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10 Rajasthani Bites You Can Enjoy Under INR 20 in Rajasthan

10 Rajasthani Bites You Can Enjoy Under INR 20 in Rajasthan
Last Updated: June 21, 2019

What all can you get for Rs. 20? A cup of tea or a packet of chips or may be sometimes a piece of boondi ki laddu. But believe me, if you are in Rajasthan, you can get oodles of authentic Rajasthani tit-bits that fill your mouth either with juicy sugar syrup or spicy ingredients. Mostly fried in desi ghee and filled with khoa or dry fruits, the bites are undoubtedly going to be among some of the most lip-smacking delicacies you ever had in the country. So, all you need to do is travel to Rajasthan and try out these best reasonably priced Rajasthani cuisine in any street food stall.

Dal Baati Churma

Dal Baati Churma The typical Rajasthani delicacy, Dal Baati Churma should be the first pick of the foodies when they are in Rajasthan. Popularly known as the state food of Rajasthan, Daal Baati Churma is a combination of three distinct appetizers. Batis are round bowl shaped wheat flour made edibles that are dipped in oodles of Ghee or Butter and served with Panchkuti Daal or Mung Ki Daal along with churma (coarsely grinded wheat cooked with pure desi ghee and sugar) makes a mouth-watering combination.

Kalmi Vada

Kalmi Vada A sure heat beater of tea time snacks, Kalmi Vada is another scrumptious pick from Rajasthani Cuisine. These are special gram dal crispies served with mouth-watering spicy green chutneys. This particular variety of chutney is prepared with fresh mint and hot chillies which make the combo scrumptious.

Pyaaz Kachori

Pyaaz Kachori If you are fond of spicy snacks and not at all running behind zero figured body you should try Pyaaz ki Kachori with imli ki chutney. Fried in Desi Ghee this appetizing snack is prepared with onion stuffs, potato and spices. A bit puffy and crispy, this breakfast item of Rajasthan tastes best with sweet and sour tamarind chutney.

Kair Sangri Sabzi

Kair Sangri Sabzi A popular homemade recipe used as pickle with Bajra Roti and other varieties of bread, Kair Sangri Sabzi is believed to have actually originated in Jaisalmer. Its tangy and spicy aroma makes your taste buds release waters when it is served fresh. But, wait! It might not be easily available in all restaurants or street food stalls.


Gujia I am sure the sweet lovers are looking for their pick with avid concentration. So, here we bring you one of the best Rajasthani foods to be served as dessert: the Gujia. This delectable Rajasthani sweet is filled with khoya and dipped in sugar syrup which makes it juicy and scrumptious.

Mawa Kachori

Mawa Kachori Well I had the salty varieties of Kachori several times, but listening to this sweet variety I could not resist myself. Filled with dry fruits and khoya this exclusive variety of dessert is deep fried in ghee and later dipped in sugar syrup to make it soft and luscious. So, if you are already spending your holidays in Rajasthan or planning for one, do not forget to have one Mawa Kachori after your lunch or dinner.

Churma Ladoo

Churma Ladoo Reasonably priced and much flavorous, churma ladoos are your must-try dishes in Rajasthan. You can get them in most sweet corners of the state. Try this after having some crispy Rajasthani snacks especially Daal Baati Churma.


Imarti Doesn’t it look like the elder brother of Jalebi? This flower shaped dessert is heavily rich in sugar syrup and served with saffron and dry fruit garnishing. You can get a piece of Imarti within Rs. 20 and if you want to add some more flavour try having this with rabri.

Mirch Ke Pakode

Mirch Ke Pakode Dipped in the paste of gram flour and deep fried in oil, Mirch Ke Pakode is a commonly found street food of India. It is claimed that mirch ke pakode originated in Rajasthan (though I had it in West Bengal as well). For making your pick more delectable have it with sweet tamarind or hot mint chutney.

Camel Milk Lassi

Camel Milk Lassi One of the must-try Rajasthani beverages, Camel Milk Lassi is certainly different from the dairy products made of cow’s milk.  You can try this in Bikaner and believe me you will feel the difference. Healthy and reasonably priced this lassi tastes creamy and to your wonder it contains lesser fat than the ones made of cow, buffalo or ewe milk.

Published: 07 Feb, 2015
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