15 Top Things to Do in Andaman & Nicobar Island

15 Top Things to Do in Andaman & Nicobar Island
Last Updated: July 8, 2018

Serene white sandy coastline, sparkling azure and emerald waters, a bewitching tropical scenery and a soul-soothing tranquillity; undoubtedly, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands in India are today, one of the most sought after tourist destinations, be it for Indian holiday seekers or international vacationers.Whether you are just looking forward for a relaxing time or an adventurous trip full of thrill, fun and excitement; these exotic islands would surely not leave you disappointed. Plan your vacations here and experience a completely different world of magic, away from humdrums and madness of today’s robotic lives.

In case you need a travel guide which can offer you a glimpse into the archipelago’s popular visiting places, interesting things to do and best tourist attractions to see, here we bring to you a consolidated list of top activities which would definitely make your holidays in Andaman-Nicobar the best ever experience. Hope you like the list; just in case, you have any queries or want to have more information on sightseeing tours and packages, you can surely drop in your inquiries in the comment section at the end of this blog with your contact details and our representative would get in touch as early as possible. So, here you go with the list….

Walk into the agonizing past at ‘Cellular Jail’

Cellular Jail


Also once famed as ‘KaalaPani’, the Cellular Jail located in Port Blair is one of the gloomiest chapters in history of India that reminds every one of the atrocities cast by Britons on Indian nationals during the colonial rule. Built in 1906, it is at this jail where many of the prominent Indian activists, revolutionaries and freedom fighters perished their lives for raising their voice against the gruesome British Raj. The prisoners here were kept in absolute isolation in just 13’ X 7’ X 10’ sized cells secured with heavy iron grill doors; they were not allowed to have any contact with the outer world and even with their inmates. Their life in this jail can literally be described as that of a hell with no provision for lighting, water facilities and lavatories; a small earthen pot soiled with coal tar in a corner of the cell served the purpose of toilet. Lacking a cover of any sort on the pot, you can well imagine the state of that tiny little cell, which with time, would get converted into an open toilet packed with filth and dampness all around. Besides, prisoners were constantly made to wear sack clothes along with neck ring shackles, bar fetters and handcuffs.

That’s not all! In addition to all this, convicts were burdened with tedious amount of work which often used to be impossible to complete within the stipulated deadlines. Amongst the hardest of the work was harnessing the prisoners to oil mills like bullocks and oxen, ordering them to produce huge amounts of oil every day. Following the non-achievement of targets, were barbaric and inhuman punishments that included but were not limited to flogging, brutal beatings, feeding them with gruel peppered with worms and even submitting them to British Army doctors for experimentation. It was this terror of ghastly punishments, the remoteness of the jailand absolutely no hope for life, which eventually lend this jail, the name of “KaalaPani”; no wonder, the sentence, ‘KaalaPani ki Sazaa’ became one of the most dreaded during the struggle of Indian Independence.

Today, the jail is one of the top tourist attractions in Andaman and is definitely a must visit when you are on a holiday here. You can take a guided tour of this historic prison where numerous heart-rending dioramas depicting hellish life of convicts, stand as mute testimony of the barbarous treatment Indians underwent when they were fighting for their rights.The cell of great freedom fighter, Veer Savarkar is also open for public viewing and a visit to which is sure to bring out that hidden nationalist within you. In case you have got some time to spare, do watch the ‘Light & Sound Show’ which will definitely send a chill down your spines leaving you much patriotic and respectful for those brave-hearts who once gave every bit of their lives to free their Motherland.

Spend an eventful day at ‘Chidiya Tapu’



Also known as the ‘Bird Island’, Chidiya Tapu is yet another of the fascinating places to visit in Andaman & Nicobar, especially if you are a bird lover. With over 46 species of endemic birds residing on this small island, needless to say, you are going to have an amazing time here watching out these feathered creatures playing and chirping around; take a walk along the tree-shaded trails and you are sure to be treated with some incredible sights of Red-Breasted Parakeets, Scarlet Minivets and Imperial Green Pigeons playing hide and seek from amidst the thick bushes.

