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Assembly of God's Church Lucknow

It is the subtleness of the structure of Assembly of God's Church which strikes you at first sight. Then, its overall beauty gradually sinks in when you begin exploring it's porch, entrance, grotto and pews. There is a subtlety which underlines every part of it. First timers will not face a lot of difficulty in reaching it. It is located in close proximity to Gomti Riverfront Park, one of the tourist attractions in Lucknow.


The Assembly of God's Church was blessed in 1862 by His Lordship, i.e. Bishop Hartmann. Details about it can be found in a book called "Bishop Hartmann" by Fr. Fulgentius O.F.Cap. In it he mentions two churches still under construction in 1860. One was the Cantonment Church (also known as St. Paul's Church) and the other was the Chapel in the Civil Lines (also known as St. Joseph's). These two churches also were still under construction when they were blessed by the Bishop. In the book, he also mentions that the Assembly of God's Church was built by the government and was a part of Diocese of Lucknow and follows Roman Rite.


The first sight that catches your eyes upon arriving at Assembly of God's Church in Lucknow is the grotto. It was erected on 1st January 1946 by the parishioners of St. Paul's and external benefactors. The entrance door is marked by two confessionals on either sides. There is a beautiful ceiling along with wooden pews which are a feature common to every church.

Best Time to Visit

The Assembly of God's Church is located in Lucknow. The best time to visit it therefore, depends on the kind of weather you are comfortable travelling in. Come summers, and the heat can be unrelenting. The average temperature during this season hovers around 42°C and can be daunting for tourists. If you are comfortable with hot weather conditions, you can visit it during this time. If you prefer cool and pleasant weather, visit the state, and the church during winters. The best time to visit ultimately depends on you.

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