Top Cozy Summer Vacations in India

Top Cozy Summer Vacations in India
Last Updated: July 6, 2018

Summers in India nowadays remind me of my long vacation during the schooldays when my parents used to escape from the hot and humid climate to a pleasant and cool hill station. I used to pack my bag well before time and that revealed the excitement. From my thumb sucking days to coloured chicky hours of college, today I have stepped on to an age where I stand like you as a workaholic. The current market competition and economical crisis led us to infinite working hours drilled by daily targets to achieve the organization goal. How to escape, where to escape and when to escape the scorching heat of the months of summer? I don’t know what goes in your mind, but I bet that all of you at this age of your life, where you are earning rays and sparkles, you still recall your teenage days like me. So our baked bustle life needs a sang-froid and the only heal to it, is to map one of the best destinations in India in summer. So you are on to it… to challenge your bustling life and set for a cozy and serene holiday during the months of summer in India.

The Indian peninsular seems barbequed and the desert lits like an oven. Destinations dotted with historical enigma appear like a burner and the Deccan remains drip-dried. But the Indian landscape is still secluded with bounteous goodness of nature that stretches from the hotspots of the lofty Himalaya and the mystic hills of Meghalaya to the verdure of the Eastern Ghats and the scenorama of the Western Ghats. Well for some unique travellers sometime Goa seems to be a sunburn destination.

A Unique Pick…

saputara Last year summer I had been to one of the unexplored hill stations confined within a rich verdure of the Satpura Range. Also dubbed as the “Queen of Satpura”, I discovered Panchmarhi could be one of the best picked escapes, if you are planning where to go in summers. Easily accessible from Bhopal, the mighty hill station of Panchmarhi, tucked with ancient caves, draws an excellent diorama of Hindu legends. This unexplored summer destination in India offers an exotic ambiance dwelling with a pleasant climate. It brings you close to nature bedded with lush green valley and blessed with very rich flora and fauna. The panoramic view of the Satpura Range and the chromatic sky at the horizon during the sunrise and sunset from Dhupgarh, is an eternal capture in one’s frame. Crisscrossed by rivulets that courses from the splashing waterfalls and endangered wildlife… the ambiance provides an excellent vantage point to adventurers and photographers. So that was surprisingly a niche vacation to me and I expect that Panchmarhi will not bore you even. Go for it BUDDIES!

An unparalleled retreat…

anantgiri A natural haven to summer escapies from the begrimed boulevard of the city clumps, Anantagiri

beholds an aromatic charm layered with lush green meadows and dotted with wild flowers. The quaint hill station that is nestled approximately ninety kilometers from Hyderabad offers an unspoiled scenic beauty… free from calamities, clamours and crowds. Anantagiri thus dwells a mild climate throughout the year that exempts travellers to seek for an unparalleled retreat. To me Anantagiri was an utter surprise… when for the first time I visited this hill station secluded in the vast foliage of the Eastern Ghats. The gentle rolling deciduous slopes glowing at the bright sun rays, wildlife at its own subjunctive mood and flock of free flying birds, from Mynahs and Kingfishers to little green leaf coloured birds, dark green coloured birds and orange breasted birds makes Anantagiri a perfect spot for summer vacations in India. Nonetheless one can even explore the jungle and hit for an adventurous trail. I’m sure you will acquaint some rare species of flora and fauna. Other major attractions close to Anantagiri are the Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary and Singur Dam. So GAME ON!

An easy yet sudden escape…

coorg The summer holidays couple of year back I actually plotted with my family to Karnataka and mapped out Bangalore, Hampi, Badami, Halebid, Belur, Mysore and Bandipur National Park. But unfortunately because of shortage of time we skipped Bandipur BUT our driver suggested and steered us from Mysore to a sudden escape… Coorg. That was an easy and smooth drive to an unknown territory and what surprised me, the spine-chilling climate and thick mist covering the gentle slopes in the month of June. I was absolutely unaware of Coorg, but when the destination greeted my shivering feet, the chilling surprise WON MY HEART. Just a climate you need during the summers, when several parts of India roves in between 40 degree to 45 degree, temperature in Coorg varies in between 17 degree to 23 degree. Beautifully dressed in thick green hues dotted with coffee and several spice gardens, where one can even spot wild life cutting and running across the winding road and splashed by vehement waterfalls, Coorg deviates from other summer destinations in India. My visit to Coorg was a surprise but now you are aware of it so start packing your bags. Being in Coorg you can cover up Tala Cauveri, the source of River Cauveri, Baghamandala, which is famous for Sri Bagandeshwara Temple and confluence of three rivers, Abbi Fall, Iruppu Fall, Mallalli Fall and Chelavara Fall. You can also step into the wild at the Cauvery Nisargadhama and also acquaint the contrasting colours of the Buddhist at Bylekuppe near Kushalanagar. And for more… EXPLORE COORG RIGHT AWAY for this summer vacation.