For more splendid experience, take a trip to the ‘Chidiya Tapu Biological Park’ where not only these myriad beautiful birds will greet you with their melodious tweets, but also where its wild residents including the spotted and barking deer will enthral you with their dominating presence. While bird watching is undoubtedly, the major draw for people to Chidiya Tapu, in case you are seeking to spend some quiet time away in serene and tranquil ambience of nature, the place also makes for a beautiful and peaceful retreat; verdant forests, lush green mangroves and serene hills lend it an alluring charm where you can simply relax and unwind from usual chores of busy life. If you are on a honeymoon trip in Andamans, witnessing a sunset at the Chidiya Tapu Beach with your soulmate would be an experience to remember and is sure to be etched as one of the most quixotic memories in your lives forever.

The pretty little island has something to offer for trekking enthusiasts as well; ‘Munda Pahad’, an elongated black cliff located at the edge of Chidiya Tapu makes for an awesome trekking destination and leaves every trekker with an unprecedented experience, meandering him through dense forested trails that open to an implausible scenery dotted with infinite waters of the azure sea and splendid hills standing tall in their magnificent glory; when planning a trip here, don’t forget to carry your food baskets along to spend a memorable day, picnicking and basking in the captivating splendours of Mother Nature.

Soak in the sun at ‘Radhanagar Beach’

radhanagar beach


First thing which comes to mind when visiting a tropical heaven like Andaman & Nicobar is visualizing yourself relaxing at a serene beachside watching the waves crash by while sipping on some tender coconut water or reading an interesting book. If you too are at these beautiful islands with same kind of imagination and looking forward to a rejuvenating break from the shackles of city life, you must head to the Radhanagar Beach. Located on the western end of the Havelock Island, this beach is a superb slice of paradise on earth fringed with shady palms, turquoise waters and white foam necklace quietly embracing the shoreline; no wonder, it made to the top position on the list of “Best Beaches in Asia”, a study conducted by TIME Magazine in 2004. Needless to say, it’s long stretches of soft silvery white sand, an enticing azure coastline and captivating picturesque scenery, provides for a perfect ambience to just sit back, unwind and soak in some therapeutic sunshine. The perfectly coloured blue and cosy waters at the beach are an absolute delight for swimmers and leave them completely refreshed and invigorated.

The forests near the beach are inviting too; just in case you are kind of an explorer, a stroll amidst them will offer you with an experience, one of its kind. The gorgeous beach is also known for its mystical sunset and that is the reason, in evenings it gets mobbed with all the tourists, especially honeymoon couples and love-birds gathering to witness the spectacular panorama of nature. So, when here during the day time, do wait for the sun to go down and witness this exquisite marvel with your own eyes. Click here for Havelock Island holiday guide.

Go Scuba Diving at the ‘Havelock Island’

Scuba diving Havelock Island


One of the most popular tourism places in Andaman-Nicobar Archipelago, Havelock Island is a true blessing for under water divers. The playful ocean waves at this scenic heaven are teeming with a stunning marine life full of beautifully patterned fishes, exotic coral gardens and other fascinating sea creatures. There are numerous diving sites across the island where you can easily satiate your quench for an unparalleled diving experience. In case you are just a beginner, head to ‘Aquarium’, a fringing reef spot 10-12 metres from the sea shore where colourful schools of fish feast your eyes. You can even consider an easy dive at ‘Turtle Bay’; as the name suggests, the spot not only holds a treasure of fishes but also is a home to giant sea turtles, providing you with a lifetime opportunity to swim with these ocean beauties.

