Gangotri Temple Opening Date 2024

Pilgrims will be brimming in the blissful seat of Gangotri Dham from 10 May 2024, on the auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya and will close its gate on the festival of Lights- Diwali.

Gangotri Temple Opening and Closing Dates 2024

Opening Date - 10 May 2024
Closing Date - 2 Nov 2024

How the Gangotri Temple Opening & Closing Dates are Decided?

The dates of the portals are decided by CharDham temple Committee after consulting the priest. A religious ceremony is performed, followed by Hindu Panchang to decide the opening and closing dates of Char Dham Yatra.

Opening dates of the shrines varies for Astrological reasons but it is near or on the third lunar day of the month of Baisakh (Akshay Tritiya which falls in the Shukla Paksha of Baisakh). This day is considered as auspicious for Hindus. The word Akshay means ‘Eternal’ the never diminishing sense of good luck and Tritiya means third. It is believed that opening the portals on this day brings good luck and the magnificence of the holy shrines will continue to grow.

Brief Introduction of Shri Gangotri Dham

Located in the small town of Gangotri, Gangotri Dham is one of the most prominent temples of Goddess Ganga. It is one of the holy places of the CharDhams. The word Gangotri means Ganga’s descending (Ganga+Uttari). It is believed to be a place where Goddess Ganga transforms her into a river in order to forgive the sins of King Bhagirath’s forefathers, following his penance. Set in the Gangotri glacier, the origin of the holy river Bhagirathi is at Gomukh which is an important tributary of Ganga. It is beautifully decked with the sublime and picturesque peaks of Garhwali Himalayas. It is a very important pilgrimage site for Hindu devotees.