Ram Bagh Agra

Some 8 km north of the famous Taj Mahal, Ram Bagh is one of the oldest Mughal gardens in Agra. It was the first Mughal Emperor, Babur, who built this beautiful garden in the year 1526. Later, it was the wife of Jahangir, Nur Jahan, who re-established it. Ram Bagh has also remained the temporary resting place of the remains of Babur that were later taken to Kabul. Initially, the garden was named as Aram Bagh the literal meaning of which is the ‘Garden of Rest’. However, later, the named got changed to Ram Bagh. The garden was also known as Bagh-i-Gul Afshan. and was built in the layout of charbagh pattern. The complex includes four main divisions that are separated by waterways and paths.

Water was always believed to be an important part of Islam, and thus, it also served as the lifeline of this garden as well. The main source of water in this Agra’s popular tourist attraction is the Yamuna River. From the river, the water is supplied to the park in a series of three cascades built over three terraces. Along with that, the park also includes fountains and two pavilions on both the sides of the water channels and stair that together with the verdant greenery make Ram Bagh a perfect hideout for all the tourists. It is said that Ram Bagh is the place where Jahangir waited in order to enter Agra after vanquishing the Fort of Kangra. A visit to this exotic heritage destination in Agra is ideal for every traveller who seeks an indelible family time in the city.

  • Ram Bagh is beautifully adorned with lush green gardens.
  • The complex of the garden is built as a Persian charbagh.
  • Inside the garden complex, there is fountain which is considered to be one of the main highlights of Ram Bagh.
  • The park also includes three cascades that are built over three terraces.
Visiting Timings

Ram Bagh remains open all days from sunrise to sunset, i.e., from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

Entry Fee

For Indian tourists, the entry fee to Ram Bagh is 20 INR. On the other hand, for foreign travellers, the entry fee is 250 INR.


Firozabad Road, Near Aligarh Hathras Road, Ram Bagh, Agra, Uttar Pradesh - 282006, India

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