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Best Ideas to Have an Ideal Holiday with Kids under 10 in India

Best Ideas to Have an Ideal Holiday with Kids under 10 in India
Last Updated: February 7, 2020

Ain’t it just lovely to travel with kids? The beautiful little version of you, holding their tiny hands and smiling at their curious and excited gestures. I can really tell that the meaning of life becomes clearer after a newborn and a purpose to actually live sensibly becomes your first priority. In fact, a parent can go to any extent when it comes to providing their kids with proper knowledge, even when it is about travelling when their kids start to grow and reach the age of 10. And guess what? India has a plethora of kid-friendly destinations, you are for sure to have a money-well-spent-vacation. You can let your kids explore wildlife in the many famous national parks and aquatic zoos teaching them about responsible tourism; and witness the culture and heritage of India through puppet shows. Also, there are other best places for kids in India like museums equipped with learning facilities; campsites to help kids pitch tents; and learn the art of living amid nature and more. Excited much? Scroll further to know what ideas we’ve laid down for you.

Museum Tour: Well-preserved for our future generations to see the rich history of India

Museums in India

Museums are not always an exciting place to go to with kids, where they tend to cling to you, desperately wanting to get out. But what if we tell that India has some of the best fun museums that you’ll become a kid yourself. Yes! Such places exist in Ooty, you can visit Honey and Bee Museum to indulge in delicious chocolates and take an educational tour and see how honey is gathered. Delhi itself has many museums, out of which a few kid-friendly ones are Rail Museum, International Doll Museum and most importantly, Science Museum. You get an opportunity to interact virtually with the Indian politicians in their Q & A rounds as well as take a few tests to build up your general knowledge. Nehru Planetarium in Delhi, Puppet Museum in Udaipur and Tea Museum in Munnar are also a few added attractions your kids may enjoy visiting.

Wildlife Safari: Sight the wild animals run free in some of the famous sanctuaries around India

Wildlife of India

Wildlife exploration is perhaps one of the top favourite things to do during holidays and most probably Corbett would be the first choice to visit a family-friendly wildlife destination. You can get on a four-wheeler safari into the wilderness of the wild paradise located in Uttarakhand. In Agra, Wildlife SOS also is a remarkable destination that serves as a retirement home for the rescued elephants and sloth bears. You can feed, bathe and even walk alongside these lovely animals here. Ranthambore is tone of the best national parks in India for tiger spotting and you can find all sorts of animals here and Sundarbans located on the Bay of Bengal is also famous for housing various land-water species. Other prime national parks in India ideal for kids are Kaziranga in Assam, Gir in Gujarat and Panna in Madhya Pradesh.

Culture of India: Let the festivals teach your kids about the different lifestyle and various cultures around India

Explore the Culture of India

India as a whole has varied tribes and cultures, of course, it would be a torture for even you to hop from one place to another learning about various traditions and religions of India, let alone your 10 years old. But there are a few instances that allow you to explore all in all, for example, you can take your kids to Nagaland’s famous cultural festival, the Hornbill; it displays various tribes and customs of Nagaland. Likewise, visit Gujarat’s Rann Utsav that offers an ethical flavour of the Gujarati culture. Other best festivals to take your kids to are International Kite Festival in Gujarat, Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan; Onam in Kerala is also one of the best festivals to witness snake boat race.

Theme Parks: A place where your kids would get a first-hand thrilling experience

Adlaba Imagica

Theme parks are one of the best places to visit with kids where there are a plethora of fun games to indulge in. Although most of the rides come up with certain height and age criteria, there are many fun rides and games around for age below 10, you may spend an entire day playing and still not get over it. Adlabs Imagica is one such favourite theme park destination to visit in Maharashtra. You can get your kids into fun activities such as Wagon Wheel, Happy Wheels, Humpty’s Fall, Magic Carousel and more. Delhi NCR also has great places to take your kids to, visit the Worlds of Wonder, Adventure Park, Fun N Food Village and Appu Ghar. Lets just say, India is not short of such exuberant attractions, if you go down south in Bengaluru, you can visit Wonderla and its franchises in Kochi and Hyderabad.

