Hotels in Almora

Applauded as one of the best tourist destinations in Uttarakhand which even had Swami Vivekananda fall in love with, Almora is a bliss for every traveller. Hence, there are a number of places to stay in Almora to accommodate all kind of travellers seeking a refuge in its pristine surroundings. There are ample amount of budget hotels located near the city centre which offer decent services and cater to all the basic needs of the guests. These hotels in Almora are built so as to offer a scenic view of the Himalayas and to make it easy for you to commute from one tourist attraction to another. Along with that, there are a number of high-end resorts in Almora to suit the interest of luxury travellers, family on vacation and of course honeymooners. Being renowned for its cultural heritage and delectable locally made sweets and a number of sightseeing places, the town is a hub for solo travellers as well who often seek budget accommodation.

There are KMVN guest houses, and the option of homestays in Almora has also emerged after this top tourist attraction started to get a large footfall. Furthermore, the town has that perfect sort of ambience accompanied with mild air and hence your holidays in Almora are meant to be remembered. And to make your visit even better, choose Tour My India who lets you pick from the choicest of hotels. Our Almora tour packages are coupled with deals and discounts for that perfect and comfortable vacation in this popular travel destination in Uttarakhand. Our travel team understands your preferences and hence helps you at every step of hotel reservations making your stay an experience that will last in your memories for long. So book hotels in Almora with Tour My India and anticipate an unforgettable holiday you were longing for.

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