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Christian Pilgrimages in Uttar Pradesh

Introduced during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar, Christianity started to spread all across Uttar Pradesh along with the establishment of the churches featuring the Mughal, French and Portuguese style of architecture. The oldest church of Uttar Pradesh is St. John’s Church in Meerut which was built from 1819 to 1821. The state of Uttar Pradesh boasts some exquisite churches that add to the charming silhouette of its cities and towns.

Starting from Lucknow, the capital city has a number of churches, out of which the popular ones are St. Joseph Cathedral Church, All Saints Garrison Church, Epiphany Church, Central Methodist Church, Lalbagh Methodist Church, Dua Ka Ghar and Catholic Diocese of Lucknow. These churches stand tall with divinity and splendour. Showcasing the rich heritage and architecture grandeur, Agra holds stunning religious places in India. Coming to the glorious churches that are set up here include St. Mary’s Church, Akbar Church, St. John’s Church, St. John’s Cathedral, Central Methodist Church and St. George Church. The architecture of these churches dates back to the Mughal era. Churches in Aligarh have an indescribable serene appeal.

Taking pride in having some spectacular churches including Church of Ascension, Faith Assemblies of God, Central Methodist Church, City Christ Methodist Church and Assembly of Believers, Aligarh offer a perfect blend of splendid architecture with an enormous sense of divinity. Being home to richly ornate and historically significant churches, Prayagraj with a number of Christian pilgrimage sites attracts a number of devotees.

Even though there are many churches, the popular ones include All Saints’ Cathedral, Pentecostal Church, St. Peter's Methodist Church, St. Joseph Church and Holy Trinity Church. These churches reflect the colonial, neo-colonial, Indian, Roman, Greek and modern architectural designs. Other than these, there are many other cities and towns of Uttar Pradesh where churches depict a historical and spiritual important past. The Sardhana Church of Meerut reflects an obvious Muslim architectural influence with heavily gilded metal balls surmounted by metal crosses on top of the church domes and spires. Heading to Varanasi, devotees can make a visit to St. Mary's Church, St. Joseph Catholic Church in Gorakhpur and Kanpur Memorial Church in Kanpur to bow their heads in prayers and to witness the exquisite architecture.

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