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Medicover Hospital
Medicover Hospital
Medicover Hospital


The Medicover hospital in Hungary is a part of the Medicover company group which is a leading private healthcare service provider across Central and Eastern Europe. The group has been present on Hungary’s market since 1998. The group has several state of the art hospitals and clinics all across Hungary and boasts of having around 500 highly-skilled medical experts. The hospital is known to provide modern and latest health care services across the country. Due to its support for medical tourism the Medicover hospital provides great facilities that include language translator, visa processing and accommodation. The healthcare facility has been awarded the Superbrands award numerous times for being a leading example of healthcare services across Europe.



The Medicover hospital in Hungary is an ISO 9001 certified hospital that is recognised all over Europe for providing the highest standard of healthcare service and patient safety.


The facilities for patients in Medicover hospital includes the following

  • The hospital provides quick and easy administration to book an appointment in advance with the help of a medical tourism manager for international travelling patients.
  • Medicover hospital has exclusive single rooms for patients that are seated with state of the art facilities.
  • The hospital provides great service packages that include treatment, medications and accommodation for travelling patients.
  • The hospital also provides family accommodation and private rooms for travelling patients and visitors.
  • The hospital has its own pharmacy for providing the patients with medicines inside the campus.


The hospital is at HU-1134 Budapest, Váci út 29-31 (Vision Towers). It is 23.8 km away from Budapest airport.



  • Accommodation
  • Choice of Meals
  • Coordination
  • Dedicated Support
  • Followup


  • 4.1

Lara Agnes Szabo

10 Months Ago

Wrong info. Regarding many processes. Drink, don't drink, eat, go to the toilet. The length of the process. 15-30 minutes. Or 50 minutes. No! 75 bloody minutes. PROS:bright, professional, easy access, free parking. BIG CONS: machine, no snacks. Private places like this always have free coffee at hand. Basics. Also, no clear markings from the parking lot OR in the elevator, so stopping at all wrong levels before reaching the right one.

Laszlo Deak

A Month Ago

EVLT done on both legs by Dr Csók Viktor. Cannot praise him enough on being professional as well as kind. Had two separate operations with a week gap inbetween, both with laser but different anesthesia to avoid complications. The EVLT was smooth but due to the large surface- Dr Csok operated 4 hours in total on me - recovery was painful. Nevertheless the nurses were kind especially Beatrix ! Yes special thanks to her ! 5* op 5* aftercare 5* for Dr Csok Viktor Thank you

Barbara Kemendy

7 Months Ago

Very professional stuff, especially my personal contact, he is always ready and available to assist me with any questions or appointments I may have

Tatiana Dobrowolska

9 Months Ago

After having some misunderstandings with Medicover, my reclamation has been proceeded in a very professional way. With a prompt response and willing to help. I would recommend Clinique and the service :)

sorin malos

11 Months Ago

We tried to make an MR..wich i wasnt able to do 2 minutes we left the room...they didnt give us back our money ...but thry promises they will call us ...after 2 weeks they let us know that we are going to get back only half our money.....i would like to get a lawyer but i cant afford ...all i can advice you people take care with this place all the pages they make u sign.....they have no respect for people...ill never ever go back!!!!!!

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