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Little Andaman is a must visit destination and it is a least populated island compared to the main Islands. If you wish to get away from the cliché tourist attractions in the Andaman Island then a soothing sail ferry ride and short helicopter ride will fly you to this getaway to sightsee its pure natural attractions and for some beach activities like Surfing. In fact, this Island is said to be a prime surfing destination in India. More or less Little Andaman can also be considered as a one-day trip destination since it has fewer accommodation options. As you enter the Island will stumble upon soothing beaches, pristine waterfalls, delicious and cheap food, local alcohol and well-maintained accommodation.

This beautiful short getaway destination is filled with rich fauna and flora and it is well known for its Red Oil Palm Plantation which covers a vast area under such plantation. The main attractions to visit in Little Andaman are its two beautiful waterfalls that allure the tourists. The Whisper Wave is about 20 km from Hut Bay Jetty and getting here involves a 4 km trek through its evergreen rain forest. White Surf waterfall is 6.5 km from Hut Bay Jetty and this place can be reached by walking. Besides, this part of the Island is scattered with thick jungle, bordered by stunning lonely beaches and rocks.

Getting There

Little Andaman can be reached via two transportation – Ferry and Helicopter. If you wish to lose your senses and cruise amidst the fresh air and ocean then a ferry ride is well suited for you.

By Ferry

The Island has a government run ferries that connect Port Blair to Hut Bay of Little Andaman every day. It takes about 7 to 9 hours, despite the journey being far stretched, you can enjoy its freshness and soothing ambient uninterrupted.

By Helicopter

The Island can be conveniently reached by air if you are in a time capsule. There is regular helicopter service from Port Blair airport to Little Andaman. The journey takes around 30 to 40 minutes giving you a panoramic view of the entire Island.

Things to Do & See in and around

Visiting Little Andaman will make you feel like you are at the end of the world. It's unique and beautiful cove attracts every traveller and this Island has few things to do. Here, you can partake in surfing activities; if you are new to this water sport then the Island provides a private agency that runs a Surfing School at Little Andaman. For the rest, you can rent a surfboard can plunge in for an adrenaline day out at Butler Bay beach. You can also enjoy a hike to the two waterfalls attractions traversing its rich evergreen forests. The Whisper Wave waterfalls can also provide as an ideal picnic spot. Other fun things to do in little Andaman are snorkelling, swimming, diving, fishing, sun basking, coral watching, etc. If you enjoy bird watching you can go for boating at the creek near Butler Bay to sightsee bird species like Hawabill and Nicobarese pigeon. You can also hire a bike and go for a long bike tour around the Island and visit other beaches in Little Andaman like Netaji Nagar and Harminder Bay Beach. In Addition, tourist can also visit the Red Oil Palm Plantation and see the factory and the different stages of oil palm fruit production and extraction.

Best time to Visit

November to February is considered the best months to visit Little Andaman. During this season the sea remains passable and fit for water activities as well.

Little Andaman

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