For those who would love to have an experience of night diving, ‘Lighthouse’ with its sloped reef swarming with Lionfish, Fusiliers and Octopus would definitely leave you stunned and bedazzled; if you are lucky enough, you might even witness a big gang of Humpback Parrot fish wafting by. ‘Johnny’s Gorge’ is yet another favourite diving spot in Havelock for seasoned divers offering them a consummate experience to swim with Barracudas, Snappers and giant Groupers. The site is often visited by Sharks and Eagle Rays which definitely add to the whole experience. ‘The Wall’ with its 55 metres submerged rock also makes as a splendidsite for an adventurous dive.

Experience a fascinating walk under the sea at ‘North Bay Island’

North Bay Island

One of the must have experiences in Andaman & Nicobar that absolutely needs to be part of your itineraries is by far the ‘Underwater Sea Walk’ adventure. A unique water adventure sport, it offers you a lifetime opportunity to revel yourselves in exquisite panoramas of spectacular marine life sprinkled with magnificent sea fauna, beautiful corals and gorgeous schools of brightly coloured fishes and other striking aquatic creatures. The best part is, it does not require any prior knowledge of swimming or diving. With just a special transparent astronaut styled helmet constantly supplied with fresh oxygen, you can plunge down under the sea and easily walk on the sandy ocean bed marvelling on brilliant vistas of numerous exotically coloured tropical reef fish swimming around you, simply unperturbed with your presence.

Just take a silent walk around the ocean and soak your souls in magic of marine secrets unfolding before your eyes; witness gorgeous clown fishes flitting in and out of their sea anemones, watch the small sea horses strongly anchoring to the sea grasses or just gaze at the starfish silently feeding on the corals. And as you explore these hidden riches of the ocean, do feel in the quietude of the sea and treasure each and every moment which is nothing short of divine and celestial. If you wish, you can also feed the fishes under the sea and which off-course, will leave you awe-struck with an enthralling spectacle of these stunning creations of God from a distance up close and personal. What more? With dozens of these tiny little creatures nibbling your bare feet and fingers along with their food, it would be an experience just out of the world and simply a feat to remember.

While there are many islands in the Andaman – Nicobar archipelago that offer this thrilling adventure, in case you are looking for the most idyllic place, undoubtedly, there can be no better choice than the picturesque North Bay Island. Located just a 20 minute ferry ride from the capital city of Port Blair, the waters at this island are a treasure trove of vivid coral reefs and offer an unparalleled underwater experience. So, when in Andamans, do embark on this fascinating journey to a whole new world, an expedition of which is sure to leave you with lots of happiness, loads of unforgettable memories and off-course, a new perspective towards life.

Go exploring the archipelago’s exquisite ‘Museum Trail’

Anthropological Museum


If you are of the sorts who get easily fascinated by the historical artefacts, rare collection of marine objects or unusual tribal stuff, then exploring the islands’ unique museums would probably be one of the best things to do for you. The most popular amongst these museums and which definitely warrants a visit is the ‘Anthropological Museum’; having on its display, beautiful handicrafts, colourful paintings, heart-touching photographs and interesting tools & weaponry belonging to various native tribes of Andaman-Nicobar namely Jarawas, Onges, Shompens, Andamanese, Sentinelese and Nicobarese, a walk through this museum would surely be an insightful and educative experience, offering you a close sneak-peek into their bizarre lifestyles and cultures.

Next on the museum trail lies the ‘Samudrika Naval Marine Museum’; run by the Indian Navy, a visit to this museum will give you a much detailed overview of archipelago’s geological, geographical and marine history. On exhibit are a number of marine species, corals and shells endemic to Andaman-Nicobar archipelago that fascinates not only adults but kids too. During your visit to the museum, do watch out for a massive skeleton of a young blue whale at the entrance that definitely marks as an interesting highlight of your trip here.

Yet another museum worth a quick stopover is the ‘Forest Museum’; providing complete information on the prevalence of wildlife and forests on the islands, a visit here would surely be a unique and heart-captivating experience. Watch out for the exquisitely carved wooden objects on display that also indicate towards the unmatched artistic skills of the locals in the region – undoubtedly, a must visit place for environmentalists, ecologists and naturalists. Needless to say, during your trip to the Forest Museum, do stop by at the ‘Chatham Saw Mill’, setup by British in 1883 and take a walk through it learning about its interesting history of Japanese invasion during World War II.

