John's Church Meerut

Also known as Saint John the Baptist Church, John’s Church is an architectural marvel in Meerut. This popular Church in Meerut dates back to the early 19th century and is one of those few heritage sites that still stand to narrate various great historical events, including the Revolt of 1857. An interesting fact about John’s Church is that it is the oldest church in North India. The edifice of this famous church in Meerut still includes a large pipe organ which is non-functional. In order to provide air to the organ, manually operated bellows were installed in it. Amidst the cacophony of the city life of Meerut, John’s Church is one of those few places where you can pay a visit to attain a peace of mind. Throughout the year, the church remains flocked with people, however, the number doubles during Christmas, Easter and Good Friday.


The history of Saint John the Baptist Church dates back to the time of British colonial era in India. Built to serve the military garrison, the construction of John’s Church started somewhere between 1819 to 1821. It was Rev. Henry Fischer - the British Army chaplain and clergyman of Church of England, who founded this Christian sacred site Meerut.

Spacious Architecture

The structure John’s Chruch follow the conventional style of architecture in which most of the English churches were built before the Gothic Revival. The architecture of this holy site in Meerut boasts an influence of Palladian or classical style. However, the architectural design of the church was planned in accordance with local conditions. It includes open-interior space for worship which was built to ensure the easy flow of air to maintain the temperature of the prayer hall. The prayer hall also includes a balcony which is no longer in use. Since its inception, this Christian religious place in Meerut has undergone numerous renovations that have helped the church to keep its grandeur intact. Along with that, there is also a church’s cemetery in close proximity to the church.

Location Address

1 St Floor Computer Complex Kankar Khera, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 250001, India

Opening/Closing Timings

John's Church stays open all days of the week for visitors. One can visit the place on any day from morning to evening. Besides, the mass is observed on every Sunday morning.

In the summer season, the Sunday mass is observed at 8:30 AM. Whereas, in the winter season, it commences at 9:00 AM. On the auspicious days Christmas, Easters, New Year and Christian Feast days, the church starts its services from 10 in the morning.

Best Time to Visit

Tourists can visit John’s Church throughout the year. However, the best time to visit the shrine is the winter season when the weather remains all pleasant and favourable for tourism. The winter season in Meerut begins in the month of October and ends in February.

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