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Whenever it is about cultural centres in Delhi, Dhoomimal Art Galleries is the first name that comes to every art lover’s mind. Renowned as the oldest art galleries in Delhi, Dhoomimal is located in the downtown of the city, Delhi. Established by Ram Babu in 1936, Dhoomimal Art Gallery was initially the stationery shop for artists in 1940s. However, in 1946, Dhoomimal Art Gallery became the prominent place where Ram Babu used to organize group shows of artists; Bimal Das Gupta, Sailoz Mookherjea, Shanti Dev, and K.S. Kulkarni being some popular of them. During that time, it wasn’t a gallery but a meeting place of various artists. However, it was in the 1950s when an exhibition of Jamini Roy was organized in the gallery and that was the time Dhoomimal became the first private Art Gallery of India. As the time passed, in the 60s and 70s, Bimal Das Gupta and Shanti Dev became the frequent exhibitor of Dhoomimal Art Gallery. Later, other renowned personalities, including the Presidents and Prime Ministers of various countries also visited Dhoomimal Art Gallery. In the 1970s, the gallery also hosted various exhibitions of some reputed artists of that time like M.F. Hussain, H.A. Gasde, Krishen Khanna, F.N. Souza, Shanti Dave, J. Swaminathan, and more such popular artists. Moreover, the popular artists of that time like Salio Mookherjea, Sushil Sarkar, jamini Roy, and A.R. Chughtai along some other artists got fame and recognized in the field of Indian modern arts because of Dhoomimal Art Gallery. Since then, the Dhoomimal Art Gallery has emerged to become of the finest art galleries in India.

To explore, there is also a recently set up International Art Centre which is transformed into a cultural centre and also in an art museum. The museum proffers general public a chance to adore and appreciate the artists’ masterpieces and their art. At present, Dhoomimal Museum is entertaining the general people as the main hub that promotes the modern Indian art forms globally. On your visit to Dhoomimal Art Gallery, you can expect to see the artworks of some of the famous artists like F.N. Souza, Bimal Das Gupta, Anjolie Ela Menon, Krishnen Khanna, Jamini Roy, Sailoz Mukherjea, J. Swaminathan, and many more. Apart from this, the gallery also hosts shows that go throughout the year. Sculptures and graphics from various renowned artists are also kept on display in Dhoomimal Art Gallery. A cultural walk at Dhoomimal Art Gallery is surely one of the best experiences an art lover can savour while vacationing in Delhi.


  • Artworks of famous artists like F.N. Souza, Bimal Das Gupta, and Jamini Roy.
  • Sculptures
  • Graphics
  • Exhibition Shows

Visiting Timings:

Monday to Saturday - 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday is Closed.

Entry Fee:

No Entry Fee


8-A, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001

How to Reach

Rajiv Chowk serves as the nearest metro station from Dhoomimal Art Gallery. From the station, there is a walking distance of 300 m to reach the Dhoomimal Art Gallery. Rajiv Chowk station is one of the busiest metro stations in Delhi and lies on Yellow line metro.

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