10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Leh- Ladakh Once in a Lifetime

10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Leh- Ladakh Once in a Lifetime
Last Updated: June 15, 2018

A destination that will always remain etched in a traveller’s mind, Ladakh is not just another destination BUT is a crosscut to a landscape that is a slice of solitude on Earth. You might be a skeptic traveller who is still worried about visiting Ladakh because of its altitude and remote location but who knows ONE DAY your elderly neighbor with his grand children in tow comes and knocks on your door and says, ‘Son!!! I’ve got 10 good reasons why you must visit Ladakh now or never.’

1.  Firstly, for its sweeping scenic beauty

Leh Ladakh ‘Enclosed in between the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges, the Ladakh region is a highland that is layered in spectral of red, orange, brown, green, and grey with large crystal blue water bodies. The rugged landscape under the stark blue sky, aligned by snow crested peaks and some lush green patches of vegetation along the valleys formed by the perennial streams together make for a surreal scenic beauty. So if you are still thinking that Ladakh is just a barren landscape… I’m afraid, you are going to miss the shelter in heaven. ‘

2.  Secondly if you are FOODIE then it’s for the smacking momos and Thukkpas

Leh Ladakh Food ‘I know you must have tried out both momos and thukkpas out here in the city at some Indo-Tibetan restaurant or at any edge eateries… BUT out there in the mass of indigenous Indo-Tibetan sphere you will just relish each bite of momos and slurp of thukkpa. Just imagine that there is a mystical spice hidden in the valley that top-ups the steamy momos to a lip smacking snack… and lashing of red chilli in the bowl of thukkpa will just counteract the chilly and dry winds ensuing a great solace.’

3. Thirdly, for the vibrant and indigenous festivals

Ladakh Festivals ‘You might have read or heard about the indigenous culture of the Indo-Tibetans… about their lifestyle, rituals and festivals. Man!!! I bet it will be a pleasure to your eyes if you are visiting Ladakh during the auspicious festivals of Losar, Hemis, Naro Nasjal, Kalachakra, Dosmoche, Tak, and phyang. These festivals are not just vibrant and unique in their own ways, but if you trigger the traveller inside you… you will find a sensational vibe of ritual that drives away the evil spirit. And if you can’t trigger that out, you have got to capture and enjoy the drama performance, which is a fusion of drums and trumpets, and thumping steps of the masked Lamas.’

4. Now it’s time to let yourself loose in the barren panorama

Ladakh Natural Beauty ‘So, when you can afford your sound health to that altitude then why not to spend a bit more and explore the barren and rugged beauty that is dispersed throughout the region.  It is a region where you can breathe in some fresh air… let go all the weariness and explore the untraceable landscape of Ladakh.

5. If you want to limber up your photography skills

Ladakh Photography ‘The mountainscapes, desertscapes and riverscapes… altogether offers a wonderful scenic frame to limber up your photography skills. So you have got a chance to click countless candid moments. Not to miss moments are the heavenly horizons, unplugged landscapes, wildlife, culture and sparkling blue lakes.’

6. To conquer the highest trekkable peaks and mountain passes

Ladakh Mountain Passes ‘You know Ladakh is quite popular for certain trekkable peaks like Stok Kangri, Nun-Kun and Kang-Yatse? Well conquering that altitude wasn’t my cup of tea but buddy… you are still fit to go for it. Ah! I can dream of a strenuous climb and days like Eskimos. Even if you think it is hard for you to get acclimatized to the high altitude of 6,000 meters and above… you got those historical mountain passes that used to be the trade routes once upon a time between India and China. Once you conquer one of these mountain passes I bet you will receive the best bird’s eye view of the distant valleys and remote villages tucked in the midst of the Trans-Himalayan ranges. Some of the notable mountain passes are the Khardung La, Tanglang La, Chang La, Wari La, and Namshang La.’

7. For it being an abode of some of the ancient Buddhist monasteries and gompas

Ladakh Monestary ‘The Ladakh region is also notable for housing some of the ancient Buddhist monasteries and gompas that chronicle the footsteps of Buddhism in India. The vibrant festivals, indigenous attire and strange rituals are some other things that you are going to see in addition when you visit these monasteries. Further… the artistic décor, ancient manuscripts and antiques like statues, thangkas and murals are simply going to take you back to the pre-historic era. Some of the notable Buddhist monasteries and gompas in the Ladakh region are the Hemis monastery, Alchi monastery, Matho monastery, Spituk monastery, Thiksey monastery, Stakna monastery, Stok monastery, and Lamayuru monastery.’

8. To acclimatize your driving skills and snaking through mountain passes

Ladakh Mountain Passes ‘Again it wasn’t my cup of tea… but if you are a traveller on wheels the aslant roads snaking through the barren mountains will give you an opportunity to acclimatize your driving skills. The drive from Manali to Leh, crossing some of the highest motorable mountain passes in the world; an expedition through Khardung La to Nubra Valley; and a thrilling journey from Leh to Srinagar…are some of the best routes in Ladakh region where you can whizz and snake through the mountainscapes.’

9. To stretch your money with Cheap Accommodations

Ladakh Accommodation ‘Ladakh is one such destination where you are going to spend much on travelling than lodging. You will find neat and tidy rooms in Leh starting at just Rs. 600 even during the peak tourist season. Then you can also find accommodation in some local villages in the Ladakh region and experience the local culture throughout your trip. Further… you have plenty of options for camping in Ladakh.’

10. Away from the Hi-tech life, live like a nomad

Ladakh Lakes ‘Overlooking the sparkling blue Pangong Lake… an overnight camping is much needed for techies like you. Just imagine a life other than technology, civilization and infrastructure… and you step into the wide open space of nature. How about a part of your life spending at the Hunder Sand Dunes? It is beyond your dreams. Amid the towering mountains… camping in Hunder Sand Dunes makes you feel like you are living life like a nomad. There again if you can afford further couple of days, camping at the Tso Moriri Wetland will surely give you an opportunity to get acquainted with some of the beautiful species of high altitude birds and animals.’ So if you are still thinking why to visit the Ladakh region once in your lifetime… you have got your own vibe to add further as another reason. If you are an adventurer then the winter is the best time to exploit every bit of Ladakh. The Snow Leopard trek and Frozen River trek are some of the notable winter expeditions in the Ladakh region… which you can go for. If you are a leisurescapers then you have time to plan a customized trip with us that starts from April and continues till October. Hence you are just a click away from discovering Ladakh.

Published: 28 Nov, 2014
Arun Joshi


Having an experience of more than 16 yrs in the Himalayas, Arun is the main driving force & mentor at the Peak Adventure Tours, a leading adventure travel agency in India offers trekking tours in Indian Himalayas including Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet. A long history with exceptional experiences he is the “Marathon Man” in the field of adventure. Today Arun looks after the Peak Adventure and shapes & designs the venture of the organization. He is contributing to this blog as a regular guest author.

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