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8 Most Haunted Places In India You Won’t Dare To Visit

8 Most Haunted Places In India You Won’t Dare To Visit
Last Updated: June 25, 2019

Warning: This writing piece is not recommended for weak hearts, and we are not responsible if it instils fear into your mind and brings scary hallucinations.

So, you decide to read. Great! I like the audacity. Let us see if you are daring enough to go through all 8 dwellings of evil and living dead.

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan


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All was well in the region until a tantric (a magician) fell in love with the Bhangarh princess, Ratnavati. Since he knew that the princess would never marry him, he chose to capture the heart of the princess through black magic. One day, he noticed princess’ maid buying oil for her in the local market. He successfully put a spell on the oil that was meant to hypnotize the princess as soon as she touched her. Princess had seen him doing this and threw the oil away. The tantric was prosecuted but he cursed the place, wishing ‘all those who dwell this place will die’. And this is what started to happen. Since then, the place is abandoned. Today, it is the only place in India that government has acknowledged as haunted. And that the locals say “No one has ever returned from this fort who dared to stay here after sunset”. The broken walls, the lush green grass and the bricks strewn around might augment the rustic appeal of the place, but once the sun sets you don’t know who comes out from behind the tall grass or who taps your shoulder and asks for a glass of blood. Yes, you can yell when this happens; you MIGHT scare the evil.

2. Lohaghat, Uttarakhand


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It was an ordinary town on Abott Hill, owned by the founder of this place. He used to live in a bungalow named ‘Abbey’, which was converted into a hospital after his demise. In the mid of 1900s, a doctor joined the hospital who earned enormous popularity due to his impeccable ability to predict deaths. Every morning, he would write down the name of patients (along with the accurate timings) who are going to die. He would ask those patients to move to a separate room, named Mukti Kothri, so that the other patients could not be disturbed. Till date, no one knows whether he used to murder those patients or it was his naturally gifted skill to anticipate. There is nobody to confirm the truth, but the spirits of those dead throng the place and no one dares to go to this area after dark. Locals believe that due to these melancholic spirits, the place never thrives.

3. Down Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal


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Kurseong is a soothing hill station, but its Down Hill area has been labeled ghostly due to the association of spooky stories with it. Locals are sure that it is the abode of spirits and that they often hear the footsteps following them. The place has witnessed many mysterious murders and there is no clue about ‘who did it?’ What will give you goose bumps is that laborers and woodcutters claim to have seen the shadow of headless boy in the forest. Many tourists have also experienced abnormal and haunting activities in the region, forcing them to cut their sojourn short.

4.  The Lambi Dehar Mines, Mussoorie


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Situated on the boundary of Mussoorie, The Lambi Dehar Mines were home to strip mines and lime quarries. A number of workers toiled here and in early 1990s, due to an unfortunate event, 50,000 workers lost their lives. Soon thereafter, locals started experiencing scary occurrences like trucks falling off the mountains and cars going off the road. Consequently, they left their houses that are now believed to have taken over by natural forces. According to a legend, there is also a witch that roams the mountains and can often be heard screaming.

5. Tunnel Number 33, Shimla


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Legend has it that this tunnel was being built by a British Engineer, Colonel Barog. He could not complete the construction on time and was thus fined Rs. 1 (which was a big amount at that time) by British Government. Suffering humiliation, he shot himself and now his ghost roams this tunnel. He is harmless though and tries to chat with people passing by. But it is not his ghost that defames the place; it is the ghost of a lady that sends the fear down the spine of commuters by screaming and that of a man who often asks for a lighter.

6.  Malcha Mahal, Delhi


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After a legal tussle with Indian Government, Princess Wilayat Mahal (the granddaughter of the owner, Nawab of Oudh) won this property and started to live there with her children – Prince Riaz and Princess Sakina. The hardships of life made her commit suicide in 1962, but her children continued to stay there with more than 20 hound dogs. They have no connection to the outside world, and have been given the right to shoot due to continuous robberies in their palace and malicious intruders. A number of reporters and locals have tried going in and talk, but no one returned. The mystery deepens with the fact that even forest guards avoid this area.

7. Dumas Beach, Gujarat


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The place was used to be a ‘Hindu Burial Ground’ and is believed to be thronged by melancholic spirits. Endless people have disappeared from this beach mysteriously and no one has an answer to ‘How’! There are many who have experienced paranormal activities here; some managed to come back with horrifying stories, while some just vanished from this planet.

8.  D’Souza Chawl Mahim, Mumbai


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Many claim to see an apparition of a woman, who fell into the well while getting water from the same. But the residents claim that the spirit is harmless as it never has caused anything bad to them or the chawl. But the fear could be lethal when you know that her shadow is following you and might utter your name to ask something.

Published: 11 Jun, 2014
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