Best Camping Sites: Picture-Perfect Summer Camping Destinations in India

Best Camping Sites: Picture-Perfect Summer Camping Destinations in India
Last Updated: November 27, 2019

Picking your destination, packing your bags and booking a hotel as you dream of your next summer vacation. Sounds mundane, doesn’t it? Well, what if we tell you to pitch your tent under the stars and have a rejuvenating experience amidst the comforts of nature or middle of nowhere? Interesting, right? Camping is a fun thing to do in summer while you explore a new place. Be it trekking or living at an offbeat destination, camping can be a perfect choice to experience living in the open. To make it even better, why not plan your next holiday to some of the best summer camping destinations in India?! From Wildlife sanctuaries to Himalayan destinations, these camping places in India offer an impeccable vacation away from the chaos. Are you up for such a summer holiday like this? Good! Let’s start exploring your options.

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Glamping (Glamour + Camping = Glamping!)

While camping is all about enjoying nature, a little luxury never hurts anybody. These glamorous summer camping destinations in India offer the very best of luxury amidst the comforts of nature.

1. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Summer Camping - Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Fringed by the great Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is one of the best luxury camping destinations in India. Yes, we know what you must be wondering, how can we camp in the scorching summer heat?  Well, Jaisalmer would be a nice surprise with its acres of camping land. Would you imagine relaxing in a pool amidst the Desert? If your answer is no, you have got to check out summer camps in Jaisalmer. With air-conditioned large tents, top-notch guest services and unrivalled picturesque beauty, Jaisalmer is one of its kind camping place. The city also offers a sneak peek into the cultural heritage of Rajputs and the royalty of Western India. Desert and Forts are the major attractions here, however, campsites have become a new hit amongst travellers.

How to Reach?

Jaisalmer can be reached by all means of transportation, including air, road and rail. However, the easiest way to reach Jaisalmer is via flight. Jaisalmer has got its own airport, which is decently connected to other major Indian cities.

Tourist Attractions in Jaisalmer

Best Campsites in Jaisalmer

  • The Serai
  • Damodra Desert Camp
  • Prince Desert Camp

2. Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Summer Camping - Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Rann of Kutch is a place like no other in India. The vast land of dry salt, reflecting the light of the moon on a quiet night, Kutch gives you an immense sense of existence. Away from the chaos of life, Kutch with its unique vibrant culture and art entices you to spend a quaint family vacation in one of the luxurious tents perched in the Great Rann. One of the best campsites in India, Rann of Kutch offers facilities of Swiss Cottages and air-conditioned tents.

How to Reach?

It is fairly easy to reach Kutch via all means of transportation. However, the best way to reach Kutch is by taking a flight to Bhuj and from there take a cab to Kutch. You can also take a train to Bhuj and then a cab from the railway station can take you to Kutch.

Tourist Attractions in Kutch

  • Safari ride of Kutch white desert
  • Bird Watching
  • Witnessing the unique and vibrant culture of Kutch

Best Campsites in Kutch

  • Rann Riders
  • Royal Safari Camp
  • The Shaam-E-Sarhad Village Resort

3. Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Summer Camping Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Named after the Pench River that flows through it, Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh is a haven for wildlife lovers. Home to many species of flora and fauna, the national park also offers you a chance to stay in the wild. The campsites in Pench are perfect adventure camps for kids as well as for family camping. While camping in Pench you have a chance to sight wild animals like tigers, wild boar, langur and sambar in their natural habitat. Take a walk in the park or go for a jeep safari, Pench would be a great way to rejuvenate and spend quality time with your loved ones.

How to Reach Pench National Park?

Pench National Park is well-connected by all means of transportation, however, the best way to reach Pench is via Nagpur. You can take a flight to Nagpur and from there, get a cab for Pench National Park.

Tourist Attractions in Pench

  • Tiger Safari
  • Exotic animal sighting inside the park
  • Interacting with the local tribes

Best Campsites in Pench National Park

  • Tribal Camp
  • Kohka Wilderness Camp
  • Royal Jungle Retreat

4. Wayanad, Kerala

Summer Camping - Wayanad, Kerala

In God’s own country, Kerala, lies a quaint hill destination of Wayanad which is perfect for outdoor camping. Offering respite from the stress of city life, Wayanad takes you for a therapeutic tour. With Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary on one side and numerous natural hideouts throughout the town, Wayanad is perfect for those seeking an escape amidst nature. With scenic landscapes all around, the camping sites in Wayanad offer the best views of Western Ghats and a lavish holiday experience as well.

How to Reach Wayanad?

Wayanad being a popular tourist destination is easily accessible by all means of transportation. However, the easiest way to reach Wayanad is via Kozhikode Airport, from where you can take a taxi to reach here.

Tourist Attractions in Wayanad

Best Campsites in Wayanad

  • Nature Journey Summer Camp
  • Grass Roots
  • Wildcooper Camp

Best Adventure Camping Destinations in India

While some might prefer luxury, there are still some people who believe travelling and camping is all about self-discovery and it should be away from human settlement. If you are a wanderer who prefers remote destinations as their campsite, the list below is for you.

