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Balidan Vedi Andaman & Nicobar

During the world war 2, a major number of Britons left the Andaman and Nicobar islands, and that's when Japanese took over. And with this many unarmed Indian Penal Settlers / Islanders came under their control. When Andaman was under the control of the Japan, British tried to took back the island by landing their spies who even caused so much damage to the Japanese. Due to which, Japanese started torturing the locals, and many islanders were even shot dead. On 30th January, Japan military took away 44 IIL members from the Cellular Jail to a hillock in Humfrey Gunj. Shot them dead, and buried in an "L" shaped mass grave. To commemorate the sacrifice of these martyr, Balidan Vedi was erected. Currently, the place has a long memorial with the names of all the 44 IIL members who were killed by the Japanese.

Getting There

To reach Balidan Vedi, tourists will have to approach Wandoor, which is easily accessible by road from Port Blair.

Things to Do & See in and around

When in Wandoor, do visit Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park to enjoy snorkeling. Glass bottom boat ride is a good option to explore.

Best Time to Visit

November to March will the best time to visit the Balidan Vedi on an Andaman vacation

Balidan Vedi Andaman

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