Scout through historical ruins at the ‘Ross Island’

Ross Island Andaman


Located about 2 km, east of Port Blair, Ross Island is counted amongst the best sightseeing places in Andaman, attracting countless historians, archaeology buffs and curious travellers from across the nation and abroad. As far as island’s history is concerned, it was developed as a full-fledged township and served as administrative headquarters during the rule of British in the country. Today, the picturesque island stands as a testimony to the past reminiscing the colonial era with some of its gracious historical ruins that speak of the British glory. To reach this island, one can easily board a ferry from Aberdeen Jetty which takes only around 10 minutes to disembark you here. On landing, take a walk across its abandoned streets and criss-crossed brick alleyways lined up with remains of residential and official structures, an old church, a bakery and a hospital – almost all edifices are today, in dilapidated condition, slowly being undertaken by roots of banyan trees, wild plants and other creepers.

Few remnants of the bunkers set up by the Japanese troops when they captured the island during World War II, also make as eye-catching attractions for the visitors here. Needless to say, if you are an avid photographer, you are surely going to love a trip to this lovely island which leaves you stunned with its mesmerizing scenery dotted with turquoise waters and emerald forests; and not to explicitly mention, the ruins siting against this stunning backdrop do provide for excellent camera shots and photo opportunities. In case you are a history freak and would like to learn more about colonial past of the island, you must definitely not miss a visit to the ‘Ross Island Museum’ which is being maintained by the Indian Navy and houses many interesting records throwing light on the island’s opulent antiquity.

Experience some fun of snorkeling at ‘Elephant Beach’

Snorkelling at Elephant Beach

If you are up for some snorkelling adventure in Andaman-Nicobar, there can be no better place than Elephant Beach to indulge in this mind-blowing water sport. Located just approximately 20 minutes ferry ride from the main docking station of the Havelock Island, the beach is fringed with amazing coral reefs and a breath-taking marine scenery sprinkled with a variety of small and big colourful fishes, turtles and even manatees, which absolutely provide for a stupefying experience to all the avid snorkelers. Rightly called the ‘Snorkelling heaven of Havelock’, the snorkelling site at this beach starts just a metre’s depth from the shore, making it much easier for beginners and amateur divers too to see and admire the beautiful sea world on their own pace and will; even without signing up with any diving school, they can just plunge down into the waters grabbing their own masks and fins and start swimming with schools of sweet lips, angel fish, anemones, butterfly fish and parrot fish. Often giant turtles also come along to swim, making the whole experience even more exciting and exhilarating.

While undoubtedly, Elephant Beach is a great snorkelling destination in Andaman, it definitely is a paradise for nature lovers too. The virgin beauty and unmatched tranquillity of the beach provides for an excellent setting to soak in peace and solitude right in the lap of Mother Nature. In case you aren’t into adventure, just sit back on the sandy floor and feel in the sapphire waters tickling your feet – I bet, nothing would be more relaxing and invigorating than this stupendous experience. See Ross Island trip guide.

Try some surfing at the ‘Butler Bay’

Butler Bay


Just in case, you are a surfing enthusiast, you would love the experience of this enthralling water sport in the spectacular waves of the Butler Bay Beach, considered to be one of the best surfing spots in India. Located in Little Andaman, 14 km from the Hut Bay Jetty, the concave shaped beach, though a surfer’s paradise, also calls for innumerable nature lovers owing to its bewitching scenery lined with a fascinating stretch of golden yellow sand shadowed under tall coconut trees. A ‘White Surf Waterfall’ near the beach simply adds to its exotic beauty and makes for an excellent picnic spot inviting tourists to have a relaxing time after a tiring surf workout. The dense tropical forests near the fall provide for excellent time to adventurers and trekkers too, who are always in lookout for astounding nature discoveries. There are small little huts also right on the sea front where you can go for an overnight stay listening to the music of gentle waves and soaking your souls in tranquil aura of the place. Get Little Andaman holiday information.


