Bungee Jumping in Uttarakhand

Known as the most thrilling adventure sport, bungee jumping has its own charisma in the state of Uttarakhand. This adventure activity is in full swing in Rishikesh and is quite popular not only amongst the domestic tourists but also international tourists as here anyone above 12 years of age can savour the experience of a free fall. It is amongst the most enlivening experience of diving from a great height of 83 metres. Bungee Jumping in Uttarakhand is indeed an exceptional experience, where the fall is from a ramp that is staged over the emerald River Ganges with a depth of only 2 feet. The feeling of a free fall and then the bounce back of the body in the air is just beyond explanation and one can only experience it in person. Rishikesh promises a safe and thrilling jump under the trained professionals who use advanced safety measures and precautions.

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