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Lalbagh Methodist Church Lucknow

The Lal Bagh Methodical Church in Lucknow, built in the Gothic style of architecture, with its pointed vault and ribbed faults, is a picture of elegance with simplicity. It was William Butler who began English services in Lucknow, with the congregation being formed in 1870. Until 1972, except for a brief period from 1942-1944, all the pastors of the church were foreigners. It was only in 1974 that Indians were appointed as pastors of the church. Today, there were over 300 members in the church, including children.

While there are other famous religious places to visit in Lucknow, you should visit this church for its historical significance and architecture, which combines grace with style. The altar faces the west direction while the main entrance door faces the eastern direction. The entrance has three doors, all of which are covered with a sloping portico. The northern part of the tower which faces out front is marked by a three storied tower.

The top portion of the tower is pointed and is mounted by a criss cross of steel. The middle portion of the roof is mounted by small crosses which present a lovely sight. Inside, facing the altar is a steel cross which is suspended in close proximity to the pulpit through a wire.

Best Time to Visit Lal Bagh Methodical Church

Labagh Methodist Church, as a religious structure, can be visited throughout the year. When it comes to the best time to visit it however, that's a different issue altogether.

If you are comfortable travelling during summers, then by all means, visit it during this time. Remember though, that the average temperature during this time is around 42°C. A lot of tourists can find the temperature quite daunting. During the winters, the weather becomes cool and pleasant and creates the perfect conditions for sightseeing and exploration.

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