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Religious Tourism Places in Andaman & Nicobar

Apart from tribal people, Andaman is home to people of several religions like Hindu, Christian, Islam, Jainism, Buddhism and Bahais. Therefore, the islands are dotted with religious places of different faith. Most of the places of worship can be found in Port Blair. Hindu temples can be found in a large number in the islands, and thus, one can see some prominent sacred edifices like Sri Karpaga Vinayakar Temple at Goalghar, Lord Shiva Temple at South Point, Lord Rama Temple at Kumrakathi, Sri Padam Primval Temple at Police Line, Lord Eswar and Lord Sitaram Temple and Lord Alaikadal Iyyanar Temple.

There are a number of Churches that dot property in Andaman. Amongst them, Roman Catholic Church at Phoniex Bay, Methodist Church at Goal Ghar, Seventh Day Adventist Church and Marthoma Churchare the prominent ones. A few mosques like Jama Masjid, Police Masjid, Junglighat Masjid and Masjid Delanipur Basti and a Bahai Temple, Buddhist Temple and a Gurudwara also mark their presence in the peaceful Andaman Islands.

Religious Sites to See in Andaman

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