5. Tso Moriri Lake, Jammu & Kashmir

Summer Camping - Tso Moriri Lake, Jammu & Kashmir

Situated in the Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir, Tso Moriri Lake is one of the most beautiful campsites in India. Alongside the azure water of Lake Tso Moriri, you get to experience timelessness and nothing will come close to beating the experience you will get here. Located at an altitude of 4,522 metres, this alpine lake is one of the largest and highest in India. Fed from the nearby springs and glacier ice, Tso Moriri is an epitome of nature’s wonder. Camping here takes you a step closer to nature as you rejuvenate your mind and body amidst the music of nature. Just soak in the beauty of the place as you bond with other travellers over a bonfire, this campsite is perfect for wandering souls.

How to Reach?

Ladakh is well-connected by roads and Leh airport serves as the major airport in the zone. You can book a taxi or rent a bike from Leh to reach here. Alternatively, you can also visit via Srinagar.

Major Attractions near Tso Moriri Lake

Best Campsites in Tso Moriri

  • Nomadic Life Camp
  • Tsomoriri Camp and Resort
  • Golden Mark Camps

6. Pangong Lake, Jammu & Kashmir

Summer Camping - Pangong Lake, Jammu & Kashmir

One of the most famous lakes in India and probably the most preferred campsites in Himalayas, Pangong Tso or Pangong Lake is a gem of Ladakh. Situated at an altitude of 4,350 metres, it is a must-visit for every traveller in Ladakh. Sharing its water with both India and China, the lake is 5km long on the Indian side and it’s a gem during the summer season. With numerous camping options, more and more people have been flocking this area. Visiting Ladakh and Pangong Lake has been considered a rite of passage for every traveller. Sit on the side of the lake or take a stroll around, this lake will keep on surprising you with its pristine beauty. It is also one of those pristine lakes where you can capture the reflection of mountains and sky in the water. Pangong Lake in Ladakh offers you a chance to have some quality alone time to reflect on your journey and camping here gives you a true experience of sleeping under the stars.

How to Reach Pangong Lake?

Pangong Lake in Ladakh is easily accessible during the summer season. Although roads are still the best means of transportation here, you can reach Pangong Lake via flights. Leh has its own airport, from where you can take a taxi to Pangong Lake.

Tourist Attractions near Pangong Lake

  • Pangong Lake
  • Spangmik Village

Best Campsites in Pangong

  • Wonderland Pangong Camp
  • Camp Watermark
  • Camp Redstart

7. Laka Glacier, Himachal Pradesh

Summer Camping Laka - Glacier, Himachal Pradesh

If you ever trekked to Triund, you would know about this place, in case you haven’t let me introduce it to you. Roughly 5 km trek from Triund top will take you to Laka Glacier. Away from the usual Triund crowd, this place is ideal for some introspection. With Rocky Mountains all around you and Dhauladhar peaks enticing you to conquer them, this is the best place to pitch your camp and have the best of the Himalayan camping experience. Also, there is a cafe nearby, so you can drop by for food but if you are camping in the wild, why not carry your own resources. You can also trek to nearby Indrahar, however, we would suggest you get a guide who can ensure your safety.

How to Reach?

The trek to Laka Glacier starts from McLeod Ganj. The easiest way to reach McLeodGanj is via roads. You can take HRTC Buses and you can also come to McLeod Ganj via Dharamshala Airport and Bhuntar Airport.

Tourist Attractions around Laka Glacier

Best Camps in Laka Glacier

You can book a camping agency in McLeod Ganj.

  • MadTrek Adventures
  • Travel Leaders Adventures

8. Har Ki Dun, Uttarakhand

Summer Camping - Har Ki Dun, Uttarakhand

Known as the Stairway to Heaven, Har Ki Dun is one of the best summer treks in the country which means, it is also one of the best summer camping getaways in India. It is believed that it was through this route that Pandava ascended to heaven. The view throughout Har ki Dun trek is surreal and it will take you back into the time. Traversing across the Garhwal Himalayas’ villages, this trek offers an insight into the culture of the region. However, once you are done trekking for the days, pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere and cherish the beauty of the Himalayan peaks. Waking up with the view of enchanting valley and the mountains would be the perfect motivation for the further journey. Starting from Sankri, the journey also ends at Sankri. Camps and tents can be provided by your tour operator.

How to Reach Sankri?

The easiest way to reach Sankri is by taking a flight to Dehradun and from the airport, you can either take a taxi to Sankri or you can take an early morning bus.

9. Deoria Tal, Uttarakhand

Summer Camping - Deoriatal

Uttarakhand holds many secret close to its heart which only a few wanderers know and one such secret is Deoriatal. Located near Ukhimath across the Chopta highway, the Deoria Tal Lake is a gem of nature. Situated an altitude of 2438 metres above sea level, the lake on a clear sunny day gives a clear reflection of Chaukhamba Peaks. If you are looking for camping this summer, the shores of 3km long Deoria Tal is hands down one of the most serene places in the state. However, the most amazing part of camping here is the trek which precedes the view of Deoria Tal. Although the trek is just 2-3km, it takes you across beautiful Himalayan villages including Sari Village.

