A One-Day Getaway in Gujarat to Explore Parsi Culture

A One-Day Getaway in Gujarat to Explore Parsi Culture
Published: 01 Nov, 2018

Some years ago, I saw Udvada on a travel show on TV, I don’t remember the channel, though I could never forget Udvada after it. This Parsi village in Gujarat made me fall in love with it instantly.  The prime thing catching my eyes was how a Parsi community lived in a Gujarati state and how different they were in terms of their culture, food habits, as well as architecture. This made me promise myself that I will visit Udvada in the years to come; 2018 gave me this opportunity and it was indeed a dream come true. Often, there are small things that give you immense happiness, so was Udvada for me, small no tiny but a large box of happiness. Here’s how you can also plan a trip to this small and beautiful Parsi Village in Gujarat with ease.

How to Reach Udvada?

Udvada does have a small railway station, unfortunately, the train connectivity is inefficient. Therefore, the best way to reach Udvada is to take a train till Vapi, which has good rail connectivity. From Vapi, Udvada is only 15 km and shared and private autos are available from the railway station itself.

What You Need to Know?

Time Required to Explore Udvada: Half to one full day

Best Time to Visit: August to March

Accommodation: Udvada has a handful of homestays and hotels which cost a tad bit high, in case you are backpacker. In this staying Vapi is a good option for you since the city has several hotels that don’t burn a hole in your pocket. But, if you don’t mind spending slightly above INR 3000/night, you can get a good accommodation in Udvada.

If you are a Parsi, you can find cheap accommodations in Udvada as there are a number of dharamshalas.

Main Attractions of Udvada

Atash Behram

Atash Behram

Since Udvada is a tiny village, there is just one main attraction: Atash Behram (the Parsi/Zoroastrian Temple). The new temple is being built and the old one looks as stunning as you can imagine. If you are a non-Parsi, you aren’t allowed to go inside the temple but can click the pictures from outside.


Udvada 2

The other attraction in Udvada are the houses that are built in Portuguese style of architecture. Each house is unique and beautiful with a verandah that is done in the rustic yet most perfect way.


Parsi Food

If you know any Parsi, you’d be well-acquainted with their love and passion for food. So, if you are at a Parsi destination then why would you leave the opportunity of savouring their cuisine? Food in Udvada is something, you must not miss out on. Plan your trip in a way that you get to relish at least one main meal in the village. There are a number of places where you can eat in Udvada. I ate my lunch at Cafe Farohar and it was delectable. You can also choose to eat at:

  • Ashishvangh
  • Globe
  • J Sanitorium

What to Eat in Udvada?

To satiate your appetite, there is a wide range of option for you in Udvada. Some of the must-try dishes in Udvada are:

  • Fried Boi
  • Machhi ni curry
  • Mori dar
  • Patio (fish or prawn-based tomato-onion gravy)
  • Tareli boi (fried mullet)
  • Tarela papeta ni murghi
  • Mutton dhansak
  • Salli Boti
  • Lagan nu custard
  • Raspberry jelly
  • Sancha Ice Cream
  • Doodh na puff

What to Buy from Udvada?

What to Buy from Udvada

You cannot only savour the Parsi dishes in Udvada but also take some ingredients used by them back home as well along with some munchies and sides. Make sure to buy these items for your home:

  • Bhakras (tiny doughnuts) and Nankhatais from Hormuz Bakery bites
  • Sweet and savory pickles from E. F. Kolah Pickles
  • Home-made masala: dhansak powder, parsi curry and vindaloo masala, vinegar and sukka boomla no patio (pickled dried Bombay duck).
  • Peppermint and papads

Along with these items, you can take back tonnes and tonnes of mental peace with you knowing that there exist places that you can escape to whenever you need to be with yourself. Udvada was not only a destination that I had to tick off my travel bucket list but it was the need of the hour.

I required a break that could help me retain my inner peace and make me realize that no dream is impossible, and Udvada proved to be the best option for this.

If you liked this blog, please make sure you share with others and in case you need help with planning a trip to Udvada or to Gujarat, please drop your queries in the comment section below. I’d be happy to help. Happy Travelling!

Nidhi Singh


From the Lake District, Nainital, Nidhi Singh is a travel writer whose love for mountains can be seen in her write ups. Talk about solo travelling, indulging in adventure activities, binging on good food, planning budget trips or the Aurora Borealis and you will get all her attention. It is the wanderlust that keeps her going and if at all she could get one wish granted she would love to live a life less ordinary. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

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