Honeymoon in Kodaikanal – Romance Enveloped in Mist!

Honeymoon in Kodaikanal – Romance Enveloped in Mist!
Last Updated: July 25, 2018

Romance evokes; different emotions in different individuals. For a couple on honeymoon vacations, the new found joy of togetherness translates into this eternal emotion; what place could be better than Kodaikanal to escape to a wonderland crafted by romance.


A couple embarking on a new phase of life can find all the serenity and coziness of their budding relationship in Kodaikanal, better known as Kodai. This hill destination in Tamil Nadu shares its name with the artificial star-shaped lake found here. At 2,133 m, tourists can feel the breeze acting as tranquilizers that can never be found in city. The slow pace of rustic life trying to take on the fragments of modernity gives food for thought, acting as a conversation peg for couples and weekenders.

The Pallani hills of Western Ghats, revered places of worship, lakes, waterfalls, scenic points and some places with a difference continue to enhance the feeling of being in empyrean.

By the Meticulous Hands of Nature

Nature took its time to create spectacular splendors and this is true for Kodaikanal as well. Here, exploring the elements constituting the place is the motivator for couples to begin their married life.

They can always start with Lake Kodai; picnicking, angling, boating and horse riding are some of the most popular ways to enjoy the lake and surrounding views. Apart from Lake Kodai, Lake Berijamcan also be added to the itinerary. Water of this lake is used for drinking purposes, banning its use; for boating.

The experience of honeymoon holidays can be augmented by Coakers Walk, Devil’s Kitchen, Dolphin’s Nose, Pillar Rocks, Green Valley and Silent Valley. Reaching to each of the site might give tourists tough time but the effort is rewarded with breathtaking landscape. Waterfalls that become fuller in monsoons are another attraction of the hill town; important ones are Bear Shola, Silver Cascade and Pambar (Liril Falls).

A casual walk in Bryant and Chettiyar Park takes couples on a different ride of tourism altogether. Where Bryant Park is more of a botanical garden showcasing various flowering and ornamental plants, Chettiyar Park is about picnic and casual evenings. For lovers of Zoology, a trip to Bison Wells can be something to cherish.

When Humans Have their Way

Human beings have always shown a resolution to tame challenges that stand in their way. Mountains have often been one of these. This is why hill stations are something to be proud of, as man forged way to reach these otherwise unknown territories; Kodaikanal is one such place.

Kodaikanal has plentitude of crowd-pullers. Beginning with Dolmen Circle where anthropology museum could give an educational tour, couples can go on seeing Solar Observatory and Telescope House for insights in the domain of astrophysics.

One interesting spot here is called Kundra Organic Farm. The place which was once a barren land is now an organic farm, self sufficient in every aspect like energy and food. To be a part of the life in the farm, option to hire cottages for a short stay is available.

Shenbaganur Museum, also known as Flora and Fauna Museum is another place in Kodaikanal to enjoy as a tourist. Art, crafts, flowers and birds could be spotted in one place- Sacred Heart College of Kodaikanal of which the museum is a part of.

The Dream that Kodai is

The mist that keeps this summer destination covered up throughout the year gives it an appeal, symbolic of the southern hill stations. Pine trees comprising most of its fauna color the place in verdant. Valley as if narrates a story of its own to different visitors. Who wouldn’t want to live this dream with open eyes?

With so many lures in a single place, Kodaikanal is among the best honeymoon destinations in South India. Already packing for a great time with your companion, are you?

Published: 26 Sep, 2013
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