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Horse Riding in Pondicherry

Whether you have never been around saddle even once in your life or you have grown around horses, Horse riding is one activity you must try in Pondicherry. Creating trust between man and a horse, many horse riding schools in Pondicherry have been providing the option to experience horse riding in Pondicherry. There is no greater feeling than the sudden rush of adrenaline you get when your horse takes off or the soothing and calm feeling you get when it is just you with your horse amidst never-ending hilly trails or beach fronts. One of the most famous horse riding schools in Pondicherry, Red Earth Riding School (RERS) offers the best of horse riding experience. Equipped with all facilities and adhering to all safety measures, RERS ensures that your experience with horses is one to be remembered for ages.

Horse riding has been a prevalent part of history and over the time, humans have lost the bond with these majestic animals. RERS takes us back to the ancient past, where horses and mankind shared a special bond. One of the most adventurous experiences in Pondicherry, horse riding here would take you to a different world, with immense calmness and tranquillity.

Best time for horse riding in Pondicherry

Although Pondicherry can be visited throughout the year, Pondicherry mostly welcomes you with a warm climate. Hence, October to March is the best time to visit Pondicherry and experience horse riding in Pondicherry. The soothing, moderate climate during October to March allows for a better excursion.

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