Entertaining Hubs for Children: Let the fairytales come to life in some of the best attractions for children in India

Entertainment Hub in India for Kids

Visit the Kingdom of Dreams with kids, this attraction is one of the most loved places in Gurugram. Inside you can discover a completely different environment, with live-entertainment shows and each state’s culture and food under one roof. iSkate is also a renowned entertaining attraction. You can visit Ice Skating and Cafe in Gurugram with kids and teach them how to skate. Trainers are also provided for kids and interested visitors who wants to learn.

Adventure Activity: Venture to an outdoorsy environment taking your kids for a hiking expedition in Indian mountains

Trekking Adventure Activity with Kid

Since your kids grow rapidly, it is best you start taking your kids to the great outdoors as soon as they reach 3. While in India, you can find many places to trek with kids under 10, from the tea estates of Munnar and Darjeeling to even the cold hill stations of Himachal and offbeat Northeast. Ideally, the Rhododendron Trek in Sikkim is quite popular as it does not require much of an effort, that being said, even Dzukou Valley in Nagaland. For a rather challenging hike, you can take your kids to the base camp of the Himalayan ranges, if you are sure for a high altitude trek; it is recommended to trek for only 500 meters per day, since there are chances of getting altitude sickness, especially for kids.

Kid-friendly Beaches: Build sand castles and enjoy water rides in some of the kid-friendly beaches in India

Kid Friendly Beaches in India

If you are travelling with kids, a beach-side destinations can’t get any better and the Indian west coast has plenty of beaches perfect for spending a rejuvenating afternoon. Visit the coastal city of Maharashtra in Malvan and spruce up in their many water sport activities but for a rather relaxing scenario in their luxe resorts, Goa is the right place to exist. If you go further south, Kerala also has an abundant beach side towns and cities that offer great resorts and beach activities for families and kids. In the east coast you can visit Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu where along with staying in the finest resorts, you can also indulge in historic significant landmarks. But if you want to escape from the mainland, visit the islands of Andaman. They provide exciting kid friendly beach resorts with many activities. In this island beaches you can swim with elephants, explore the underwater marine life as well as experience a unique sport, walking in the water beds.

Family Picnic Spots: Take your kids for a short day out in some of the cities’ fun playgrounds and picnic spots

Family Picnic Spots in India

Picnic is always a great idea to spend a day under the sun with kids, besides, if it is winter, vitamin D is much needed. In Delhi, under the watchful eyes of the grandiose forts, you can lie down and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding. It offers a great open space for you and your kids to play fun activities as well. There are various such beautiful picnic spots in Delhi NCR but the famous ones are- Nehru Park, Lodhi Gardens, Damdama Lake etc. Besides Delhi, you can also find various places all over India that offer a rejuvenating and a splendid picnic spot in India. Click here to know more.

Pilgrimage Places: Visit the famous religious sites with kids and introduce them to varied beliefs in India

Akshardham Temple New Delhi

A trip to some of the religious destinations and their attractions are something you can start off with as soon as your kids turn 3. This is the best time to take them on a spiritual tour notifying them about the significance of certain divine idols. There are many holy places in India you can take your children to that comes under Hindu temples, churches, mosques, gurudwara. Some of the best Hindu temples you can take your kids are Kamakhya Temple in Assam, Akshardham Temple in Delhi, Iskcon Temple (all over India). Churches in Kerala and Delhi has a lot of historical significance, along with spending time admiring the beauty of the churches, your kids can also learn about its history. To visit the Gurudwara located high up amid the Himalayan mountains in India, a trek is mandatory and if your kids are eager enough, visit Sri Hemkunt Sahib in Chamoli, Uttarakhand.

