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Some 242 km away from Port Blair and around three hours far from Rangat, the beautiful Mayabunder Island is an incredible place for a beach holiday. The island is located in the northern part of the Middle Andaman Island and boasts gorgeous mangrove creeks and spellbinding beaches and isles. It is also famed as a home to former Burmese Karen Tribes, who served as the logging labourers during British Colonial period. Amongst the top sightseeing places in are Karmatang Beach, Interview Island, Rampur Beach and Avis Island. The Karmatang Beach is reckoned as a eco-friendly destination and also a nesting ground for turtles. Small yet significantly beautiful, Avis is an uninhabited place which is known for its coconut plantation. The beach of Rampur though known for its pristine surroundings and mangrove forest but it is mainly famous for the remains of the German Jetty. The Interview Island on the other side is is known for its numerous fresh water sources. On the Western coast of the Island, there is a cave that gives out fresh water. Mayabunder is also favourable for water sports

Getting There

By Speed Boats: There are speed boats available once a week, the Port Blair ferry also takes one here en route to Diglipur.

By Bus: There is a bus from Port Blair to Mayabunder.

Things to Do & See in and around

Speed boat ride and snorkeling are two top must things to do in Mayabunder Island. Apart from it visiting different beaches like Karmatang and Rampur and islands like Avis and Interview can prove to be a good experience.

Best time to Visit

The best time to visit between October and March, when the temperature is comparatively cool.

Mayabunder Island Travel Guide

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