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Dayal Bagh Agra

Amidst the chaos of city life of Agra, there is located a remarkably peaceful site, renowned as Dayal Bagh. Sprawled in an area of 4.5 sq km, Dayal Bagh is a locality which serves as the main centre of Dayalbagh sect of Radhasoami faith. It was once the home of the 8th leader of the faith where he also used to deliver his holy speeches to his disciples. The history of this popular tourist place in Agra dates back to the early 1900s. The colony was established by Sir Anand Swarup, the fifth leader of Radhasoami Faith, on 20th January 1914 as a spiritual home for the believers of the faith. To build the colony, the early residents of Dayal Bagh gave their voluntary contribution in the form of labour and money. Since its inception, the inhabitants of Dayal Bagh have worked really hard on building this entire complex which today consists of luxuriant farms of oilseeds, vegetables, and food grains. At present, Dayal Bagh is one of the spiritual places in Agra where the inhabitants live a healthy, disciplined and co-operative way complying with ideals of their faith.

This self-sustained colony is beautifully constructed like an open garden that serves as the home to more than 3000 people. However, this magnificent garden-like setting was once mere sand dunes. The colony also houses an educational institution, Dayalbagh Educational Institute which is affiliated by Dayalbagh University. Apart from this, it also includes a health care centre and various small scale industries which proffer a source of employment to the people residing in the locality. Besides, the inhabitants of Dayal Bagh sustain their lives as a community, and hence, works like cleaning, cooking and night security are alloted to each and every one. These inhabitants worked for the society of Dayal Bagh. Along with that, the goods at this spiritual place are given to locals at very nominal cost on no-loss and no-profit basis. Adjacent to this place, there is located Soami Bagh- another popular tourist attraction in Agra, where lies the headquarter building of Radhasoami Faith. A visit to this popular land allows tourists to unveil lifestyle of this beautiful community of Radhasoami Faith, which is indeed a treat to travellers.

  • The locality of Dayal Bagh houses more than 3000 followers.
  • Dayal Bagh is self-sustained colony which includes a health care centre, an institution and various small scale industries.
  • The garden-like setup of this entire colony is the main feature of this place.
  • The place also includes farms of various vegetables, oilseeds and food grains.
Visiting Timings

Dayal Bagh in Agra remains open all days from 6:00 AM to 6:30 PM.

Entry Fee

There is no entry fee to Dayal Bagh.


Radhasoami Satsang, Dayalbagh, Agra - 282005, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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