Farm Stays: Go to hand-pick organic fruits in some of India’s best farmlands

Farm Stays

Escape from the city life and dwell amid the farms in India and no I don’t mean a village life but actual farmstay where you can pick berries and savour the so-good-weather. During the end of spring and the start of summer between March to June, take your kids to Mapro Garden in Mahabaleshwar. You can stay in the charming farmhouses and indulge in strawberry picking activity. Likewise, there are various other places in India that offer exuberant simple life experiences, while some dwell amid Himalayan ranges some in the lush open field. You can find many places suitable for kids in Uttarakhand, Himachal, Kerala and even Rajasthan.

Camel Safari: Take a plodding yet fun camel safari with kids in some of India’s popular desert destinations

Camel Ride in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is often visited for its grandiose and historically rich forts and palaces but if you are travelling with kids, why not explore the other side of Rajasthan. The dunes of Jaisalmer will offer a unique experience to the kids and a desert safari on a camel is certainly a must do while here. You can also take up a city tour around Rajasthan’s beautiful attractions which may be a visual treat to your kids seeing the colourful local lifestyle and busy markets around. There are many travel agencies who carter such activities for kids but if you really want a true Rajasthani experience with cultural feast, luxe stays and warm hospitality, you know who to call, us of course.

Train Ride: Experience a ride in the toy trains that traverse the emerald pine forests chugging and whistling

Toy Train Ride

A toy train ride amid the emerald pine forests traversing several tunnels may amuse and even excite kids, making them feel like they are in a different world. And whilst holidaying in India, you can relive the past by chugging in the steam engine trains in Darjeeling and Shimla. It is the perfect activity to sightsee the beautiful hill sides of the Himalayan range and the city landscape. For Darjeeling railway tour, you can get a ride from Jalpaiguri in West Bengal that will pass through beautiful tea gardens slowly ascending up the hill ranges, likewise, you can get trains to Shimla from Kalka in Himachal Pradesh.

Snow Activities: Spruce up your vacation in a white winter destination surrounded by only soft snows and enthralling kid sports

Snow Adventure Activities

The cities in north India all deck up in white and fluffy snow during winters and it not only excites the kids but also the adults. This may give you (adults) an excuse to venture on a holiday in snow-receiving places like Himachal, Uttarakhand and Kashmir. The ski destination of Auli is a perfect example to spend a holiday in Uttarakhand, offering luxe resorts and family-friendly activities, how can one avoid this charming destination. Gulmarg in Kashmir is a popular ski destination all over India and it can be rightfully called a thrilling spot of snow lovers. You can try skiing, sledding and even snowboarding down the mountain.

Cable Ride: Get a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains by taking cable car rides

Cable Ride in India

One of the best ways to get a panoramic view of the surroundings is through cable car rides. It is one of the most exciting thing to do for any age group and the best destination for cable car riding is in the hill stations of India. Surrounded by copious tea gardens and mountainous ranges visit the Rangeet Valley Cable Car in Darjeeling. The ride will traverse beautiful sights before dropping you in Singla Bazar where you can eat and shop before returning back again. In fact, there are just so many places to pick to have a fun day with kids, so we have listed best 25 ropeway experience for you to select the best.

Monuments: Traverse the historical magnificent UNESCO sites with kids to appreciate and learn more about India

Kids at Taj Mahal

If you are thinking of taking your kids for a tour to UNESCO monumental sites then India has plenty of places that offer beautiful ancient marvels. To explore the Mughal and Rajput architecture visit some of the famous cities of Rajasthan and Delhi NCR. Home to the Taj Mahal, take your kids to Agra and unravel the history of the bygone era, Delhi itself possesses some of the best monumental treasures, you’d keep wandering and exploring the detailed work of art for days. In fact, Rajasthan is one of the most popular destination where you can explore the heritage sites along with fun camel and horse rides for kids. The southern parts of India also treasures some spell-binding sites that your kids would definitely like exploring, for instance, visit Hampi.

