Spreading the Message of Wildlife Conservation Through Rock Painting

Art Uniting Us All: Story of Man Spreading Wildlife Awareness One Painted Rock at A Time

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On November 13, 2018, we started a campaign called “Artists For Conservation” which focused on people’s contribution in conserving wildlife and nature. The campaign highlighted the importance of your participation in fighting this battle against the destruction of wildlife and we urged the artists to send us paintings of animals they choose to conserve.

The Reason We Chose His Art


The campaign was widely welcomed and many artists and wildlife enthusiasts sent us their artwork. As promised, we are putting up the best painting of the week, which was sent to us by Subodh Nemlekar. He is an artist who expresses his love for majestic animals by painting them on small hand-size rocks. He uses natural rocks as his canvas and relies on organic paints to express his love for wildlife. His artwork has helped spread his message of wildlife conservation and protection to many countries in the USA and South Africa. The reason we chose his paintings is because of his complete awareness about nature. While we all choose to express our love and admiration for nature using our art, Mr. Subodh ensures that all his creations are eco-friendly and harms nature in no way, whatsoever.

How it all began?


Subodh is a retired man, having worked all his life in the transport business and exploring the unknown secrets of India. He doesn’t like to be tagged as a traveler but he believes he had his fair share of adventure back in his days. Having retired from all that, he chose art to be his method of expression. One fine day, Subodh’s wife bought fabric paint for her own use, however, he decided to give painting a go. His journey started with painting on Canvas, promoting the message of wildlife conservation and why it’s important. When asked about why art, he said that art is one thing that connects us all, as humans. Despite having differences, divided by borders and traditions, art is something that unites us. He believes that his rock painting is a symbol of reconnecting back to nature, with each of his element being organic. He argues that, while the canvas paintings cost a lot when you go to buy, his rock art is affordable and has utility. Spreading the message of people participating in the movement of conserving nature, he feels proud when his clients in U.S.A and South Africa pose with his rock paintings.

Subodh Nemlekar’s Message for Wildlife Conservation Efforts


“Preserving Wild Life is a social responsibility of every human being. God created human, wild and nature and must have desired that they live in proximity with each other but Human being as we all know is the most inhuman species on the Universe. I find that the animals are more humane. I have been promoting this thought through Facebook in various animal and nature loving groups all over the World.  People find my thought and Art very encouraging. I feel people’s compassion for wildlife is very necessary. I am confident that my Rock Stone painting has the power of connecting with Nature irrespective of boundaries. People need to develop the love for the wild through painting on the Rock Stones. This will inculcate love for animals and create concern for their existence.  All children in the schools should be encouraged to paint their favorite animals on the rock stones.”

In case you are interested in his artwork, you can contact Subodh through his Facebook profile or through his mobile number +917977839407.

Our Message


While we all wish to contribute the cause, we sometimes can’t find the right channel. Contribution doesn’t always have to be on the battlefield. You can educate people about the need for wildlife conservation, encourage young children to become empowered and aware of the happenings around them. While your one little action but seem incoherent but for a bigger picture, it just might be the start of the butterfly effect. The Paint for conservation encourages wildlife painters and wildlife activists to come together and raise their concerns about the constant human threats to wildlife population. We hope to see many more wildlife artists raise their voice in the ongoing battle for conserving wildlife.

You too can Participate in our Paint to Conserve Initiative!

You can send us your favourite paintings of the animals you wish to save.

Guidelines to Follow to Enter the Campaign

  • The painting should be signed by you and it should be visible in the image.
  • The dimension of the image should be 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Make sure the image is clear and symmetrical on all four sides.
  • You also have to send us your interpretation of the painting alongside your message of wildlife conservation in India.
  • Also, we would need you to send us your name, e-mail address, Mobile number and a short bio for promotion purpose. However, in case you wish not to disclose your email and number on the blog you can ask as us not to share it.

Please e-mail us at webmaster@tourmyindia.com.

All images are subject to copyright.

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