Get on with an adventurous trekking excursion to highest mountain peak of Andaman, ‘Mt. Harriet’

Mount Harriet


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are bestowed with the benevolent presence of many marvellous hills and virgin rainforests which make as pretty good destinations for trekking. If you too are an ardent trekker and looking for a splendid option to quench your thirst for an exciting and thrilling excursion during your vacations here, a trek to Mt. Harriet, the highest peak in South Andaman archipelago is just for your sorts and is surely going to leave you with some unforgettable memories to take back home. Commencing from the beautiful Madhuban Beach, the trekking trail meanders through dense jungles which are a treasure trove of enchanting wild splendour peppered with alluring beauty of thick and old trees, charming sights of colourful endemic birds and rare glimpses of a variety of reptiles and amphibians.

Needless to say, besides this trek’s beguiling beauty what inspires you more is the wild adventure fun of walking down the fascinating trails with no proper sunlight, dampness in the air and weird jungle noises to petrify you – doesn’t it all seem to have made its way directly out from an adventure show on National Geographic or Discovery? Well! That’s exactly how the trekking expedition to Mt. Harriet is, in real life. So, if you have been longing to live your dream of an exhilarating trekking experience, Mt. Harriet is ‘THE’ destination to focus on during your trip to these exotic islands. And yes! Before venturing on the trek, don’t forget to make arrangements for the permits from the forest department as the area lies under the protected zone.

While Mt. Harriet trekking is truly like a dream come true for many avid trekkers and adventure enthusiasts, the summit itself is a heaven for photography geeks; the breath-taking vistas of surrounding islands and Port Blair town from the peak are just to die for and are sure to lend you with some great camera shots that will add as brilliant pieces to your photo albums. Ever noticed the picture of a lighthouse on the back of 20 rupees bill? Well! that’s the one of the North Bay Island lighthouse, captured from this magnificent peak, reminding everyone of its unmatched appealing charm that once even captivated the heart of Robert Christopher Tytler, a British soldier and renowned photographer of his times.

Witness the magic of a fascinating underwater world through a ‘Glass-Bottom Boat Ride’ on ‘Jolly Buoy Island’

Glass-Bottom Boat Ride on Jolly Buoy Island


Love to watch fishes but not a big fan of dropping into the water? If yes, the glass-bottom boat ride makes for a perfect activity to indulge into with your whole family and watch the beautiful fishes and rainbow coloured corals under the crystal clear turquoise waters without getting wet. Well! This is undoubtedly a great activity for kids too, as they do not need to snorkel to see the magical marine life.

In case you are scouting for the best destination in Andaman-Nicobar to venture on this fun ride, Jolly Buoy Island simply makes for a great option. Untouched from commercialization and human intervention, the island is a slice of paradise on earth with pristine azure shades of sea glittering against the contrasting backdrop of green forests. Its thriving coral life under the serene and clear waters has undoubtedly, made it one of the most sought after destinations for the breath-taking glass-bottom boat ride excursions; sitting in the comforts of these special boats you can actually see wonders of the sea up to 20 ft. depth with your naked eyes. For people who have only seen marine life in artificial aquariums, it would surely be an experience to treasure for their entire lives.

In case you are planning a trip to this secluded island, be informed you need to first reach the Wandoor Beach located in Mahatma Gandhi National Park, approximately 30 km. from Port Blair. Ferries from this beach ply for the island sharp at 9.00 AM. Being strictly a no-plastic zone, rigorous security checks at the jetty can be well expected. A prior permission from the government authorities is also absolute mandatory to visit this protected island which opens to visitors only for a short duration of time in the whole year. So, it also makes sense to check for its accessibility beforehand to avoid any last moment changes in your itineraries.

