Trekking in Indian Himalayas: Adventure in Lap of Nature!

Trekking in Indian Himalayas: Adventure in Lap of Nature!
Last Updated: March 18, 2019

‘The mystical grandeur of the Himalayas has spellbound most of the people from across the globe. Therefore, if you wish to walk down the green and flowery heaven on the earth and climb up the rugged mountains, then the Himalayas is just an ideal place. Come and experience the blend of soothing sights of the nature and travel around the awe-inspiring, alluring trekking routes in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas.’

Feel the true adventure and explore the natural beauty in the awe-inspiring lap of the Indian Himalayas. This land, known as the abode of the snows, has the most astonishing beauty of the mountains on the earth. The natural splendor of this place cannot be described in words and the rivers make a huge impact in its magnificence. The Indian Himalayas portray different features of the enchanting nature like the snow-capped mountain peaks, rivers, glaciers and diverse rich flora.

Trekking in the Indian Himalayas is a blend of enjoyment, adventure and self-realization. This expedition will not just let you experience the unexplored nature trails, but also takes you close to the heaven’s vibes. You will find out the variations in the climate, foliage and ecological characteristics from verdant green lands to the tropical forests. The crystal-clear waters flowing in the deep gorges surrounded by the dense lush forests will provide the gentle panorama, which is bliss for the tourists enjoying adventure holidays in India.

Here are the major regions in India, where you can go for trekking:

Ladakh Himalayan Region

Ladakh, the diadem of India, is known as the land of high passes. It is an area of quaint scenery, breathtaking valley, geology and merging cultures. However, more notably, it has turned into a much sought after tourist destination in recent times, predominantly for those enthusiastic about the exciting adventure activities. Trekking in the Ladakh region is possibly the best opportunity for the adrenaline junkies, to combine an adventurous task with a peaceful holiday. Some of the major trek routes in Ladakh are:

Markha Valley Trek

markha-valley-trek Markha Valley Trek is a secluded and magnificent trek that you can come across in the Himalayas. It is replete with spectacular sceneries that really captivate the attention of the travelers. To witness the unparallel beauty of the Mother Nature, you have to travel two passes located at a height of 15000 feet. You will also experience an aroma of spirituality by visiting the Buddhist monasteries and gompas.

Stok Kangri Trek

stok-kangri-trek If you want to see one of the most magnificent peaks in Ladakh, then the Stok Kangri trek is perfect for you. It is a moderate trek and you are not required to have great technical skills in mountaineering. You would be able to climb a 6150 m mountain in just less than seven days, which is certainly not possible at all, if you try it in other parts of the world.

Trans Zanskar Trek

trans-zanskar-trek The trans-Zanskar trekking that begins from Darcha brings the brilliant experience of the journey across the series of the high mountains towards the western end of the Himalayas. These mountains comprise the majestic peaks of 6000 m to form an effective fence between the Indian provinces of Lahaul and Ladakh. The trekking will bring the vibrant opportunity of connecting these contrasting mountain ranges.

Lamayuru Alchi Trek

lamayuru-alchi-trek The Lamayuru Alchi Trek is one of the most visited sites of the area because it links two of the oldest monasteries of Ladakh. The route passes through the striking Desert Mountains with vibrant villages tucked away into the hillsides. The tourist attractions include the Gompas at Lamayuru, the Sumdochoon valley, Wanla inhabited by offsprings’ of Nepalese artisans brought by the emperor of Ladakh in the 18th century famous for their metalwork in copper, silver and tin, and Alchi for antique woodcarvings.

Garhwal Himalayan Region

The Garhwal Himalaya region is another perfect place for the trekking as well as for those who can go beyond the limits for experiencing ultimate enjoyment and thrill. It is situated at the high altitudes of Uttarakhand and surrounded by the snow-capped mountains and stunning gorges.

Trekking in Garhwal is a one-of-a-kind experience. While strolling, you can witness the attractive thick forests of oak, pine and rhododendron trees. The trekkers can also see the rich wildlife like the snow fox, snow leopard, Ibex etc.

