escape to a place totally different from where you are. Yes, the moment you’ll enter Pondicherry or Puducherry you could sense a positive vibe all around with colourful painted house with French architecture that is truly treat to eyes. Also, the place is amazing for those looking for backpacking haunt. So are you all set to explore the colonial era buildings, churches and temples and of course a relaxed holiday at the beaches? Then start packing your bag to travel to the most preferred tourist destination by the mainstream and offbeat travellers alike.

Best Time to Visit

Although Pondicherry has different charm in different seasons, travelling in the months between October and March would be the right choice.

Where to Stay in Pondicherry?

If you are planning a family trip then book your stay at Le Pondy, eco-friendly stay at The Dune Eco-Village and Spa, The Promenade for a luxury view of the oceans and budget ocean view at Lotus Bay View, L’Escale to get a value budget stay in the French Quarter. If you wish to stay at guesthouse then book your stay at Les Hibiscus where you’ll find the decor in a blend of Indian and old world colonial charm.

49. Lakshadweep: Rendezvous with Gorgeous Landscape and White Sand Beaches


Although the smallest Union Territory of India, Lakshadweep provides multitude of experiences to help them make the most out of your holiday in South India. Covering an area of 32.69 sq. km, Lakshadweep has 12 atolls, 3 reefs, 5 submerged banks and 10 inhabited islands out of the must visit are the Minicoy Island for vibrant coral reefs, freshwater of the infinite beaches and quaint white sand beaches; the Agatti Island for crystal clear water under the blue sky; the Bangaram Island for getting an experience to swim with the colourful fishes, check out the dolphins as they move closer to be friends with you, witness the  turtles move leisurely either on the beach or under water. Away from the bustling city crowd and pollution, the place is yet another destination for nature lovers as one can get a clear view of the mesmerising natural landscape with rich flora and fauna, sandy beaches and easy-going lifestyle of the locals. Coconut trees, isolated and peaceful beaches, reefs are some of the reasons that enhances the beauty of the popular tourism place in India.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to plan your vacation to Lakshadweep is between October and mid May. Avoid going during the monsoon as the place witnesses heavy rainfall and commuting by ship becomes difficult.

Where to Stay in Lakshadweep?

The best option would be to stay at the Bangaram Island Resort.

50. Andaman: Virgin Islands with Colonial Past


If you have been planning for beach tour amid crystal clear water topped with a little bit of history where you can simply enjoy going on long treks, laze around the backwater of the island then Andaman would be the best travelling destination in South India. Also, if you have been bitten by the adventure bug then go for a bit of deep sea diving. Right from the pristine beach of Niel to the bustling town of Port Blair, Andaman has a lot to offer to the tourists. Kala Pani or Cellular Jail has now become a must visit tourist attraction. Hundreds of visitors come and visit the place who want to get a feel of the old-world colonial era.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal season to visit Andaman is during the months between October and May when you can feel calm and relaxed amidst fresh air and warm sun with temperatures exceeding up to 30°c.

Where to Stay in Andaman & Nicobar?

Seashell Resort, Fortune Resort Bay Island, Silver Sand Beach Resort, Tango Beach Resort, Eco Villa Beach Resort, Summer Sand Beach Resort, The Wild Orchid Resort, Sun Sea Resort are some of the best places where you can book your stay when visiting Andaman & Nicobar.

I hope the list of 50 best destinations in South India has helped you get clear on where to go on a holiday. Trust me all of the places portray the diverse landscape and the rich culture of South India. If there is any other place that I haven’t covered here and deserves to be explored, please do let me know in the comment section below.

Also, if you have decided the destination and need any assistance in terms of hotel bookings or travel packages that you need to get it customized your own way, then call us at +91-9212553106 or drop us an email at Our experts will guide you in the best possible way!

Published: 06 Oct, 2018
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