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Experience and Embrace The Teaching of Man of Steel Sardar Patel at World’s Tallest Statue, Statue of Unity

Experience and Embrace The Teaching of Man of Steel Sardar Patel at World’s Tallest Statue, Statue of Unity
Last Updated: December 18, 2018

If you are one of those folks who envy the USA for Statue of Liberty or China for its Spring Temple Buddha Statue then embrace yourself for the news that has made into the book of world records. Gujarat has made history by unveiling world’s tallest statue, The Statue of Unity. The 600 feet tall or 182 meters tall statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel constructed near the Narmada Dam in Rajpipla in Gujarat. Made of steel and bronze, the pride of Gujarat Tourism, the statue symbolises the message of unity Sardar always propagated. Dawning the skyline, the grand statue of Patel is believed to be a major tourist destination for International travellers and domestic tourists. Standing tall in the heartland of Gujarat, the statue symbolises the message of peace and unity that the man himself believed till his last breath.

Legacy Of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel


The iron will and nerves of still made him referred to be as the Iron Man of India. The man behind the unification of India, Patel was the reason we can call ourselves India. He single-handedly united all the princely states in India.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel alongside other famous personalities like Jawaharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi played a vital role in India’s struggle for freedom from the British Empire. Even Britishers were aware of the determination of the man who was referred to as Iron man of India.  A leader of Congress party pre-independence, Patel was a popular figure who was destined to be a great political leader post-independence. After independence, many wanted Patel to be India’s first Prime Minister, however, he believed Nehru would be a perfect choice for the post. He was appointed as a deputy Prime Minister of India. A man known for working behind the curtains, avoiding the limelight, he played an important role in integrating all the princely state into the sovereign nation of India. He was assigned the task of unifying the princely states under a single democratic nation. He is highly acclaimed for his strategies which led to Hyderabad, Sikkim and Kashmir becoming part of Independent India.

Patel is also known for his contribution in drafting the constitution of India. While there were many suggestions for choosing a form of government and government officials, Patel was the one who argued and believed that the President should be elected by the people, hence, making President a representative of people. Despite his differences with Nehru and other leaders after independence, he never lost his vision of the great nation and worked tirelessly towards achieving all the dreams. Despite his political differences, he was respected by leaders across the spectrum.

A symbol of unity in India, the statue of Unity is aimed at paying homage to his act of unification and promote the cultural unity in the county.

Interesting Facts About India’s Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity 3

  • Built at cost of around INR 3,000 Crores, Statue Of Unity is the world’s tallest statue.
  • Built over a period of 5 years, which included planning and construction, it took more than 3,000 workers to construct the statue which is expected to be a big boost to Gujarat Tourism.
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Rashtriya Ekta Trust was assigned the task for arranging 129 tonnes of iron implements from 100 million farmers in more than 150,000 villages in India, under ‘Loha’ campaign.
  • Incepted to pay homage to the Iron man of India, the statue can withstand wind up to 60m/s and earthquake up to 6.5 on Richter scale.
  • The unique sculptor is carved by the Padma Bhushan awardee Ram V Sutar and bronze cladding work is carried out by the Chinese foundry, Jiangxi Toqine Company.
  • The viewing gallery of the statue, at a height of 153 meters, can hold up to 200 visitors, providing a mesmerising view of Narmada Dam.
  • The pride of Gujarat Tourism, Statue of Unity has a three-layered structure. The innermost layer is made of reinforced cement concrete, the middle layer is a steel structure and the outermost layer is 8mm bronze cladding.
  • One of the major Tourist Destinations in Gujarat, the statue has two lifts near the legs of the statue which can carry 26 people each.
  • The statue is said to be visible from a radius of 7 kilometres.

Timings Of Statue Of Unity: Open all days of the week from 9 am to 6 pm.

Entry Fee For Statue Of Unity: The ticket for exhibition deck would cost you INR 350, which would include the trip to the top of the Statue Of Unity. If you wish to not opt for observation ticket, the ticket would cost INR 120 for adults with age 15 and above, for children, it’s INR 60.

How to boom tickets for the Statue of Unity: There are two ways to book tickets for the world’s tallest statue, one is offline and other is online. You can buy the ticket on the spot, near the entry gate of the statue or you can book it online, here.

Published: 31 Oct, 2018


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