Into the matrilineal ecosphere…

shillong Some of you may wonder where to go in India during the summer season and while sorting out we usually forget that the colours and panoramas of North East are also part of India. So once upon a time I made the same mistake but one of my friends did painted a picture of the naturescape and culturalscape of Shillong. And that summer holiday I didn’t planned but I headed for the hills. A drive from Guwahati en route the secret winding road within the evergreen forest… up you reach to a might height of 1900 meters… ‘UP ABOVE THE CLOUD, HERE THE WORLD IS SO HIGH’. Prevailing a mild climate throughout the year… I discovered Shillong as a perfect getaway during the summers in India. It was the month of May… roughly 5 years back, when I stepped amid the rejuvenating ecosphere covered with a thick mist. But the fresh aura offered me a tranquil vista of the farfetched greenery rolling down the hills. The awaiting horizon at the sunrise, the floating clouds under the feet and pleasant tunes of the birds breaking the silence… were more than just an exotic summer holiday and it did gave me some erotic fervour. Shillong and most of Meghalaya is popular for its unique culture, which pulls in explorers from parts of world. It esteems the matrilineal culture, which can only be found in Shillong and rest of Meghalaya. Nonetheless Shillong is also the gateway for SPELUNKING in India. The mighty hill station is also blessed with a sprawling biosphere dotted with wildlife and varied species of plants and splashed by waterfalls.

The tunes of different ethnicities from the mighty Himalaya

nathula-pass One of the popular summer holiday destinations in India, Gangtok over the years has received increasing number of travellers, corporate and leisure, from different corners of the world. Confined within the vast ecosphere… the mighty hill station boasts the diorama of different ethnicities such as Nepalese, Lepchas and Bhutia. It attracts travellers the most when they acquaint the unique culture dwelling in the mountains. From their attire and cuisine to their festivals and languages makes Gangtok a niche destination during the summer holiday. The mild climate that bestows the ecosphere dotted with deciduous and coniferous forest, flower orchids, vegetations and wildlife makes Gangtok not only an eco-tourist destination in India but also a HIKERS HAVEN. Being for a summer holiday in Gangtok one can easily access to the heights of Nathula Pass en route the crystal clear waters of Tsomgo Lake. Gangtok being the gateway to several trekking destinations in Sikkim, one can trail up to Dzongri during the summer. It also hosts several other moderate to difficult treks and thus Gangtok is a grapevine to trekkers and adventurers as well. The major sites in and around Gangtok are the Cottage Industry Institute,  Dodrul Chorten, Enchey Monastery, Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary, Ganesh Tok, Hanuman Tok, Himalayan Zoological Park, Rumtek Monastery and Tashi view Point.

The authentic flavour from the Himalaya…

darjeeling The bustling hill station during the summer season in India, Darjeeling is an easy getaway. If (ONLY IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH) you are planning where to go in summer in India, even amid the mass of tourists you will capture the panoramic view of the farfetched snow clad Kanchenjunga Range reflecting its aureate hues at the aura. So that makes countless DIGITAL CLICKS and I’m sure one you are going to ‘ENLARGE n FRAME’. So that lucky sight becomes eternal. Summer in Darjeeling is pleasant and exotic, though the modern town won’t give you much quixotic feel, but encircling the town, the vast stretch of tea gardens rolling down the slopes, the cultural essence reflecting from the alleys and the bird’s eye view of the Himalaya from the Mall Road makes Darjeeling an enchanting destination for summer vacations. Moreover the Toy Train Ride from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a charm that tops to your summer holiday in Darjeeling. The popular Sandakphu-Phalut Trek is one of the mountain activities that can bustle you for a trail of four days during your vacation in Darjeeling.  LET’S GO FOR A CLICK FROM TIGER HILL.