Gomukh Tapovan Trek

gomukh-tapovan-trek A moderately challenging trek takes around 11 days if you avail an Indian trekking guide. It covers places like Gangotri, Gomukh and Tapovan. Tapovan is renowned for its meandering meadows. The trekkers pass through the striking gorges, Gangotri Glacier, high altitude meadows along with many high peaks during the trek.

Kuari Pass Trek

kauri-pass-trek During the fabulous Kuari Pass Trek, you get the chance to pass through the outer walls of Nanda Devi Sanctuary. The journey crosses through the three passes and four astounding river systems in the Garhwal Himalayas. Located at a height of 4265m in the heart of Chamoli District of Garhwal, the Kauri Trek takes you through the verdant green fields, distant villages and dense forests. This trek is also known as the Curzon Trail. The Kauri pass trek is amongst the most popular treks in the Garhwal Mountains.

Valley of Flower Trek

valley-of-flowers Valley of Flowers is a fairyland located high in the Himalayas of the Uttarakhand, at an elevation of 3,600 meters above the sea level, cosseted by snowy mountains. This captivating valley remains frozen during the colder months, and turns into a mesmerizing beauty when the snow melts in the summer. The valley is splashed with color every year, as it blooms with different types of colorful flowers. The valley is amongst the world’s heritage site. Trekking here gives indescribable pleasure to the adventurers.

Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek

nanda-devi The Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trek is one of the striking destinations that allure the wildlife as well as adventure freaks from all over the planet. During the trek there are many picturesque views of the adjoining peaks and the Kuari Pass (3658m) itself has an unrivaled vista of the Great Himalayan peaks, including Changabang (6864m), Nanda Devi (7816m), Kamet (7756m) and Doonagiri (7066m).

Sikkim Himalayan Region

Sikkim is a gem nestled in the heart of the Himalayas and subjugated by the startling silhouette of Kangchenjunga Peak. Trekking in Sikkim is certainly a fabulous experience to relish and witness the verdant valleys, dense forests and beautiful orchards. Its unrivaled assortment of flora and fauna, arresting monasteries and stupas further add charisma to the thrill of adventure travel in Indian Himalayas. Some of the major treks in Sikkim are:

Dzongri Trek

dzongri-trek Dzongri Trek offers a trek route of 3983 meters and gives a pleasurable view of the Kanchenjunga. During the trek, you will pass through the lush forests of birch, maple, bamboo, rhodendron, oak, etc. along with the imposing view of the mountains. The route takes you to a diverse range of the animals, plants and avifauna.

Goecha La Trek

goecha-la-trek This trek is one of the most romantic trekking trails in Indian Himalayas. It offers an enchanting walk through the vast Thansing and Dzongri meadows, the looming presence of Pandim and Kangchenjunga, startling water trails of Samiti Lake, Tshoka Rhododendron forests and the snowy trail to Goenchala contribute to make the trek romantic.

Singalila Ridge Trek

singalila-ridge-trek This trek route encompasses the area southwest of Dzongri and includes several days of trek traversing the Singalila Range, the mountain chain that rises from the northern hills of Darjeeling, and extends to converge with the Kangchenjunga massif. As you cross this razor-edged borderline ridge, amazing views abound on both sides with rhododendron in bloom, and a sporadic herd of yaks.

Green Lake Trek

green-lake-trekThis trek is located at the base of Kanchenjunga that is a blend of natural beauty with enthralling views of high mountains. There are vast areas of dense forests, with variety of colorful flowers, birds and numerous waterfalls on both sides of the trek. The route involves the area where snowy peaks and fascinating natural surroundings hypnotize the tourists with their celestial appeal.

Kumaon Himalayan Region

The Himalayas of the Kumaon region, is among the most charming in the country. It is surrounded by the glittering peaks and dense forests. The green forest cover is rich in flora and fauna. The region is also a veritable paradise for the bird watchers and nature admirers. The major tourist attraction here is the trekking adventure tours. Kumaon has a unique significance in archaeological, sculptural and historical aspects. Some of the major treks are:

Pindari Glacier Trek

It is nestled at a height of 3353 meters above the sea level. Pindari Glacier is about 3.2 kilometers in length and 1.5 kilometers wide. It is a moderate trek. It is perfect for the individuals who want to trek with minor challenges. It is suited even for the novice trekkers. While trekking in the Pindari Glacier, you can also enjoy the view of the massive snow-covered Himalayas.

