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A Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery is often recommended for young people who are experiencing morbid obesity. This is generally considered a much more serious undertaking than a typical Gastric Bypass Surgery done on a full-grown adult. Young people of this young age being so overweight is a grave concern regarding their future health. This accounts for about 1-2% of the population in the West between ages 14 and 18. This procedure can be considered life-saving for many teens who are having obesity issues at such a young age. There are even rare cases where a Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery has been done on a patient young as 12 years of age.

A Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery is a bit different than a typical Gastric Bypass Surgery. A Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery creates a new pouch out of the stomach that is shaped more like a banana than just a pouch. This is done to allow the stomach to grow back to a “normal” size and length as that person becomes an adult who has lost the weight necessary to be considered “healthy”. It also leaves the small intestine attached to the new “stomach” that is created. A Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery is usually best performed on young people who are at or near their full adult height.

Sometimes a Laparoscopic Weight Loss procedure is an option when someone is getting a Gastric Sleeve. This is always the preferred option by surgeons performing this procedure. It is a lot less invasive, and it also allows for a faster, more optimal healing time. A faster healing time allows the patient get back to being able to perform physical activity that aids weight loss much sooner.

Bariatric Sleeve Surgery in young people is considered a last resort, and is a very grave option that is to be used only after all conventional doctor-approved diet/exercise plans have been proven ineffective. Young people generally are required to receive 6 to 12 months of counseling on topics like healthy lifestyles, exercise, nutrition, and changing lifestyles before they are even a candidate for something like a Gastric Sleeve.

Some parents are faced with the decision to travel abroad to get this Gastric Sleeve procedure done for their child. For example, Gastric Sleeve Cost In India is about $5,500 versus a cost of about $23,000 in the US. This makes the only affordable option for many families of very morbidly obese young people. It is ultimately the hope that Weight Loss Surgery Sleeves help prevent the morbidly obese young person from having facing obesity in their adult life. The goal is to get healthy and to help the young person live to their full life expectancy.

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