Houseboat Stays: Go for fishing and relaxing in Kerala in their houseboats

House Boat Stay in Kerala

The southern city of India- Kerala is popular for calm backwater environment and it offers an opportunity to gently cruise amid the tranquil setting of this charming state. You can visit the backwaters of Alleppey and explore the serenic beauty along with your kids. For angling, Elephant Lake is one of the best places to find a variety of fishes that includes all types of mahseer, pearl spot, sardine, climbing perch etc. You can also take your kids to Kumbalangi, a model fishing village and show them how the locals fish in Kerala. Besides, you can also enjoy bait fishing with your son/daughter while holidaying in India.

City Zoos: Go for an expedition in some of the best zoos for a fun learning experience

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Park

There is no reason to be upset if you cannot take your kids to any wildlife national parks, you can always go to the city zoos. And guess what, India is blessed with a plethora of wildlife parks, choosing an ideal one may require you to have hours of discussion. Offering fun activities for kids and even rehabilitation centres for animals, Arignar Anna Zoological Park in Chennai is one of the best and the biggest national park in India. You can also take your kids to Sanjay Gandhi Botanical and Zoological Park in Patna that offers a visual treat to the eye. Housing a variety of fauna and flora, it gives an opportunity to learn about the wildlife and biodiversity conservation. There are other best zoos to visit in places like Alipore Zoological Park in Kolkata, Nandankanan Zoological Park in Bhubaneswar, Odisha and more.

Aquarium: Explore the prosperous aquatic life in India’s best aquariums

Aquariums in India

A day out with kids can be even more fun if you take them to hang with the aquatic creatures in many aquariums in India. Visit one of the oldest aquariums in India, Taraporewala Aquarium in Mumbai. This place offers a large pool that allow the visitors to touch the many beautiful fishes. A trip down south to a small town of Rameshwaram also offers a beautiful oceanic aquarium- Sea World Aquarium. This attraction has a fun area section for kids that help teach about the marine life. If you happen to visit Mahabalipuram, you can visit the Sea Shell Museum that houses a variety of seashells. My favourite pick is the Marina Park and Aquarium in Port Blair, perhaps it has to do with the location. You can not only explore the marine life in an aquarium but also dwell amid the open oceanic paradise located in one of the best island destinations of India- Andaman Islands.

Horse Riding: Teach your kids the elegance of horse riding in some of the popular destinations in India

Horse Riding in India

India being a diverse country, it hosts some best destinations to have a horse riding experience for the kids. And such beauty lies amid the surrounding terrains of the states of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. Needless to say, a horse ride with a scenic setting of the snow-clad cold mountains in the backdrop will offer an enthralling experience. The places like Darjeeling, Sikkim, Himachal and Uttarakhand gives a different approach in terms of beauty, offering more greenery and dramatic landscapes. However, if you are in places that glorify the architectural marvels like Maharashtra and Rajasthan, you’ll be in a treat. The trails will traverse very charming places, amid the Aravali Mountains and Western Ghats.

Boating and Zorbing: Give your kids that much needed activity filled holiday

Zorbing in India

Two very different but fun water activities are amongst the best things to do for kids, one being a soothing boat ride amid tranquil lake and the other filled with heart-pumping action packed water zorbing. Not to be confused with land zorbing, the water ride offers a rather smooth recreational sport where your kids can try rolling the transparent ball from inside. Although, it is an ideal hill sport, for the kids, it is advised to start with something less thrilling or that required much excitement to handle. Besides, boating is a popular recreational activity and the best part is, you can find them almost everywhere in India. Some located in a natural lake while some in a man-made lake.

Phew! India sure does have enough to offer for you and your kids so why not plan right ahead for a family vacay. I’m sure you’ve selected some destinations from the list or similar ideas for your little ones. But if you need any sort of assistance, call us anytime at +91-9212553106 or send us an email at and we will get back to you with amazing family tour and travel packages. If you found this blog useful in any way, please show us some love by sharing and liking the post.

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