Milam Glacier Trek

milam-glacier The Milam Glacier is located at an elevation of 4268 meters. It is stretched around 37 sq. kms and 52 high peaks surround this glacier. The beautiful ‘Gauriganga River’ originates from the south of this glacier, which is the largest in the Kumaon region. The trekking journey starts from Munsyari to Milam, and involves moderate walks and transects rocky terrains, scenic streams and picturesque villages.

Nanda Devi East BC Trek

nanda-devi-base-camp The Nandadevi Base Camp Trek traces way through the Jauher valley. The valley is situated on the fringes of Nandadevi Sanctuary and wraps up the stunning glimpses of celebrated peaks such as the Nanda Kot and Nanda Devi. Passing through old villages and lush pastures, the trek is perched along the river Gori Ganga. Some places of interest in the region are Lilam – Bugdiar, Almora – Munsyari, Rilkot – Ghangar and many more.

Sunderdoonga Base Trek

Sunderdhunga-TREK Situated at a height of 4320 meters, Sunderdoonga Base Trek is meant for the moderate trekkers. It is located about 24 kilometers from the village ‘Khati’. Sunderdoonga is on the right side of the Pindar Valley. The main peaks in the region are Maiktoli (6804 meters), Tharkot (6100 meters), Pawali Dwar (6663 metres), and Mrigthuni (6856 meters); also, the renowned Glaciers of this valley are Maiktoli Glacier and Sukhram Glacier.

Himachal Pradesh Himalayan Region

Himachal is a land famous for its picturesque beauty and artistic value. The trekking spots in Himachal are found in great amounts. There are immense mountain ranges that form outstanding trekking places. The magnificence of the place draws many trekking enthusiasts from across the world. Nature has made Himachal into a genuine cornucopia of geographical diversity. Due to this fact, many treks, offer the trekkers with conditions of varying difficulty. Some of the major treks are:

Indrahar Pass Trek

indrahar-pass-trek Indrahar Pass is a breathtaking tourist attraction that begins from Dharamshala, right in Kangra Valley. It passes through the Dhauladhar Range and ends right in the gorges of the Ravi River. You will admire the beautiful panorama, gleaming streams and deodar forests here. The Gaddi (Tribal people in Himachal) used these treks for centuries. Chambha is also incorporated in the trek, situated on Ravi river banks.

Hampta Pass Trek

hampta-passHampta Pass is a moderate trek that matches the varying interests of the trekkers. It begins from the Prini village and takes to the imposing foothills of the Pir Panjal Range that is the largest range of the lower Himalayas. On this trek, you will see different colors of nature as you gain elevation from dense lush pine forest to splendid view of Mt. Indrasan and Mt. Deo Tibba, and their twisting down glaciers to the sterile scenery of Lahaul and Spiti Valley.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

pin-parvati-trekThe Pin Parvati valley of Spiti is the most beautiful valley in the area. The trek route passes from the Kullu valley and takes you through most magnificent panoramas. The trek starts at Manikaran and winds along the wild Parvati River until the glaciated Pin-Parbati Pass. There is a spectacular variation in the landscape and culture on crossing into the Buddhist land of Spiti.

Bara Bhangal Trek

bara-bhangalThe Bara Bhangal trek takes you from the lush-green Kullu valley to the awe-inspiring landscape of Bara Bhangal Range. The alpine topography between the Kullu Valley and Dharamshala is one of the most impressive and less known regions of the west Himalayas. The trail crossing lush meadows and snow passes take the visitors to the remote shepherd encampments and isolated Hindu villages that are also the key attractions of this matchless trek.

The variety adds the flavor to the life of the trekkers! The Indian Himalayas offer so many trekking destinations or routes that any time you can pack your rucksack and enjoy the unforgettable vacations. Due to this, there is no specific best season for trekking in India. It completely depends on the place where you want to go. There are many trekking holiday packages offered by various travel companies, which you can avail to cherish the memorable experience of indulging in adventure activity along with admiring the natural beauty!

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