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Bhubaneswar Travel Guide

Being the ‘Temple Town’ and the capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar is a beautiful city famous for its architecture grandeur and innumerable temples in varied sizes and designs. The city is also an important Buddhist and Hindu Pilgrimage Centre for which tourists from across the globe come to visit to capture the cultural heritage of India and excellent artistic motifs. It is the staunch and sturdy faced temples that exhibits the splendid reminiscence of Odia culture and the facility to cater to every type of tourist is what make Bhubaneswar one of the popular tourists spots in Odisha.

An Insight into Bhubaneswar Tourism

The history of Bhubaneswar is stretched back to 2000 years when the city was named after Tri Bhubaneswar (‘Lord of Three Worlds’) still preserves India’s finest temples around which the religious and spiritual life of the city revolves. Evolving through centuries, the city has innumerable pages linked to history to the end of Hindu rule. A trip to Bhubaneswar along with Puri and Konark, forms the 'golden triangle' which is one of the most visited destinations in East India. Set on the Mahanadi Delta, Bhubaneswar is a modern happening place with top class infrastructure that is loved by travellers belonging to all age groups which provide them quality lifestyle and refinement. Proud possession of magnificent sculpture and majestic architectural heritage are the other factors that make Bhubaneswar a place for travellers to feed their wanderlust.

Visitors would get reminded of the essence of the past when visiting the temples of the 8th-10th century. One such is the magnificent religious structure Lingaraj Temple which comprises 50 shrines of different sizes dedicated to different Hindu deities. The architecture and sculpture, the mastery carvings and the grand collection of its motifs make these temples unique and a must visit. Visiting the twin hills of Kumar Giri and Kumaragiri known as Khandagiri and Udaygiri, you would see varieties of rock-cut caves which was constructed for the jain monks around 1st - 2nd century B.C.

Also, the Cactus garden situated close to the 'Ekamra Kanan' in Bhubaneswar, the Cactus Garden, with its huge collection of Cactus should not be missed. Bhubaneswar has gained popularity among the anthropologically inclined visitors where one could visit the Museum of Tribal Arts and Artefacts and explore the interactive elements that include traditional & folk musical instruments, galleries displaying traditional dress, ornaments, coin necklace, ornate wine pipes. Moving further you would also find one gallery in the museum entirely dedicated to fishing, hunting, weaponry and agricultural equipment.

Tourists can even get indulged in other tourist attractions in Bhubaneswar like the small yet beautiful 10th century Mukteshwar Mandir, trying out the Odishan recipes and local seafood at Kanika, the Rajarani Mandir which was built around AD 1100 which is famous for ornate deul and manicured gardens, the Odishan Modern Art Gallery located right near the airport, Symbol of pure tranquillity, sheer natural beauty Dauli, Nandankanan which is surrounded by plush green forest and zoo. Last but not the least, visit 64 Yoginis Temple which is a must see and must explore tourist attractions of Bhubaneswar.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Odisha

Right from boating the architectural marvels to natural beauties, Bhubaneswar is a hub of rich culture and tradition. Sightseeing in Bhubaneswar will never make you short on the places or activities since it has every ingredient that makes for a successful vacation. Once you get yourself into the city, you’ ll come across plenty of things to do and tourist attractions to see in Bhubaneswar.

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