How to Reach Deoria Tal?

Deoria Tal can be reached by trekking. One can reach till Chopta by from Rishikesh railway station or Jolly Grant airport is the easiest way to come here.

Tourist Attractions in and around Deoria Tal

  • Sari Village
  • Omkar Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Omkareshwar Temple

Best Campsites in Deoria Tal

  • Meadows Heritage Camp
  • Alpine Adventure Camp

Tourist Attractions during the Trip

  • Sankri Range
  • Osla Village
  • Marinda Tal
  • Har ki Dun

Best Nature Camping Tourism Destinations in India

If you seek solace amidst nature and wish to pitch your tent in the middle of nowhere as the sound of nature keeps you company, these camping destinations are for you.

10. Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

Summer Camping - Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

A crown jewel of the Kumaon Hills, Munsiyari in Uttarakhand is a place which remains untouched by the touristy crowd. Often compared to Kashmir for its breathtaking beauty, Munsiyari often attracts wanderers who are seeking a hideout in nature’s lap. While the beauty of the place is unrivalled, it gets amplified by the numerous campsites spread throughout the place. Staying in camps here gives you a true essence of Himalayan experience. With the view of Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, your mountain appetite would definitely be satisfied here along with the craving of a relaxed summer vacation!

How to Reach Munsiyari?

Although Munsiyari is easily accessible by all means of transportation, roadways remain the easiest and cheapest way to reach Munsiyari. You can take state operated buses or book a taxi to reach here from Kathgodam/Haldwani.

Tourist Attractions in Munsiyari

Best Camps in Munsiyari

  • Himalayan Glamping
  • Wildrift Camping
  • Wayfarer Camping

11. Thekkady, Kerala

Summer Camping - Thekkady, Kerala

A rich forest area with plenty of flora and fauna, Thekkady in Kerala is one of the best places for summer camps for school groups. A journey to Thekkady would take you across little hamlet of hill towns and the biggest attraction on the journey would be Periyar National Park. If you are looking for camping spots amidst the lush green coffee plantation, wide fields of crops and the soothing sound of nature in South India, there is no place better than Thekkady. Camping here means an escape into nature and while you wander across the mountains of Western Ghats, there would be surprises waiting for you.

How to Reach Thekkady?

The destination can be accessed pretty easily from all parts of India via all sorts of transportation. However, the nearest airport is in Madurai which is 136 km away and Kottayam is the nearest railway station which is around 120 km.

Tourist Attractions in Thekkady

  • Periyar National Park
  • Mangla Devi Temple
  • Abraham’s Spice Garden
  • Murikkady
  • Kumily

Best Campsites in Thekkady

  • Vanya Treehouse
  • Weekend Camps
  • Kofiland

12. Sonmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

Summer Camping - Sonmarg, Jammu & Kashmir

If you think of Jammu and Kashmir, chances are the scenery you imagine is of Sonmarg. One of the many contenders of Kashmir’s best summer destination, Sonmarg is one of the most scenic places in India. It is also one of the best destinations for great family camping trips. Also known as a meadow of golds, Sonmarg offers you a chance to explore its hidden gems with amazing camping options. Camp near the lakes, sleep under the stars and explore the local villages as Sonmarg becomes your home away from home. The place is also home to numerous enchanting peaks like Kolahoi Peak, Sirbal Peak and Amarnath Peak.

How to Reach Sonmarg?

Just 85 km from Srinagar, Sonmarg can be accessed road. The easiest way to reach Sonmarg is reaching Srinagar via flight and then taking a taxi to Sonmarg.

Tourist Attractions in Sonmarg

Best Campsites in Sonmarg

  • Paradise Camping Resort
  • Green Glamping Resort
  • Mountain Greens Camping

13. Sarchu, Himachal Pradesh

Summer Camping - Sarchu, Himachal Pradesh

What is considered as a stopover destination across the Manali-Leh highway has grown onto become one of the best camping spots. Nestled between Baralacha La and Lachung Pass, Sarchu offers the best of Himalayan experiences. One of the best places to enjoy camping, Sarchu lets you experience the thrill of living in the middle of nowhere. With just you and fellow travellers under the vast open sky is what you need to have a broader perspective of travelling in the Himalayas. With bonfire and numerous travel stories being shared, Sarchu lets you let off some steam amidst the comforts of nature.

How to Reach Sarchu?

Along the Manali-Leh highway, the place is accessible only during summers. The best way to reach is by roads. You can either start your road journey from Manali or directly land at Leh airport and then visit Sarchu by road.

Tourist Attractions in and around Sarchu

  • Lachung La Pass
  • Baralacha La Pass
  • Nakee La
  • Gata Loops

Best Campsites in Sarchu

  • Dorje Camps
  • Camp Himalayan Saga
  • Himalayan Routes Camp

Have you decided on a destination yet? Don’t think long, the summer is here and these destinations are perfect for a summer vacation. So, pack your bags and we will see you there. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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