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An Insightful Guide to Polo Monuments and Vijaynagar Forest in Gujarat

An Insightful Guide to Polo Monuments and Vijaynagar Forest in Gujarat
Last Updated: July 23, 2019

Sometimes the words fall short to describe the beauty of few places, and Polo Forest is one such destination. Some odd 159 km from Ahmedabad, there exist a magical land of Polo Forest – a place that helps you forget all the worries and find inner peace. I happened to learn about the forest a couple of years ago, while researching on Gujarat travel places, and I instantly got enamoured of this place. The lush greenery, rolling mountains, a scintillating stream, and remnants of temples made Polo Forest a burning desire in my heart.

Including Polo Forest in my second trip was purely coincidental. I was planning to visit Ahmedabad and then I recalled reading about Polo’s proximity to the city. The Google Map showed Polo was only 160 km from Ahmedabad, which was a sign that my dream of visiting the forest was finally going to come true. You can read the detailed description of my Polo Forest visit here while here I share with you the details of how to plan a trip to this gem of a place in Gujarat.

How to Reach?

Polo Forest can be reached from Ahmedabad easily if you have a car. In fact a number families visit Polo Forest over the weekend and they bring their own car. Polo is around 157 km from Ahmedabad.

In case you do not have the car, like me, you can choose to take a bus from Geeta Mandir Bus Station to Idar (115 km). From Idar shared jeeps and private autos are available for Polo Forest, which is around 40 km away. The sharing jeep charges a nominal price, whereas private auto can be expensive, say around INR 300.

What You Need to Know?

Time Required to Explore Polo Forest: 4 – 5 hours

Best Time to Visit: July to September



There are few resorts in Polo Forest where one can book a stay. There luxury to budget options available in Polo Forest. You can either ask your auto driver to help you with booking an accommodation or can book online as well. The resort I stayed was called Polo Retreat and was a wonderful place to stay. There is also Polo Tent City which is quite popular amongst travellers but is slightly on the higher side of the tariff.

A Glimpse of Polo Forest

A Glimpse of Polo Forest

The forest of Polo is spread in a vast area of 400 sq km, the temples here date back to 600 years from now. It is reckoned to be home to more than 450 species of medicinal plants, around 275 of birds, 30 of mammals, and 32 of reptiles. Also known as Polo Monument and Vijaynagar Forest, the jungle has four entry gates. The entry gate I entered from was closer to the Bhim Parvat (Hill) and close by Harnav River was flowing. The main attractions of Polo Forest are:

  • Harnav River
  • Harnav Dam
  • Shiv Temple at Sarneshwar
  • Sadevant Savlings Deras
  • Surya Mandir
  • Lakhena Temple
  • Jain derasar
  • Polo Jain Nagri
  • Bhim Hill
  • Museum
  • Tent Site
  • Trekking Opportunity

Polo Festival

Though the monsoon season is perfect to visit Polo Forest, it is also ideal to visit during the Polo Festival which takes place during the winter months. The festival is organized by Gujarat Government in order to promote tourism in Polo Forest. One can enjoy numerous adventure activities, cycling, camping and several other activities during Polo Festival.

Polo Monuments

Polo Monuments and Vijaynagar Forest are utterly beautiful. They are such a respite from the maddening city life offering a sense of peace. If you’re a nature lover, photographer or someone looking for some solace, Polo Forest in Gujarat is just the place for you.

Do let me know in the comment section if this information helped you plan your trip well. Also, you can also drop comments to inquire more about Polo Forest and I’d be happy to help.

Published: 21 Nov, 2018
Nidhi Singh


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