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Seafood in Andaman & Nicobar

Seafood can be found all over India, but nowhere comes close to the one found in Andaman; it's that good. Extremely subtle in taste, and diverse, geography plays a crucial role in the cuisines of Andaman with Thai flavors and Burmese spices. No wonder Andaman is an epicurean epicenter. Mainly famous seafood delicacies in Andaman are prawns, fish, lobsters, and crabs, which are easily available at the restaurants, and hotels. The seafood available at the hotels in Andaman might be little expensive but is worth all the extra cost. The best bet will be to mingle with the villagers, sample seafood and sip local beverages in Andaman many regional markets. The best part about the seafood available at the villagers is that they use old customs and traditions in their cooking. Tandoori fish at the Lighthouse House Residency is must try. It is mainly the famous food of Andaman because of the unique cooking style, which is mainly covered with a variety of spices and then cooked in a tandoori open. Apart from the seafood, over a holiday in And a man one can enjoy Mainland Indian cuisine and Chinese cuisine. However, they are available in some resorts only.

Seafood in Andaman

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