Let’s FLY…

manali When the summer pick its extreme point and scorches at a temperature roving between 40 to 45 degree… DAMN… some places cross 48 degrees even, the only hope remains where one can find a soothing climate and bountiful natural vista. We think of Manali then, which is obviously one of the best destinations in India during the summer season. Also an easy getaway for the weekenders from nearby cities, Manali perks up from April with corporate and leisure travellers, trekkers and adventurers. They tots up their summer holiday with driving up to Rohtang Pass, capturing the scenic diorama that offers a snow clad backdrop, paragliding down the valley (one of the thrilling mountain sports in Manali), hiking, trekking and rafting down the River Beas. So your summer vacation in India turns out to be playful with a pleasant breeze of romance. During your holiday in Manali you can also drive to Shimla, Dalhousie and Mcleodganj and can acquaint the unique lifestyle of the Indo-Tibetans. Manali is also the gateway to Leh in Ladakh region, and the charismatic drive en route the lofty mountain passes is an extravaganza to you summer holiday in India.

Deep in the cold desert…

panganong-lake So how was your drive from Manali? Well you made it then to pen one of the breathtaking journeys during your summer holiday in India, from Manali to Leh. Well, those will be the words equipped with heavenly memories for a RIDER. Leh over the years has gained its popularity as one of the best destinations to step in during the Indian summer days. Camping that also include wine and dine in the open nature at the shore of Pangong Lake makes it a stargazing summer vacation in Leh. Aaah! A perfect hide out for couples also, to feel each other’s lip locking “WET WARM WHISPERS” (WOW WINK… 5 “w” so romantically placed in Leh). Nonetheless Leh as a destination during the Indian summer season becomes a gateway to several challenging treks deep in the Ladakh and Zanskar region. Thus Leh, nestled at a mighty height in the Indo-Tibetan belt in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, attracts both leisure travellers and adventure freaks. Moreover summer holidaying in Leh also allows you to step on the floors of some of the ancient Tibetan Monasteries as Leh being one of the Buddhist pilgrimage sites.

Pleasant, Panorama and Pious secluded in the Himalaya…

dal-lake A time comes when you desire a pleasant ambiance far from the city to a solitude even being on earth. And when the summer ticks the Indian landscape turning it to an oven, you then realize that actually you need to escape now. So speaking of Srinagar as a pleasant escape during the summer in India, umm… Don’t give a second thought. Just go for it, to make your summer vacation in India during the hot summer months a pleasurable one. The mighty hill station that boast the popular Dal Lake under the shadow of the misty mountains and the tranquil voyage on the houseboats and the panoramic view of the mighty ranges… makes Srinagar one of the best destinations in India during the summer dwelling a soothing climate. The pious hill station that behold the authentic culture of the Kashmiris also host a diorama of Indian history, housing colourful Mughal gardens and several ramparts. To add to your itinerary for your holiday in Srinagar during the summer season… a visit to the lush green meadows of Pahalgam and Gulmarg is a must. These summer destinations in India offer a cool and hospitable retreat in accordance with the soothing climate. Dotted with varied orchards Srinagar, together with Gulmarg and Pehalgam… is an ultimate and quixotic summer escape.

Lovers Den from the Land of Gods and Goddesses…

nainital Another destination from the lofty Himalaya that bustles during the peak summer season in India, Nainital brings home several honey lewd memories to your baked, barred and barren workaholic life. Offering a vast natural vista, your summer holiday in Nainital perks up an enigmatic aroma… where during the night you are secluded within the mist and during the aura you enchant the panoramic view of the farfetched snowcapped Himalayan Range from the Snow view Point. Nainital that bristles with epicurean pleasures reflecting from the gentle ripples of the Naini Lake, mesmerizing pony ride to the hill top and the quixotic boat ride is a summer hub for Indian vacationers. Other attractions in and around Nainital are Naina Devi Temple, Tiffin Top, Eco cave Gardens, Bhimtal, Sattal, Khurpa Tal and Naukuchia Tal. One can even go for a soothing drive to Ranikhet, which is dubbed as the “Queen of Meadows”, as well as to make your summer holiday in India a special and wild… you, can step amid the rage of Corbett National Park.

Published: 24 Dec, 2013
Swairik Das


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