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Panch Kedar Pilgrimage: Rudranath & Madhyamaheshwar Temples Opening Dates 2024

The spiritual whirlwind is all around the corner and devotees are preparing themselves for the holy Char Dham Yatra 2024 as the opening dates for Char Dham portals are already announced. But while doing your Himalayan pilgrimage tour, the holy darshan of Rudranath and Madmaheshwar Temple makes the journey more fulfilling.  Rudranath and Madhyamaheshwar Temple is a part of Panch Kedar pilgrimage circuit. The holy darshan of these two major pilgrimage sites is equally important as without getting its divine blessings your Yatra would be incomplete. Devotees who visit Kedarnath Dham also complete the darshan of Panch Kedar Circuit. It has a great religious significance for the Hindu devotees.

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History of Panch Kedars

It is said that when Pandavas killed their kids in the war of Mahabharata they wanted to get rid of their sins. In order to do that they wanted to please Lord Shiva with their penance but Lord Shiva didn’t want to forgive them so easily. He hid himself and turned into a bull but in vain as Bhima, one of the 5 Pandava brothers recognized him and held the hind part of the bull.

The moment he touched the hind part of the bull, Lord Shiva vanished and a light, Jyotirlinga, was manifested in Kedarnath. The other body parts of Lord Shiva fell at different places and they became Panch Kedar Dhams.  It is the face of the bull which appeared in Rudranath Dham and the navel appeared in Madmaheshwar Dham. Devotees from all over the world visit these ancient temples in Uttarakhand to get divine blessings from Lord Shiva. Also visit Tungnath and Kalpeshwar temples where Lord Shiva’s arms and the matted hair fell.

The journey of Panch Kedar Dhams makes the Himalayan Pilgrimage tour more wholesome. If you are planning the You Char Dham Yatra Pilgrimage tour then you must also visit Rudranath, Madmaheshwar and other temples. You can also plan a separate Panch Kedar Pilgrimage Tour for a wonderful Himalayan pilgrimage.

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The Opening Dates of Rudranath and Madhyamaheshwar Temple in 2024

Madhyamaheshwar and Rudranath Temple

The best time to visit Rudranath Temple and Madmaheshwar Temple is in the month of April to June and it closes in Winter due to heavy snowfall.

Rudranath Temple Opening Date 18 May 2024
Madmaheshwar Temple Opening Date 20 May 2024

Rudranath Temple and Madhyamaheshwar Temple is closed during winters from the month of October to February

Rudranath Temple Closing Date 2022 To be announced
Madmaheshwar Temple Date 2022 To be announced

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Rudranath Temple Trek

Rudranath Temple Uttarakhand

The temple of Rudranath is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is one of the popular pilgrimage destinations in Uttarakhand. Surrounded by the lofty Garhwal Himalayas, it is one of the fourth temples in the list of Panch Kedar circuit. It has one of the most challenging routes as it is surrounded by lofty peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul and Nanda Ghunti Peaks but the journey is rewarding as you will behold stunning picturesque landscapes on your trek. The temple is surrounded amidst the beautiful Rhododendron forests and alpine meadows.

Your trek for Rudranath Temple will start from Sagar, Helang or Urgam village. Grassy meadows, lofty Trishul, Nanda devi and Nanda Ghunti peaks, thick woodlands, enchanting villages and Himalayan landscapes. Worth seducing your senses, right?

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Madhyamaheshwar Trek

Madhyamaheshwar Temple Uttarakhand

The delightful views of Madmaheshwar Temple will take your breath away. Snowcapped Himalayan mountains on the right, alpine meadows on the left and the background is decorated with the enchanting vistas of dense forests. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Madmaheshwar Temple is situated at an altitude of 3490m above the sea level. It is one of the most popular religious tourist attractions in Uttarakhand.

The trek to Madmaheshwar is different from all other treks. Steeped in myths and legends, the entire ambiance of Madmaheshwar temple will elevate your thoughts and spirit. The trek is through the stunning Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary in Northern Himalayas. Quaint villages, dense conifer forests, alpine meadows, grasslands, Madmaheshwar Ganga river and the most surreal views of sunrise in Chaukhamba Massif would be like nectar of bliss directly coming from heaven.

The holy abode of Lord Shiva and his divine blessings, the picturesque landscapes and a scope for self -introspection, there is everything in the blissful lap of Uttarakhand. One must visit Panch Kedars once in a lifetime to feel the grace god has bestowed upon them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Rudranath Temple located?

Rudranath Temple is located in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.

Where is Madhyamaheshwar temple located?

Madmaheshwar Temple is located in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand.

What is the best time to plan Rudranath & Madhyamaheshwar temple Yatra?

The best time to plan Rudranath and Madmaheshwar Temple tour is in the month of April to June.

Published: 04 Mar, 2022 | Last Updated: 01 May, 2024

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