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Sangeet Natak Academy Delhi

Delhi rejoices along with the many talented artists that are born and discovered on its land every single day. Delhi which is influenced by many cultures, thinks that it can be and is best portrayed in the art forms like music, drama, and dance. In order to give the exceptionally talented people a platform to showcase and achieve greater heights by doing what they love, the city became home to Sangeet Natak Akademi in January 1953. The credit for bringing forth this first of its kind National Academy for dance, drama, and music in India goes to the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Sangeet Natak Academy was inaugurated in order to give rise to more and more talent who would take forward the cultural heritage of India that has existed in the form of performing arts. Moreover, the academy works rigorously in association with cultural institutions and academies like Manipur Dance Academy, Imphal, Kathak Kendra, Rabindra Rangshala, Sattriya Centre that the country is dotted with. SNA also gives an equal share to facilities like the audio-visual archive, a library, Gallery of musical instruments and a documentation unit.

Being a part of this National Academy and receiving awards as a token of appreciation is considered a great achievement for the artists. And that’s just one part of the story, as Sangeet Natak Kala Academy proffers full support to the institutions that give their all-in teaching and promoting the art forms. Along with that, the academy opens its stage for conferences and seminars related to this field and also records the performances that take place in the premises which goes straight to the audio-visual archive. Furthermore, to cheer the many artists that keep coming here, SNA also organises annual events like the Yuva Utsav and the National and Regional Festivals.

Major Highlights of the Museum

  • More than 200 musical instruments find their place in SNA.
  • The academy’s library is home to over 22,000 books on different art forms like dance, Drama, Music, Theatre, Sociology, Folklore, Tribal Studies, etc.
  • The academy also records the performances that take place in its festivals along with documenting its home productions, all of which are kept in the audio-visual archive and the documentation unit.

Visiting Timings:

9:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Closed on Saturday & Sunday


35, Ferozeshah Road, New Delhi-110001

How to Reach

Mandi House metro station that falls on the Violet line and Blue line easily connect travellers with SNA. The metro station is 500m away from the Sangeet Natak Academy.

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