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India War Memorial Museum Delhi

An interesting place to cover on your Delhi’s vacation is India War Memorial Museum. The name itself depicts that this museum in Delhi is dedicated to the troops who played a significant role in the World War I on behalf of the British. Located in Red Fort, the galleries of the museum are exhibited on both first and second floor. Here tourists can expect to see weapons that were used during the time of World War I and also that of from Mughal Period. The first gallery includes the models of the armies of both Babur and Ibrahim Lodi during the battle of Panipat. Whereas, the other attractions of the gallery consist of weapons like arrows, khukris, swords, chest armour, machine guns, revolvers, shells, and more. On the other hand, the galleries two and three exhibits other weapons like helmets, daggers, gupti, battle axes, inscribed hilt, bomb fuses, gunpowder flasks, different types of swords, bullets, shells, and models of pistols along with the pictures of the arms and ammunition that were used in World War I.

Apart from this, the last two galleries give tourists a glimpse of European industrialization over communication and weapons. It delineates the emergence of various weapons and tools of communication like guns with periscope, signal lamps, telegraphs, telephone, and radars that were introduced during World War I. On display, the gallery also includes the uniforms of New Zealand and Turkish army officers along with the flags, badges, and ribbons used during the war. Furthermore, the models of army transport cart, Baghdad Arab Port, railway goods track, and Basra dockyard are put up on display in the museum. Along with the weapons and uniforms, the museum also houses the complete traditional attires of Maharaja Jodhpur along with his highness Pratap Singh. On a whole, India War Memorial Museum is the best place to visit in Delhi to take you back to the time of one of the greatest and longest wars of the universe.

Major Highlights of the Museum

  • Swords
  • Chest Armours
  • Helmets
  • Pistols and Guns
  • Battle Axes
  • Different types of Swords
  • Different types of daggers
  • Model depicting the battle of Panipat
  • Completed outfit of Maharaja Jodhpur

Visiting Timings:

Tuesday to Sunday - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Sunday Closed.

Entry Fee:

There is no entry fee for the museum. However, one has to pay some charges to enter Red Fort. The entry fee of Red Fort is:

For Indians: 35 INR
For Foreigners: 500 INR
Video Camera: 25 INR


Red Fort, New Delhi - 110006

How to Reach

Chandni Chowk serves as the nearest metro station from India War Memorial Museum in Red Fort. The station lies on the Yellow Line and is located at a distance of 2.2 km from the museum.

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