Embark onan enthralling caving expedition at ‘Baratang Island’

Baratang Island


A relatively unexplored region in Andaman-Nicobar, Baratang Island is a place that primarily interests avid cavers and geomorphologists owing to the presence of ancient limestone caves that have been standing here since millions of years. Dotted with magnificent patterns of limestone and stunning stalactite and stalagmite structures, needless to say, these caves fascinate even most seasoned of the cavers and geologists.

While these amazing nature’s wonders are themselves a true sight to behold and offer a captivating experience to all the visitors, what leaves people here even more enthralled is the entire journey leading to these caverns through the mysterious forests of Jarawa Tribal Reserve, home to one of the world’s most isolated primeval tribes. A significantly restricted zone, tourist vehicles are allowed to cross through the reserve only in company of a police jeep in order to protect these tribes from the outside world and diseases to which they have little or no immunity. Though an aura of enigma and perplexity can be easily felt in the air while passing through the reserve, absolutely making your journey even more adventurous, its serene natural splendour and deep tranquillity is something which needs a special mention and that is sure to take your breaths away in minutes.

If you think that’s the most audacious part of the caving expedition to Baratang Island, wait! A fibre boat ride through narrow creeks amidst the heart of thick mangrove forests will make it all the more exciting and exhilarating. And yes! The area is infested with a number of crocodiles, so, as your boat snakes through the creek, do watch out for these aggressive reptiles that might provide you with a candid shot soaking and basking in the mellow sunshine. Your journey hasn’t ended yet. At the end of the mangrove creek, a 1.5k trek through a beautiful tropical rain forest awaits your arrival; tall thick trees, lovely man-made huts and hand-crafted roads provide with postcard perfect scenery. On either side of the road, are eco-huts with bamboo chairs and benches, which make as perfect hide outs to sit and relax for a while, especially when it is raining. A number of small shops selling lime juice and cool cucumbers take care of your hunger pangs, just in case you are bitten by any.

So, needless to say, if you are in pursuit of an offbeat adventure the upcoming holiday season, the limestone cave expedition at Baratang Island is just for your sorts and is sure to leave you completely satisfied and happy. View Baratang Island trip information.

Take a cruise to witness the only active volcano in South Asia at the ‘Barren Island’

Barren Island


If your quest for an offbeat excursion has not ended at the Baratang Island, you can certainly plan a trip to the Barren Island where the lone active volcano of South Asia has been attracting visitors for quite some time now. The island truly stands to its name with no human inhabitation and as far as wild life is concerned, it is home to just a meagre population of feral goats, flying foxes, bats and rodents, obviously the ones which can survive the island’s rough conditions.

The volcano here, which has been estimated to be 1.8 million years old first came into notice of volcanologists and seismologists when it erupted in 1787 after remaining dormant for many past centuries. Since then, it has been continuously active with its last eruption recorded in 2015. If you are keen to visit this unconventional tourist attraction in Andaman and Nicobar, many cruise operators provide a fascinating voyage to the tiny little island that is located 138 km. north-east of Port Blair; though you cannot step down on the actual volcanic site, a mere glimpse of dark clouds of smoke spewing in the sky from 1161 ft. tall mount on the Barren Island, while sitting in the comfort of your ships at a safe distance, is just enough to make your day. Needless to say, being a seismically sensitive zone, a prior permission from the Andaman Forest Department makes for an absolutely necessity.

While the island is quite popular among brave tourists who are always in quest of doing something unique and out of the box, its surrounding bays are gradually taking up as exotic diving destinations calling out the ardent scuba and deep sea divers from across the world, offering them a lifetime opportunity to swim in their remote crystal clear waters which are home to spectacular coral gardens showcasing carpets of the most gorgeous fluorescent colours and a striking marine life that includes Manta Rays, Turtles, Needle Fish and Reef Sharksand many more fascinating sea creatures. Read Barren Island holiday guide.

