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Water Sports in Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are the address to some thrilling and fun water sports around the world. This destination of emerald and blue water make the visitors spoilt for choices with its wide array of sports both under and over the waters. The islands are reckoned to be ideal for adventure activities like snorkeling, sea walking and scuba diving, in which one has the opportunity to discover the unique coral reef ecosystem. Both swimmers and non-swimmers can take delight in exploring the colourful corals and aquatic animals. Truly, it is an incredible experience of being into another world. The best places to enjoy these water activities in Andaman are North Bay Island.

One of the most exciting water sports in Andamans that catches one’s attention is the Banana Boat, where a banana-shaped boat in high speed take one to a distant place and then it is flipped! Another water activity that leads to major adrenaline rush is Jet Skiing, however, the sport can also be enjoyed during good weather, when it is not raining. Apart from it, those seeking more thrill can opt for parasailing and speed boating to satiate their adventure thirst. And those, looking for some relaxing water activities can choose from glass bottom boating, fishing and angling and seaplane riding amongst plenty of others.

Water Sports in Andaman

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