Take an excursion to ‘Mayabunder’

Karmatang Beach

Yet another of the great not-so-conventional tourist places in Andaman-Nicobar is the island of Mayabunder. Located in the Northern part of Middle Andaman, the island is a perfect retreat for those seeking a secluded holiday away from crowds and humdrum of the usual touristy destinations. The ‘Karmatang Beach’ at Mayabunder is truly a scenic heaven immersed in picturesque tranquillity, absolutely perfect for honeymooning couples looking for a private time in each other’s company. The beach is also referred to as the Turtle Paradise on Andaman teeming with giant sea turtles crawling freely on the beach.

In case you are planning a trip here in during the months of December – February, you can even witness the rare sight of turtle nesting and hatching right before your eyes. Another thing which makes Mayabunder an idyllic holiday spot is its mangrove fringed brooks dotted with exotic flora and fauna; a boat ride through these creeks with artistically bended mangroves on either side would surely be a dreamy experience for all the love birds. And just in case you are a bird watcher, you are, all the more going to have a great time spotting the rare birds of the region including Brown Coucals, White-Breasted Kingfishers, Red-Cheeked Parakeets and Edible Nest Swiftlets. Needless to say, the creeks are good for photography too and offer a spectacular natural view worth capturing.

If you are in search of a decent option for accommodation in Mayabunder, especially when you are on family holiday, the best place would undoubtedly be the ‘Eco Village’ located on the ‘Ray Hill’, just a 20 minutes ferry ride from Mayabunder Jetty. Primary developed to promote tourism in the region, the village offers a number of activities like angling, rock climbing and wilderness treks to keep their guests entertained and busy.The popular ‘Avis Island’ also lies a short ride away from this place. Just in case, you are looking for a fun-filled picnic, the island with its pristine blue waters fringed with coconut trees all around, would surely leave you with some unforgettable memories of your wonderful vacations in Mayabunder.

Indulge in a shopping spree at ‘Aberdeen Bazaar’

Aberdeen Bazaar


Well! Shopping plays an integral role in any holiday trip and when you are holidaying in Andaman-Nicobar, it becomes even more fun and interesting. The archipelago’s plethora of local beach markets and quaint shops tucked away in narrow by lanes make as perfect choices to pick up some beautiful curios and souvenirs made from sparkling pearls, colourful sea shells and local forest woods. If you are looking for some exquisite stuff that make as a unique gift item for friends and family back home, Aberdeen Bazaar located in Port Blair is a perfect destination to head to. Teeming with outlets selling most gorgeous and quality products at best discounted prices, it’s definitely a place to indulge to your heart’s content; walk through its jam-packed shops and fill your bags with delicate pearl neckpieces and seashell bracelets – perfect finishing and eye for detail will speak of their high quality standards when compared with the ones bought from local markets.

In case you intend to pick up some beautiful furniture and home decorative items made from authentic Andaman forest wood, ‘Government Emporia’and ‘Andaman Handicrafts Emporium’ located in the bazaar itself are sure to leave you confused with their myriad choices, completely hand-crafted by skilled and experienced artisans of the region. Needless to say, your shopping spree in Andamans is absolutely incomplete if you haven’t purchased some lovely souvenirs made from coconut shells and palm leaves which are an exotic speciality of this Indian union territory. So, do pack your bags with few attractive lampshades and hand-woven coconut fibre mats that are sure to add to your wonderful memories of Andaman-Nicobar trip.

So, our list of top 15 things to do in Andaman-Nicobar comes to an end here. While these are probably the best activities to indulge into during your holidays in the island, which our team has specially scouted through just for our readers, there may be yet many more activities which are not listed here and could be of interest to you. Just in case, you too have some special activity in mind and would like to know in more detail whether it can be carried out in Andaman-Nicobar or not, post your question/request in the section below. Our team would surely research on it and would get back to you in the earliest possible time.

Published: 03 Mar, 2017
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